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Derby Peregrines


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Clutch complete! No. 4 is laid. Update 12 April: visit from a juvenile!

Thanks to quick eyed observers Mike Clarke, AnnieF and also Julie, the fourth egg was laid at 15.28 today (Thursday 11th April)...

4+eggs+hs+13 A full clutch - taken by HelenSara at 1800 hours on Thursday This is great news after all the trials and tribulations of the past two weeks. Incubation proper will start now.

Now the clutch is complete (it is very rare for peregrines to lay five eggs) we have about a month (30 days) to wait until the eggs begin to hatch.

During this time, the female bird (the falcon) will do the majority of the incubation. Being 15% bigger than the male, her brood patch (the bare area on her underside that comes into contact with the eggs) is much better able to thoroughly warm the eggs than that of the smaller male (tiercel).

He will do all the hunting now - she won't do any..

When he arrives back with food she will slip off the eggs and he'll take over while she feeds, preens and stretches and (sometimes) flies off for a wash and brush up. As soon as she's ready to get back ont he eggs she'll make her intentions clear and the male will ski-daddle fast!

Incidentally we have no idea where they go to have a wash but, like all birds, they must be doing this to keep their feathers in tip top condition. Maybe there's a puddle on the top roof of Jurys Inn - or perhaps they find a gravel bank on the River Derwent somewhere nearby to their liking?

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Maybe they qualify for free central heating and double glazing?

Do they come here to breed from abroad?

Maybe Mother Nature can help them fill out the 30 page form.

It's available in most languages.

Fill out as much as you can and if you don't know the answer make it up, just wing it.

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Ah, lurvely perigrins. I'll even forgive them for wakung me up. I saw them on the telly the other day, with Nick whatsisface and Michaela Strachen. Brilliant progress they've made.

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