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Who's contracts would YOU extend?


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[size=5][size=4]Keepers [/size][/size]

[size=4]Saul Deeney................2013[/size]

[size=5][size=4]Mat Morch....................2013 [/size][/size]

[size=5][size=4]Frank Fielding..............2014

Adam Legzdins.............2014 [/size][/size]

[size=5][size=4]Full Backs

Gareth Roberts............2013

Michael Hoganson.......2013

John Brayford..............2014

James Oconnor...........2014

Kieron Freeman..........2014

Centre Halves[/size][/size]

[size=5][size=4]Josh Lelan .......... 2013

Luke Adams........2013

Valentin Gjokaj.....2014

Jake Buxton ......2014


[size=4]Conor Doyle........2013[/size]

[size=5][size=4]Ben Davies..........2013

Jamie Ward ........2014

Craig Bryson.......2014


Theo Robinson ....2013 plus 1 year option

Nathan Tyson .....2014

Callum Ball ..........2014[/size][/size]

With the above players contract either running out at the end of this season or next, who would you like to keep, and wouldn't you mind leaving/ or trying to get rid of at the end of the season.

For me I'd try and extend:













May be tempted to keep the likes of O'Connor for squad players but wouldn't be devastated if we didn't. The one's highlighted in bold are the 5 I think are essential to tie down.

So simple question, who would you keep, and which 5 players (if there are 5) you think are the most important?

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Legs, Firelding

All full backs

No CBs yet

ward, Bryson.

Take the year option with Theo.

The only players I'd say are essential to build upon next year





Coutts for his arrogance as much as his ability


Possibly Roberts due to decent LBs being hard to find

I think those are the core of the team. These are key players. Lose any 2 of them and I think our quality of performance will slip fair bit.

Everybody else I think there are similar options out there for similar prices. Although Jacobs looks like he could become a key player.

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Looking at the main bunch who's contracts are up in 2014:

I would keep one of the keepers but like most I assume, i'm unsure as to which one is the better. I would probably say keep Legzdins, as Fielding has the higher profile with his England U21 success and therefore we can make a little money to use in another area (a new left back perhaps) but I do like Frankie...if you could meld the two, you'd have a world-ie of a goalkeeper.

Bryson is a must and Brayford too if possible.

I'm guessing Jamie Ward is one of our high earner nowadays and we do have Jacobs now (similar but younger and yet less-rounded than Ward at the moment..depends how you perceive his potential) so should we extend Wards contract at all costs or sell if a decent offer comes in?

Theo has pace and scores goals but is his attitude good enough, is his all-round footballing ability good enough? Yes, he scores goals and gets into good positions but he also misses plenty and often breaks down our attacks with his poor touches. Perhaps sell in the summer and sign someone pacey with better all-round ability, if such players are around for the money we could realistically spend.

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Can't see Roberts staying past the end of this season tbh. Solid player but need some younger legs at LB - Cohen's goal showed that today, Sharp did him too easily.

I agree, good pro and wouldn't mind him around the club for another season as a squad player but we need a more imposing and younger (isn't hard) left back...a few teams have targeted that side of our defence by playing some of their bigger players wide right to beat Roberts in the air and to outmuscle him.

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