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What debt are we in still?

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thought it was 14million to the bank - 7.7million to GSE?

Well says here ambitious its around £25,500 Million...


I would love to know the whole in/outs of this how much do we actually owe and to who and who owns what at our club?

All I want to know is how much are we in debt and are we goiing to pay it off when and who actually owns us? Sick & tired of having **** loads of owners and dont know who to point the finger at if there is any problems.

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Long and short of it....nobody knows. The latest figures released only show what was owed at 30 June 2011. What has happened since then is anybodys guess.

Although if I remember correctly there was an update on the situation up to March 2012 included in the last accounts.

Basically nobody knows anything other than the information you could find by looking on google.

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Hi all,

Stumbled upon this site, its free but it may ask you to sign up which is free and takes about 10 seconds to complete.



They give an extremely detailed view of our finances, our ownership, our shares etc bascially anything to do with the "business" side of dcfc, you can also compare our figures to previous years.

As theres a lot of info on the site just have a play around with the site and you'll soon find out how to compare years etc.

(if anyone is intrested in forests, here it is, notice the £-71million valuation) [url=https://www.duedil.com/company/01630402/nottingham-forest-football-club-limited]https://www.duedil.c...ll-club-limited

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We'll never know the current debt position at any given point in time.At 30/6/11 the overall gross debt stood at £27.253m (probably where the £28m came from),but because of cash at £1.75m,the net debt was £25.503m (where the figure from your link derives).The directors' report signalled further investment of £5.8m for 11/12,but we don't know for sure if it was equity,loan capital or a mixture of both.A comment by Glick that this would make the ratio of loan capital/equity roughly 50/50 would appear to indicate that most (if not all,which would give exactly 50/50) was loan capital.If this assumption were correct,then the gross debt would rise to £33m.

At any given point in time (apart from reported year ends) you can never be sure what the o/s balance of the so called "revolving loan" is.At 30/6/10 the balance was as near as damn it exactly £3m,but at the end of the year it stood at £3.17m.During the year £2.7m had been repaid (which indicates the balance doesn't have to go to zero before reborrowing),which implies (by deduction) that nearly £2.9m had been reborrowed.The balance during the year could never have fallen below £0.3m (£3m minus £2.7m).

When facts aren't available,my next resort is logic.If S/T money is used to repay the loan,then it isn't available to do the jobs it would otherwise be able to do.I guess therefore that it's reborrowed fairly quickly,a view possibly supported by the amount of interest identifiable against the facility.

I've given the facts,but have no enthusiasm to participate further,as I can see this developing into an argument over whether loan capital (and the revolving loan) constitutes/constitute real debt.

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