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14 hour drive - No sleep 'til Millwall


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I am leaving the beautiful village of Muespach on Friday morning at 04:30, driving alone, through, France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France and ultimately England to hopefully be in God's city in time for a couple of pints and a bag of chips on Friday night......

Then straight back down to Millwall on Saturday...around 1500 k....and lots of crap food later.... bandit country.!

and....i CANNOT WAIT....

Big thanks to Nick for the free pint.!

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Where the pre match beers going down, London Bridge?

Usually walk down to that pub off the main road near London Bridge station, sort of down an alley, small, quiet place.

Old Kings Head? That's where I usually go, sounds same place.

Lord Clyde also a decent pub near Borough.

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