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Went down today to look at a 2 year old Peugeot, liked it but had a couple of concerns, want to get some advice before parting cash.

Engine sounded quite like a diesel, as in quite "chuggy" (its a petrol) but the dealer said Peugeots and Citroens sound like that (they use the same/similar engines according to him). Not driven these cars before so no reason to question this? We're a Ford and Nissan family and used to their pretty quiet smooth engines.

Also, there was some noise under braking, nothing major, not a screeching but a noise, I queried this and the dealer said because the car has been sat for a couple of months, washed continuously, the brake pads can take some time to wear in again (thin layer of orange rust on the pads) and this noise would wear off shortly. Is this right or salesmen spiel?

The car is under manufacturer warranty until March 2013 and has 25k miles on the clock.

I appreciate you'd need to see the car yourself to make an informed opinion but I'd appreciate whether you think the chap was being credible in reply to my concerns. BTW the car is IMMACULATE outside and in, drives very nicely and smoothly, engine looks tidy etc. all as you'd expect from a newish car.

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The dealer is right but the engine, had a zx, 106 and 306 all with the 1.4 petrol engine and they all sounded like diesels

Did the 1.4 engines feel underpowered in those cars, seems to be a common complaint from Peugeot owners of various models looking at the reviews? I'm looking at the 307 model and for use as a second "run around" car.

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well brakes can grind a bit when they rust up through non use. But after some heavy braking tests ought to clean up quite quick.

Tar Boycie, thought this to be the case as well, just wanted to make sure I wasn't being fed a line.

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Love Peugeots me.....Why not a diesel though SB? my 406 2.2 td does 650 miles on a fill up 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />

Couldn't find one within a reasonable distance, been looking, seen some older ones but I'm looking in the range of 1-2 years old preferably, take the sting off depreciation that way!


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I once test drove an audi A3 once from the co-op mazda garage....now gone.

Crawling along sir frank whittle way there was sudden thump and lurch forward

"Four kings well" i said " what the feck was that"

The salesman stared ahead impassively saying nowt

Until i began to think i had imagined it .....

Then again......thump

'Ken hill.....i said.....it feels like theres a feckin horse in the boot'

It turned out.....after googling it.....that audi automatic diesels had a well known gearbox fault that meant they could suddenly lurch forward.

Apparently loads of people in america had carefully manoevred the car into the garage only to suddenly lurch forward and crash into their own house.

By a bizarre coincidence i told the story to a colleague at work and its turned out that it was his friends old car

They traded it in precisely because the gearbox was fuched.

Then i asked a bloke who used to import audis about it.

He confirmed that it was such a well known fault that they had stopped dealing in audis as a result.

The dealer will have still tried to sell the car five minutes later to the next punter even though it was potentially dangerous.

Wayne kerrs the lot of them.

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