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  1. Agree with this. A lot of good in that performance but wish we were a bit braver in the final third. The amount of space for Bogle and Lowe to run into was crying out for them to get towards the byeline and put a cross in. Until the last 15ish minutes they usually took a touch whilst stopping, resulting in them always cutting back or playing a sidewards or backwards pass. Frustrating!
  2. For me that was much improved from recent away games and on another day we could have comfortably got a couple. Think a draw would have been a fair result.
  3. BBC weather shows no rain in Notts from 9am Fri to 1pm sat so hopefully should be on still
  4. Time will tell but I'll be surprised if he lines them up the same against florist. .... pleasantly!
  5. From what Cocu said on Radio Derby it was more a change to suit playing against Boro or similar set-ups rather than a permanent switch. Fingers crossed though🤞
  6. The misconduct for which he has been sacked is similar, which is the key point. You could rightly argue that the other two are even more at fault.
  7. Interesting.....didn't know that. Pure speculation on my part, but the law usually uses similar cases to judge outcomes. Just can't see how we can sack him for gross misconduct and not do the same for mb and TL.
  8. Not read all the way through this so apologies if someone's already made this point, but dcfc won't have a leg to stand on (if you pardon the pun!) If Keogh takes them to a tribunal. Understand why they've sacked him but can't have one rule for one and not for the others just because it suits dcfc. Pretty certain he'll get to either see out his contract on current terms or they'll settle for a figure somewhere in between.
  9. Does me too. But booing him is only going to have a negative effect
  10. Don't condone what Lawrence and bennett did. Don't think either should be back in the squad. But what possible benefit is there from booing every touch from TL. Morons in my opinion, just making it harder for us to get a result tonight. Boils my pish!
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