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  1. Martin Zuniga

    He'll end up at Villa!
  2. One step back to take two forward?

    Fair point. Hopefully we'll get there, but I just get frustrated at the bipolar nature of responses after games. I think we need to accept that we've got very little chance of challenging this year. If fans approach rest of season with that mind set, anything else is a bonus and takes pressure off a little. If Brummie bloke had completed paperwork properly we may be better equipped. I do think a battler that's mobile is key to our setup working, however, prob need to rethink until jan.
  3. One step back to take two forward?

    I generally enjoy reading this forum, but often can't fathom the huge swing from "we'll be challenging for promotion" after a win, to "rowett's got to go / will be a relegation battle" after a draw away from home! Yes the stats aren't great from last night, BUT...we nearly came away with three points. I only listened (being a half fan) to the game, but we seemed to be off to a promising start. I've said before that I think generally our fans seem to think we have a divine right to be up there challenging. I find this similar to a spoilt child having a strop when they don't get what they want. I feel the only way we will ever get to where we want to, is by possibly hitting rock bottom first. Whether that's relegation or just a relegation battle I don't know, but I do think we almost need to be in a position similar to that when Nigel Clough joined - i.e where things can only get better. I think it may even be best to only sign free transfers and utilise youth until the big earners are gone / their contracts expire, and then start again. I believe the fans (as a whole) need to be fully behind the team and whatever style the manager of choice at that time chooses. I would happily ban every moron from pride park who shouts negative abuse from the stands. Attendances will drop if we end up down the bottom of the table, but hopefully may get rid of these idiots. I understand a collective groan when a player makes the wrong decision etc, but idiots standing up on their own and singling out a player with a barrage of abuse need their heads examining. What possible positive will that achieve? In response to the numpties who then say "I pay my money so I can shout what I want", I'll say again....what possible positive will that achieve? So do you think relegation would help in the long run? Sheffield Utd seem to be doing ok......even though it's taken them a number of years!

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