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    CBRammette reacted to Rampant in Blackburn v Derby Match Ratings. Deadline Noon Saturday   
    Bird was my Derby MotM too tbh. I thought he did well defensively and looked to be more positive going forward. He also looked composed when pressured and all in all was the least of our worries.
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    CBRammette got a reaction from angieram in We deserve better.   
    Angie yes this is totally it. And dont mention the M word at this point or you will have to moderate yourself!
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    CBRammette reacted to derbydaz22 in We deserve better.   
    Spot on it’s our decision making in both boxes that’s costing us points we deserved something from our last 2 games and we look more lively going forward but we are finding a way to lose matches by gifting sloppy goals and being wasteful at the other end.
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    CBRammette reacted to Ramarena in We deserve better.   
    Same players that were top of the form league?
    Obviously Beilik played his part but I the 6 games after his injury we still put together a run of 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats.
    Anyone who tells us it’s solely down to the players being poo is talking out their arris
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    CBRammette reacted to mozza in We deserve better.   
    Gone downhill ever since the Joiners episode.. 
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    CBRammette reacted to Andicis in Rooney in or out poll (again)   
    Barnsley are in the top 6 and people think it's impossible to do better with this Derby team. Risible. 
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    CBRammette reacted to Cisse in Would a spell in League One actually be a good thing?   
    No. We need a new owner with a fire in his belly and a clear idea what we need to do and how to achieve it.
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    CBRammette got a reaction from IslandExile in Who is going to be the hero   
    Noone. They've all been subbed off
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    CBRammette reacted to Rev in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    Talking out of your backside once again.
    Tonight was quite easily his best game for some while, on the front foot and positive with his passing all game.
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    CBRammette reacted to kevinhectoring in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    Yeah but that’s the best football we’ve played in the final third all season. Why not before ?? 
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    CBRammette reacted to TheresOnlyWanChope in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    Rotherham will finish above us. Think it’s league 1. Terrible result 
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    CBRammette reacted to Sparkle in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    We need defenders who can defend and forwards who can score and less of the powder puff types 
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    CBRammette got a reaction from Premier ram in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    Yes as that may mean I sleep through it!
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    CBRammette got a reaction from Premier ram in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    Not sure I can watch. Going to be so tense. Butterflies already
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    CBRammette got a reaction from Jimbo Ram in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    Yes as that may mean I sleep through it!
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    CBRammette reacted to Leeds Ram in Relegation watch   
    What concerns me are four key things. 
    1) our defending from set pieces- in our last 3 games we've been woeful defending from set pieces, Luton, Reading, and Norwich have all had 2 or more chances from corners or crossed free kicks. We've given away numerous free headers and have had a few lucky handballs waved away- against teams like Preston, Birmingham etc. this is a critical area we need to tighten up on. 

    2) Our lack of creativity- It's not only that we don't score many we don't create many guilt edge chances either. We are too often reliant upon a shot 20 yards out to get a goal rather than creating 1 vs 1's or a clear shot inside the box. We're chronically poor in our chance creation and composure in the final third. 

    3) Our lack of goals- CKR is quickly reverting back to the player we thought we'd signed after his initial purple patch. Apart from him we have Gregory who doesn't ooze goals either- essentially we've got 2 strikers whose skill set is pretty much exactly the same (great at hold up not to so great at scoring). Our wide players and midfielders don't contribute much to the goal tally either- at this point I'd welcome back Waghorn just because he can take a good freekick now and again. 

    4) Our current form- Our form has absolutely nosedived in the past dozen games or so.  We're simply not winning games or getting enough points on the board atm and we've got 5 games to turn it around. We played well in the second half against Norwich and Luton but I can't remember the last time we looked solid and played well for 90 minutes. Both Blackburn and Preston are in as bad as form as us so winning at least 1 of these games is imperative but I can't say I'm confident we will. 
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    CBRammette reacted to IslandExile in El DerbyCo   
    You see.....that goes straight to the root of my concern......
    What if we were to meet Atlético in the European Cup final? Would he have torn loyalties?
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    CBRammette reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    If Rooney can't rouse the team for a performance regardless of the circumstances on Friday then that would further damage his credentials. Remember when we had various articles about how he was rebuilding morale and motivation when he first took over.... 
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    CBRammette got a reaction from Ted McMinn Football Genius in v Blackburn Rovers (A) - Predictions   
    Them 1 Nervy Us 2
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    CBRammette reacted to Elwood P Dowd in El DerbyCo   
    I didn't like it much when it went quiet during the Sheik takeover.
    I don't really like it much when Alonso talks about £20 million players and the Champions League
    I have decided to confine my immediate worrying to avoiding relegation this season, once we are safe, I will review my options and pick something else to worry about, there always plenty of choice when you support Derby. 😂😂
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    CBRammette got a reaction from sage in Plucky Derby v Norwich Match Ratings   
    Marshall 6
    McDonald 6
    Forsyth 6
    Wisdom 6
    Mengi 6
    Roberts 6
    Bird 7
    Shinnie 7
    Jozwiak 6
    Lawrence 6
    CKR 6
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    CBRammette reacted to David in Forum Terms of Use Reminder - Please Read   
    Over the last few days we have had a number of issues with a small number of members that are unhappy with the moderation on this forum. I would just like to remind you all of the terms of use with regards to post removal which you all would have agreed to.
    You may not agree with moderators opinions on football which is understandable, but we do ask that you respect the job they do on this forum. If you find that your post/topic has removed and would like to know why, please contact a moderator that is online by private message. 
    A full list of moderators can be found at https://dcfcfans.uk/staff
    Posts made publicly on the forum questioning why your post was removed, or questioning the moderation will also be removed. 
    All moderators that are online are highlighted in bold, contact one privately.
    As the owner of this forum I will not tolerate any abuse or personal insults towards myself or moderators that give their free time to help run this forum. 
    I will also not tolerate potentially libellous content that could jeopardise the future of this forum. 
    Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences.  
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    CBRammette reacted to Ramarena in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    I think the midfield pairing of Shinnie and Bird deserves a mention. 
    Both did well, 1st half held on whilst one of the best midfields in the division looked to break us down, 2nd half they took the game to the Norwich midfield and had them on the back foot.
    Shinnie did what he’s so good at doing, ratting, shielding the defence and bring the ball away from danger. Bird was much improved, much more mobile, good interceptions carried the ball forwards with purpose and tried to pass through the lines (his passings not quite back to its best but it was more purposeful today)
    Definitely a pairing showing promise
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    CBRammette reacted to Chris_Martin in Rooney’s Style of Play/Identity   
    Yes Waghorn was better in his last game but we've all seen him play better than that under Lampard, same with Lawrence.
    Jozwiak we have also seen play very well for Poland.
    My point is that a great manager finds a way to get the best out of the players he has and i'm not sure Rooney is doing that yet.
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    CBRammette reacted to Chris_Martin in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    Overall a good performance, especially 2nd half. It's amazing what can happen when we actually get on the front foot and start pressing teams rather than sitting back like we usually do.
    One thing is clear though, we are shocking at picking the final pass.
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