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  1. Not easy to feel like singing from the terraces at the moment. Yet to put into another perspective, sing for the team and for the manager who are pouring their hearts and souls into playing for the club even under the most trying of circumstances. I am going to remind myself of the situation that Derby are in, because to me it feels like we are the mean machine. - Mean Machine (2001) - Escape to victory (1981)
  2. Will msd takeover Derby, they didn't take over Southampton or Sunderland. I think the Sunderland situation has similar hallmark to Derby, msd were set to takeover Sunderland, formed a holding company to takeover Sunderland but that's not what happened. It just became about the loan. Mel went on record saying that after he put the club into administration, around 15 interested parties came forward of which 3 are strong contenders for a takeover. I think I'm right in saying that in the first instance the fans are legally given the first opportunity to takeover the club. That's obviously highly unlikely to happen. Any interested party wanting to take over the club has to show that they have enough credit to be able to take over the club, so probably at least 30 million. In my opinion 30 million isn't a figure that someone would pay for Derby, your basically just buying the brand as the stadium and training ground don't belong to Derby. The academy and junior players are the only real assets. Yet if you sell any of these, what is the club left with. To rebuild the team costs a lot of money, plus the transfer embargo would have to be removed or what's the point. Mel reportedly said something about the amount required. I dont think Mel would have mentioned interested parties if it was a simple matter of MSD taking over the club. In my opinion a good comparitor for Derbys current situation would be Stoke city when the coates family took over.
  3. I am not sure if rumour or has substance. I dont see how 21 or more points would be justified. A new owner could become impossible to find if so many points were deducted and given that the clubs in administration. In such a situation I would recommend not playing another game, what would be the point. The efl would have made it impossible to survive the drop. Stop playing and Blake the efl, then tell the efl we will see in a proper court of law. If a legal ruling was made in the clubs favour in a national Court, then that overrides the efl.
  4. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/Derby-county-points-deduction-championship-25018115 21 or 39 the rumoured points deduction keeps rising. If its either the club should simply step outside the football tribunal realm. Build a case and take the efl to the national courts. If Derby were to win, it would at the very least damage the efl reputation and the ruling would override a football tribunal. Legally speaking what Derby did with the amortisation is not illegal, its just that the efl don't like it. Why should that deserve a 12 point penalty let alone a 21 or 39 point penalty.
  5. I wasn't impressed with Rooney last season. This season I think he's one of the very bright lights at Derby. He could easily walk away but he's committed to managing the club. He's drawing or winning a number of games. I'm glad he's managing the club
  6. Any chance the administrators could force the sale of the stadium at a lower price. Throw in the training ground at a lower price. That might help sell the club.
  7. It's unlikely anyone can take us over in the same way as a home in administration. Any new owners likely to be scrutinised by the efl. The efl will want assurances of available funds and likely to seek references over the new owners background.
  8. Wigan case: EFL said it had no leeway in imposing the points deduction on Wigan that season. In cases of insolvency, the panel does not determine the timing of the sanction as it can in independent disciplinary proceedings. The EFL will continue to engage with the administrators to provide their full support in all ongoing matters with the aim of achieving a long-term future for the club. Wigan appealled their 12 point deduction via their administrators. This was submitted to an independent arbitration panel on the grounds of “force majeure”, because the events occurred during the coronavirus pandemic which has upended the financial picture for many clubs. The appeal didn't succeed but it delayed the outcome for Wigan. While Derbys events did not occur during the pandemic, the administrators could claim that the pandemic did cause financial hardship for the club forcing them into administration. Mel claimed he was losing upto 1.5 million per month, funding the club. Derbys accounts show the the club is bound for a future profitable position, so that should interest new owners who can now buy the club at a vastly reduced price. As with a home placed into administration that's sold at auction for a quick sale by administrators, the administrators are required to get what ever price they can get for the sale of the club. That should help to bring in new owners.
  9. If Mel accepts 9 or 12 point penalty, Derbys relegated. He can't then sell the club for more than 20 million if it's relegated. If relegated Derby could easily go into administration, Mel walks away with nothing if the club goes into administration. Rather than lose out on millions, why would Mel accept a 9 to 12 point penalty, stalemate and hence the negotiations continue.
  10. John Percy says it will be 12pts, that seems overly harsh. I think that's guaranteed relegation, Derby should probably go to the appeal, what have they go to lose. If its 12 points I wouldn't bother playing the rest of the season, what are you proofing by clinging to draws with the team Derby has and not getting enough wins together to prevent the relegation. Even if the transfer embargo were to be lifted, would Mel spend millions in January rebuilding the team to give a fighting chance of not being relegated. All of this over a non illegal accounting procedure which Derbys auditors signed off on and which companies house accepted.
  11. The 12 point deduction puts Mel in an awkward position. It almost guarantees relegation. If relegated he will probably only get a max of 20 million for Derby and probably 10 million. If I were Mel I would appeal the 12 point decision, recall we are still under scrutiny on the potential non payment of salaries. If the non payment of salaries occurs its a further 3 points for each occurrence, so relegation. I also believe that the efl are totally crazy to give 12 points if that's related to the amortisation as derbys auditor said that procedure was not illegal so how is 12 points justified. Originally we were found to not be in the wrong. If I were Mel I see no reason not to appeal the 12 points
  12. Against West Brom tonight I'd recommend 4141
  13. One issue here is that he was the elder player and club captain, as such he should have advised the other players to take a taxi home. It was a complete lack of expected responsibility on his part
  14. It's not that nobody wants to buy the club, other struggling clubs have been purchased. It's like property, when you buy a renovation house at auction, you pay a lot less than the full price. Mel has to agree to sell the club for a lot less than he currently is rumoured to want for it.
  15. When you sell anything that can be sold and are left with a team that's not good enough. When your blocked by idiots at the efl from bringing in new players. Welcome to the rest of the season ...
  16. I think the clubs leeway is connected to Sheffield wednesday who were given a 12pt deduction, reduced to 6pts on appeal. I would accept a reduction from 9pts to 6pts. I think 6pts could still hurt the clubs chances of survival. Whatever points are given the lifting of the transfer embargo is a requisite otherwise the efl have to own up to the fact that for no decent reason they have basically forced the club into administration. I say no decent reason because the amortisation method used was not illegal, or else the auditors would not have used it. Companies House would not have accepted the filed accounts. In my opinion, No transfers and a large points deduction relegated the club, and puts the club into administration.
  17. Which players are the outstanding transfer fees assigned to. Assuming Derby had contractual terms on how long they get to repay transfer fees. So unless Derby changed their contractual repayment period which fees are outstanding. Another club can't just recall all fees with immediate effect, so I assume it can't be all transfer fees, just outstanding fees.
  18. Why would anyone want to buy the club if the clubs banned from spending on players, Mel will not support the club for that long so administration?
  19. Interesting, so some fans are worried about a potential two year ban on transfers, which if it happened means Derby very likely to be relegated and perhaps put into administration. Hm ... so did any one ask Mel if he wants to be in a position like that, where he'd have the potential to find a buyer for Derby and that would mean he would have to right off the 50 million he's rumoured to want for selling the club. If the club goes into administration enforced by efl, wouldn't that mean he would get very little return from selling the club.
  20. My understanding is that this is situation? ... If the clubs given a penalty of 12 points is the club allowed to appeal and fairly have the same reduction that sheffield wednesday received, so 12 points reduced to 6 points. If a penalty of at least 6 points is applied, does that mean that the club can then go enter the transfer market when the January transfer window opens and start buying players again (obviously unlikely as Mel probably does not want to spend money on new players, when his goal seems to have been to reduce the wage bill and sell off any players he could reducing the squad to almost unplayable levels, but technically could the club then start bringing in new players). If the efl have given both a large points penalty and a refusal on quality transfers to help ward of instant relegation. Otherwise it appears that the efl have forced Derby into immediate relegation before January.
  21. All of our defenders performed admirably, and their advancing years haven't harmed them severely yet. Due to the ageing effect, any new owners would be need to completely rebuild the defence the next season at their age. I'm afraid that derbies lack a goal threat; if you look at Baldock, at 32, I wonder who believes he can suddenly improve or that he will score a respectable of goals this season at his age? A reasonable number of goals for him this season would be ten, making him no better than Lawrence. Baldock does appear to have a genuine passion for the game, which is a plus.
  22. Ckr is injured. Lawrence is never scoring 10 goals in a season, let alone 20. Stretton is too young and untried to pose a significant threat. Now we are looking to bring in Baldock, who simply isn't good enough and at his age isn't going to be.
  23. What's it costing Mel to run the club on a monthly basis. If the clubs relegated he gets 10 to 20 million max for the club
  24. What is the value of Derby county. Rumour has it Mel is looking to sell for 50 million, he's not getting that. So what is Derby county worth at present, I would like Mel to sell Derby for 20 million because I think it will encourage a buyer. Mel might hold out for an amount but how much, 30 million. Mel has destroyed Derby by selling anyone he could get money for, under a transfer embargo, he's guilty of making a team incapable of competing at the championship level. A team that's of no interest to buyers. In its current form who would pay 50 million for the club. Mel is paying the wages, the moment he stops, for evey month wages are not paid, Derby lose 3 points, is that correct? So if he did not pay for 2 months, that's 6 points and Derby are relegated. With the team Derby have now its highly likely the club are relegated, so that doesn't help Mel. It's time he sold for less, but how much?
  25. Mel wants to sell the club and he thought that Rooneys name would help that to happen. Mel has form given unqualified managers a job, look at Lampard when he joined. For now how can Rooney perform miracles with the squad he has and due to efl, no ability to invest.
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