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  1. They lost 4-0 again so we know what that means for Saturday 😂
  2. Deserve that the young lads all in the end preformed very well! Watson and Fetsy both ready great futures
  3. Louis Watson can see a pass not many players can absolute talent
  4. Pathetic first 20 mins been much better last 5/10 mins shame half time came at the wrong time! Think it shows that if Mel did get his way of having 5/6 kids in the line up we’d be down comfortably! They’re good talents just far from ready
  5. Can’t wait shame they are taken off on Wednesday will stop plenty from going
  6. Great to see Stretton back but what’s happened to Kornell McDonald?
  7. 2 blocks now sold out guessing they will open the next 2 blocks soon to buy tickets?
  8. Could shed even worse light on us as a club and how we do dealings
  9. Think Rooney new with the situation the clubs in if we went a goal down early it may of turned sour so he went a little more defensive I can’t blame him for that
  10. Stearman has always been a steady player he may not be the best but he’s certainly not the worst! He will have his ups and downs this season but for the mess we are in he’s a very solid signing
  11. Looks like Derby at the start and maybe Reading?
  12. Wanted him to succeed more than any other signing for a long time but he just hasn’t adapted yet
  13. Louis Watson is some player aswell
  14. Thought Fozzy was brilliant aswell
  15. That Sorba Thomas the young lad they signed from non league was absolutely brilliant
  16. Not bad that 2 pretty poor sides but it’s a start
  17. Very even we’ve had a few openings without the the quality same for them
  18. 70 mins gone we’ve been ok definitely don’t look a side odds on favourites to go down but it’s clear we need 3/4 new faces, I love him but CKR needs help up top if we have him alone all season we won’t score enough
  19. Decent first half typical to concede so late but they are a side missing 4/5 key players due to Covid really need the points here
  20. Strange nothing is written on his page, can’t see us being able to attract any of them and Delap
  21. I am massively disappointed id of liked Carroll Morrison and Jags but credit to the 3 that signed all could of gone elsewhere and got more money
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