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  1. You had me until that last bit.
  2. 2 goals in March sounds reasonable. Oh, in one game...
  3. Marshall - 6 Byrne - 5 Buchanan - 6 Wisdom - 6 Clarke - 5 Bird - 5 Bielik - 7 Holmes - 6 Knight - 5 Lawrence - 5 CKR- 6
  4. They'll just start crossing out the zeros soon
  5. My issue with Wayne Rooney cutting his teeth here is that I don't think he feels particularly threatened by the prospect of relegation. We go down, he leaves (or is sacked) but probably prospers in the long run due to his reputation and doesn't spare a thought for us. I'm not sure this captain is going to go down with his ship.
  6. Don't think we can realistically say we deserved a win. Any game that has me swapping screens regularly to read this forum instead is doing something wrong. Hoping that there exists a manager out there who can turn this lot around.
  7. No doubt, and I don't think Rooney is our man, but I reckon our first win in eons is going to have to be ugly
  8. Teams out early during half time. TL still on.
  9. Found it hard to keep my attention on that game. Missed watching the Wycombe one but from what it said on here CKR was CM++ - how come we've not been using him as a focal point this time around??
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