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  1. Massively improved performance. Frustrating not to get the win but play like that for the rest of the season and we’ve got a chance. You've set your standards, now stick to ‘em.
  2. Looks like we’ve had our weetabix today
  3. I don’t think RD are automatically negative about the team, I think that develops over time and, like fans, it can become a mood that’s difficult to pull yourself out of if things aren’t going well. In the Mac1 seasons, they were generally really positive to the point where I’m pretty sure Ramage wallpapered his bedroom with the words “There’s something special happening here...” My takeaway from this is that FL as a man and as a manager wants to call out negativity in an effort to try and stem it, whereas it would be easy to just let it all go on and dismiss it as not effecting the team. However, as he’s said, he needs a platform of a win to be able to deliver the message without setting off fireworks.
  4. If Wilson did that the media would collectively wet itself
  5. Fozzy was often the same. He’d have an 88-minute stinker but provide the assists for a goal or two. Drove me nuts.
  6. Looks better than it did originally. Rubbish not having replays on the red button. Who thinks he went for that?
  7. We showed some promise early on with some runs at their midfield and defence, and then we seemed to stop doing that and reverted to type. Still think we’ll get a goal, but not sure about two.
  8. I don’t like pinning our revival on him either. After his form at the start of the season, he’s not been the same player since his England call-up or playing against Chelsea with a knock. Before his current injury lay-off, people were commenting that he goes missing in games and needs a rest from the team. Even if he did come back into the team and provide the spark to turn our game back into fluid attacking football, he goes back at the end of the season and we’re back here again (also minus Wilson & Tomori).
  9. I agree, and although we say it year in year out we’d really need reset our expectations and have a year or two which is about moulding a team and a style/identity rather than trying to force a promotion with the hodgepodge of different managers players. That said, when FL and JM first arrived it was all about Franks winning attitude, Jodys great coaching success with the Chelsea youth, high press, good football... and all of that seems to have ebbed away. I’d like us to get that feel-good optimism and enthusiasm back from our management team if we’re going to stick this out as a long term project. Those scenes from the bench after the last minute winner at Reading on day 1 feel a long, long time ago.
  10. Nah. Pretty sure all clubs have a section which single out certain players for blame and abuse. We generally don’t hear about theirs, they generally don’t hear about ours. Emotions run high and people get peed off. Same people will probably be cheering them on at kick off next game. The team has got to give us something to shout about though, hasn’t it.
  11. Sadly can’t see the Wigan game being much different to the Milwall one
  12. Can’t recall us playing great football and having control over a game since half time at Boro. Even the win at Norwich was something of a freak circumstance.
  13. Wilson, Bogle & Roos benched today. Bennett, Bird & Carson in.
  14. Gary Rowett gave it a good go last year
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