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  1. I reckon that if you surround him with some quality players though this part of his game would shine. His interplay with mount was always impressive at the start of the season. ...ah, I see what you’re doing. Yeah he’s crap. Klopp should give him to us 😅
  2. Although if you ignore Brighton, we’ve had some of our best performances against prem opposition... ...not that I think we could sustain it for an entire season
  3. Yeah, I guess he could of 🤷‍♂️ My point being that we were not able to make any purchases in the summer (our moves have been short term deals/loans on a free, discounting wages) and maybe he wasn’t expecting to be that restricted. I don’t think anyone thought we would be shelling out 10s of millions again.
  4. Yeah, that wasn’t clear, I meant next summer rather than the start of this season. My take is that he feels there was a lack of ambition by the club to make that final push, which we all know we can point to why but which he feels has left us uncompetitive.
  5. This, and the fact that we are still within a shout of the playoffs as far as the math is concerned, they’ll think it’s a great effort by a rookie manager in his first season. I personally think it’s all moot though, I can’t see Chelsea really coming in for him (for the manager position anyway) and I can’t see him taking it at this stage, favouring the longer game of building his experience away from the greater spotlight. That said, I think something has happened which has caused FL to lose his passion for the team and the season at the moment, my bet would be how hamstrung financially he was in the January window and possibly in the summer too; he says he was aware of this when he joined but his demeanour suggests he wasn’t aware just how limited he’d be.
  6. This bothered me. Earlier in the season there was much more animation and energy from the bench, now it looks like they’ve lost interest.
  7. I’ll admit a certain amount of admiration for the man in terms of him being so “up front” about his use of this tactic all season at all clubs, although it’ll be interesting to see the LUFC official reaction to this given the “we knew nothing” apology we officially received. However, all this talk of “I already have the information, I only do it to double check & lower my anxiety” (not a direct quote) doesn’t wash with me: there are things that these “scouts” are sent to find out specifically in relation to the upcoming game, namely the likely starting XI based on who trains and who is looking injured and any tactical preparations specific to the upcoming game; these are not things he’s necessarily going to gleam from 360 hours of previous game footage or insight. If somebody is there with binoculars to watch, is it beyond the realms of possibility that they will also try to listen to catch specific instructions and tactics to be used against Leeds so that they can be countered proactively?
  8. Be interesting to see if/how the other clubs in the league respond to the admission of having been covertly watched with these intentions.
  9. Love watching Huddlestone again. Playing the same role he did under Rowett, but in a Lampard system he’s got space around him and people showing for the ball allowing him bring the whole game under his spell for a while. Great composure and passing.
  10. Play football the way we want to play, don’t resort to route one. Try to play with confidence and give a decent account of yourself. That’s all I ask. Result is secondary. Would bloody love a win though 🍺
  11. Good game to watch, although we let them play far too much first half I thought. Craig Forsyth frustrates me. At times he seems to lack belief and conviction and his passes are weak; such a confidence player I guess, but when he’s off it he couldn’t find his mum with a pass if he was at his mums house and she was next to him on the sofa... but then he goes and makes that cross and all is just about forgiven.
  12. Can’t really complain about the result as we looked a bit leggy and unable to take any real control in and around midfield. Norwich were bit of a cynical team though - no need as they can play some good stuff. Didn’t help that the ref gave them everything they wanted.
  13. I thought that too. They both opened by saying “we know we’re a good team” which could have been considered bordering on cocky, but perhaps it’s just a case of self belief and confidence being instilled by the manager which you need in order to believe you can succeed... probably even something he picked up from his opposite number tonight when playing under him at Chelsea.
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