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  1. Was it part of the Jack Marriott deal that we need to check the Peterborough Chairman’s thoughts on everything Derby?
  2. Derby keen to find replacement for manager who hasn’t left, hasn’t been approached to leave and isn’t going to be sacked 🤔
  3. Yeah, I don’t get this. So are the Times outright making stuff up or is there an “allegedly” or “maybe” in there to cover their bums? If they are claiming it as fact, and it is not, are news outlets just free to print any twaddle they want irrespective of validity? Actually, don’t answer that, I’m sure I know the answer.
  4. That’s quite staggering when you look at it. And to think that 16/17 even managed to squeeze a Mac2 in there as well!
  5. Only one goal in it. Nothing to lose in the second leg so I expect to see us attack it with intent, and we generally get our best results when we do that. Ain’t over yet but like everyone I’m disappointed that we let them have so much of the game without really worrying them.
  6. I agree with this and everything else said about there being contact and therefore it not mattering what came next.... ...so why do I have this uneasy feeling that we’re going to get shafted here, or at least have this drag out long enough to affect preparations
  7. I think it was right that the ref added that much time at the end given the sheer arrogance of the time wasting at times - it was like an “I told you I’d add it on” message to the players that he must have been hinting to them through the game - if this was done more often then I reckon time wasting wouldn’t be so blatant. What’s interesting is that I can’t remember the ref actually booking anyone for time wasting (?); he clearly saw the added minutes as the punishment. I take the point that the added time could have benefited QPR as well/instead, but with these clubs who set out to frustrate and run down the clock I expect that they’d figure that tactic to be less useful if they thought it would just get tacked on the end of the game.
  8. Massively improved performance. Frustrating not to get the win but play like that for the rest of the season and we’ve got a chance. You've set your standards, now stick to ‘em.
  9. Looks like we’ve had our weetabix today
  10. I don’t think RD are automatically negative about the team, I think that develops over time and, like fans, it can become a mood that’s difficult to pull yourself out of if things aren’t going well. In the Mac1 seasons, they were generally really positive to the point where I’m pretty sure Ramage wallpapered his bedroom with the words “There’s something special happening here...” My takeaway from this is that FL as a man and as a manager wants to call out negativity in an effort to try and stem it, whereas it would be easy to just let it all go on and dismiss it as not effecting the team. However, as he’s said, he needs a platform of a win to be able to deliver the message without setting off fireworks.
  11. If Wilson did that the media would collectively wet itself
  12. Fozzy was often the same. He’d have an 88-minute stinker but provide the assists for a goal or two. Drove me nuts.
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