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    DavesaRam reacted to Carl Sagan in v Salford City - Pre Season Friendly   
    Yes it's pre-season. I get that many will say results don't matter and it's about fitness. 
    But this is wrong. As a club we're in a terrible position. The players need to believe they can score goals. We need to get into the habit of winning, and grab the confidence that brings. 
    There was only one player on the pitch who looked like he really cared about winning, who was desperate to win his own battles, whose every thought was forward. 
    If Rooney seriously can't see Louie Sibley is our only hope to get something out of this season, then we are already relegated. 
  2. Clap
    DavesaRam reacted to Ambitious in v Salford City - Pre Season Friendly   
    Sibley is so evidentally miles better than anyone else on our team. If Rooney isn't going to play him every single second he's fit then sell him for me. Deserves loads better than this circus. 
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    DavesaRam reacted to Barney1991 in v Salford City - Pre Season Friendly   
    Took the words out of my mouth if sibley was played in a number 10 and given freedom over a season he’d get double figures for goals if he got a regular starting place 
  4. Clap
    DavesaRam reacted to Ramslad1992 in v Salford City - Pre Season Friendly   
    point a) Sibley has hardly played lots either…
    point b) off of one per season game?! Give over. Sibley gets screwed over by being played out of position half the time. 
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    DavesaRam got a reaction from cstand in Louie watson   
    That's two of our up and coming young hopefuls out with injury and we haven't kicked a ball in anger yet. What kind of footballer are we breeding these days?
  6. Clap
    DavesaRam reacted to Ram-a-lama fa fa fa in Louie watson   
    im guessing 221b baker street
  7. Clap
    DavesaRam reacted to Ravabeerbelly in Man Utd Preseason, the return of the fan   
    Maybe most people who went felt they were medically exempt, which would mean no one was flouting the rules at all? Remember medically exempt can be anything physical or psychological.
    Personally I class myself as exempt on the basis of it causing me distress wearing something over my nose and face preventing me from breathing clean air with no evidence to suggest it’s beneficial. 
    What was impressive was the amount of hand sanitiser stations dotted around which is as far as I can gather the far more beneficial procedure for stemming the spread of a virus but one that seemed to be forgotten in favour of the visual statement that masks make. 
    As far as I’m concerned masks are the equivalent of a babies dummy, in being a false pacifier and share the same weening off problems!
    Anyway, just my opinion, back to the game!
  8. Haha
    DavesaRam reacted to ollycutts1982 in Man Utd Preseason, the return of the fan   
    Ah I thought as much reading on here after the game. He looked the best of the lot for me, wanting the ball and his first instinct was to drive forward. That will probably mean he won’t get in the team any time soon 😂😂
  9. Clap
    DavesaRam reacted to ariotofmyown in The UEFA European Championship 2020 Thread   
    Were all police given a day off yesterday too? Or were they training for the next vigil for a murdered woman?
  10. Clap
    DavesaRam reacted to ariotofmyown in The UEFA European Championship 2020 Thread   
    I'm regularly disappointed by your choice of drinks. From Burton too. 
  11. Clap
    DavesaRam reacted to Reggie Greenwood in EFL Verdict   
    Also where where these “Hawks” when QPR , Villa , Bournemouth , Fester etc were busting FFP. Also let’s see your books for the last 5 years as well to make sure you are “clean” as well. 
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    DavesaRam reacted to DerbyRam! in What song reflects the Rams over the last 12-18 months?   
    We've only got ten men! 🎵🎵🎵
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    DavesaRam reacted to HuddersRam in Pride: The Inside Story of Derby County   
    Just logged on to here after a long old day, and this has cheered me right up. Thank you @G_Kinkladze, @wixman1884, @Asheville Ram, you've made my day with these.
    A couple of notable things - I was worried in the writing that I was painting Nigel accidentally as a villain, so I'm glad it's not come across in that way. Personally I wasn't his biggest fan in truth, but I wanted to make sure it was written as much down the middle as it possibly could be. 
    @G_Kinkladze - Brys was fantastic. When I first told him how much of his time I'd like to steal (six hours in the end) he was a bit taken aback, but I think he was pretty glad to get a lot off his chest by the end. That entire side built by Clough and improved by McClaren couldn't have been any more forthcoming and helpful - great squad of people. 
    Moneywise - well, I've now found out that authors barely make a jot 🤣 Jeff Bezos though, raking it in! I've at least got some learnings for the next one, which I'll hopefully be able to announce soon!
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    DavesaRam got a reaction from eccles the ram in EFL Verdict   
    Delete the EFL is the most appropriate action.
  15. Haha
    DavesaRam got a reaction from i-Ram in EFL Verdict   
    Delete the EFL is the most appropriate action.
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    DavesaRam reacted to RoyMac5 in EFL Verdict   
  17. Haha
    DavesaRam reacted to ariotofmyown in EFL Verdict   
    When I was young
    I followed the
    Residual player values
    The amortisation method for me
  18. Haha
    DavesaRam reacted to Truckle in EFL Verdict   
    You can throw them anywhere you like, the further the better.
  19. Haha
    DavesaRam reacted to Cool As Custard in EFL Verdict   
    Dont mess with Mel

  20. Haha
    DavesaRam reacted to RadioactiveWaste in EFL Verdict   
    We should probably sue wycombe for that. They didn't stop us from making rooney manager and therefore losses are due to WWFC and we will sue!
  21. Like
    DavesaRam reacted to NimonicRam in EFL Verdict   
    I do think we need to make a stand against the EFL.  Not suggesting going round to the Jester's house but we need to reciprocate the lack of respect the EFL has shown us.  Man City used to boo the UEFA anthems... not sure how we would do this without creating some sort of negativity for the players.  Next time we win the playoffs (and we will win them... be it league 1 or championship) DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE the trophy.  Leave it on the pedestal or publicly bin it for all to see, we could display it next to 'The Coffee Cup', upturned in a galvanised bucket!  The same should be true of every league cup fixture - find a way to embarrass them.  We could take zero fans to away games.  Or don't turn up to the home fixtures till 10 mins after kick off.
    We've broken no rules.  Morally, we are guilty as sin... and the mismanagement has been colossal.
    Let's hope Gibson stays squeaky clean....
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    DavesaRam reacted to Charlotte Ram in EFL Verdict   
    The statement from the club is not combative and is certainly not lunacy, if anything it is factual and restrained.
  23. Haha
    DavesaRam reacted to Jimbo Ram in EFL Verdict   
    Is this just the 5 minute argument or the full half an hour????
  24. Clap
    DavesaRam reacted to David in EFL Verdict   
    In 1p coins
  25. Clap
    DavesaRam reacted to Ellafella in EFL Verdict   
    Nail and head @CBRammette. This is all about payback to Mel because he exposed the EFL’s total incompetence over the TV Rights deal and almost toppled them with the breakaway league suggestion. Football is broken thanks to the ignorant suits who run the game. 
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