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  1. Jackson Irvine

    From what I've seen of him (admittedly limited) he doesn't seem to be an upgrade on what we already have in the squad at present. Not saying he is significantly worse but to my mind we would be spending money to stand still if we signed him.
  2. Football writers predict promotion

    As things stand I can't really see past Middlesbrough and Aston Villa for the top two. Of course, football isn't played on paper and it will take them both five to ten games to 'click' properly but once they do there aren't two stronger squads in the division. They both have the quality and depth for automatic at this level. If either of them don't then questions will have to be asked of their management or the attitudes of some of their players. Otherwise they are to two to beat. As for us, I don't see a top six finish unless we get two quality attacking options in. We will see I suppose!
  3. Season ticket

    Anyone have any idea how many have been sold so far?
  4. George Thorne

    I'd rather leave it three or four weeks and have him fit for thirty five games than play him before he is ready and risk more long term injuries. As far as we know he has suffered no further injuries aside from the hamstring strain ten days ago. Sounds like now we have Huddlestone in Rowett is just playing safe with him.
  5. Best eleven since 1970s...

    Fair enough, I understand. Just a bit of fun to alleviate the pre season boredom. It doesn't have to be the definitive team. If you don't feel comfortable sticking players in you don't remember no biggie. Just go with the best you've seen mate...
  6. Best eleven since 1970s...

    There were a few tough calls! I'm 35 so although I remember both Smith and Cox sides I may have a slight bias towards the former. Others may take a different view though. All about opinions!
  7. Best eleven since 1970s...

    OK, my 433... Poom Rowett Stimac Wright Laursen Carsley Asanovic Eranio Sturridge Saunders McMinn Subs. Shilton McGrath West Kinkladze S. Johnson Baiano Goddard
  8. Best eleven since 1970s...

    Hello all, I know it's been done a number of times over the years but one extra can't hurt! As the title suggests, just name your best starting eleven since the 1970s (as most of the picks would be fairly obvious otherwise!) Loans and players who have only played a handful of games both acceptable. If they have appeared they are eligible! Any formation you like. I'm not going to say that you had to have seen them play live. Plenty of clips and footage available even if you haven't (although I realise it's not the same) If it's proving especially difficult I'll allow a seven player bench! Mine will be posted as soon as I'm able...
  9. Moan in

    Did I hear one of the callers state that the reason we never get promotion is because the last time we went up we were an embarrassment and this group of players have been mentally scarred by the experience... ...despite the fact that said promotion was a decade ago and non of those players are still at the club!?!
  10. Ollie Watkins - Signed for Brentford

    Not sure if anyone else has posted/mentioned this but the Derby Telegraph are reporting that Derby now face competition from both Norwich and Sheffield Utd for his signature...
  11. Derby County v Cardiff City - match day thread

    I thought Hughes looked like he was carrying an injury. He wasn't moving well all game.
  12. v Ipswich (A) .Predictions

    Obviously hope for better but can't help feeling it's going to be another 'after the Lord Mayor's show' kind of display. Ipswich 0-0 Derby
  13. Who are our biggest rivals?

    Forest are our only rivals. The Leicester 'rivalry' is more a media construction (and Im saying that as someone who was there in 1994) while the Leeds 'rivalry' is generational at best. Supporters under the age of 45 on both sides don't seem to recognise it. Burton and Chesterfield are just two other teams. Just my opinion mind...
  14. Henri Lansbury - Signed for Aston Villa

    As others have pointed out, it doesn't really matter whether we are close to our FFP limit or not. If we are competing with relegated Premier League clubs (especially those the size of Villa and Newcastle) and those clubs consider a player a priority target we will, nine times out of ten, be unable to match them. They are able to sell their better players for huge sums and have enormous parachute payments for the next four seasons. That's before their season tickets, match day attendances and merchandise sales are taken into consideration. Their spending power at this level is almost limitless. Having said all that, success is never garaunteed...

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