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  1. Speaking as someone not born when we won our titles, I suppose the missed opportunities to build on the second and third best squads we have had since. Late Eighties under Cox and late Nineties under Smith.
  2. It's only game four and I'm sure we will improve. I think Cocu will prove an astute appointment if given the time. Whether we can improve enough to challenge for top six this season is yet to be seen. We appear to lack dynamism and creativity in midfield and cutting edge upfront although the return of Holmes and Marriott should address this to some degree. Replacing Mount and Wilson was always going to be difficult at this level. The final day of the transfer window probably didn't go exactly to plan. We were reportedly in for multiple quality attacking midfielders and wingers but came out with a goalkeeper and Paterson (he gets my support because he wears the shirt but I can't help thinking he was 4th/5th choice). That's not a dig at the club. Sometimes it's just how the cards fall. The window had gone pretty well up to then. Lots of plus points to be taken from tonight. Beilik looks very promising, there are clearly multiple game plans and if we had had our shooting boots on we may have come out of the game with more, not to mention Bogle, Holmes and Marriott to come back which will open up more possibilities.
  3. Probably good news for the attendance...
  4. Can you say if it is anyone we have already been linked with?
  5. Was just thinking that what has been reported yesterday/today is quite intriguing. More or less everyone we were linked to yesterday were either not genuine, was dismissed almost outright or are going elsewhere. Today we seem to be linked to a Japanese player who is reportedly 'not our first choice' This might imply that the wingers we were connected with yesterday perhaps weren't our preferred options either and that there may be other things going on behind the scenes. This would appear to fit with our new 'tight lipped' buisness strategy where we don't seem to know anything until the signing is almost complete. I'm quietly confident we will do some decent buisness today. We'll see...
  6. The Radio Derby team are still sticking to the line that the club are 'expecting' to get two in before 5pm...
  7. The links we have had today have either been dismissed or we have seemingly lost out on. Who knows whether there was ever anything in them or how hard we were pushing for them. To my mind we do probably need a bit more creativity in the middle of the pitch and a quality winger. For me, it would take the shine off the Rooney signing (still can't quite believe that is a thing!?!) a little if those areas were not covered in addition. Perhaps I'm just being greedy and unappreciative. I'm sure the club are working their fingers to the bone to try and make it happen. Just hope we aren't down to our third or fourth choice is all. We'll see...
  8. Not sure if this has already been mentioned but, fun fact time, once Rooney plays for us in January, four of England's top eight most capped players will either have managed or played for us (Rooney, Cole, Lampard, Shilton) Apparently, as things stand, no other club can claim this. One for the stats checkers...
  9. Can we possibly make Steve Gibson's life any worse!?!
  10. I reckon, if he is going, it'll be somewhere around £3-3.5 million give or take add ons and sell ons. It may be we need a bit of extra wiggle room on incomings before the window closes.
  11. To me, "looking to" make 4 new signings would suggest not including Shinnie and Dowell.
  12. Just heard someone at work saying that Mel Morris will be on Radio Derby at 18:00 tonight. I haven't seen anything to verify it. Anyone heard anything!?! (Apologies if it's complete rubbish!!!)
  13. Never quite know what to make of articles like this. It might be entirely accurate but sometimes it's more about what isn't said. It just says we are not talking to the player. We may be in contact with the club...
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