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  1. Gandalf's shin pads

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Predictable derby game. Scrappy and lacking quality. Always the same. Thought the crowd were nervous which perhaps explains the slight lack of atmosphere. Away fans are generally louder than home fans in any case as it's the 'core' that tend to travel. It wouldn't surprise me if we are louder than them at the away fixture. Thought a draw was a fair result. We were below par and they are nothing to write home about really.
  2. Gandalf's shin pads

    When You Were A Teenage Ram (14-16)

    Was 14 to 16 between 1996 and 1998 so Igor, Eranio, Wanchope, Baiano, Asanovic etc...
  3. Gandalf's shin pads

    V Middlesbrough (A) Match Thread

    No real opinions on who should play. Frank sees them every day and I'll be happy with whatever he decides to go with. Bit of a clichè but this game will tell us a lot about our progress and where we are as promotion candidates. We played very well and got two great results against Sheff Utd and WBA (especially as an away performance). Both those teams, however, play in sympathy with our strengths. With the players we have I fancy us to go toe to toe with any team in the league and come out on top in an open game. Middlesbrough's style and strengths have more in common with the sides we tend to struggle against (Rotherham, Milwall, Bolton etc) but they do it better. If we get a performance and a result on Saturday it will give a genuine indication that we are starting to learn and adapt and that we really have nothing to fear in this league and could go all the way.
  4. Gandalf's shin pads

    Please dont judge on this leeds performance

    Leeds were effective, no doubt. I suspect, however, that this had more to do with the fact that their squad has changed little since last season than their actual quality. Their new manager has had all summer and pre season to relentlessly hammer home his tactics and game plan into them. They were well drilled, knew their roles and had displayed a great level of anticipation one to another. Not saying they won't be there or there abouts come the end of the season but to my mind they are a long way short of Wolves and Fulham of last season or say the Leicester side that went up with Burnley. We looked like a side still getting used to each other and adapting to a new coaching staff and their game plan. Clearly the performance was pretty poor but I believe we'll come good after another five or six games...
  5. Gandalf's shin pads

    v Reading (A) - Predictions

    Reading 0-2 Derby. Lawrence first goal scorer.
  6. Gandalf's shin pads

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    If Lampard wants him then I'm fine with it. It's his team to shape and he'll be judged on his decisions. Have to say though, if any of the rumours are true I'd rather it be the £3m plus two players than the £8 million! (Can't see us paying the latter to be fair)
  7. Gandalf's shin pads

    Jack Marriott - Signed on a 3 year deal

    If the WBA interest is serious I fear it will have to be a Herculean effort from Derby/Frank to get this one over the line. Hope I'm wrong though...
  8. Gandalf's shin pads

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    Are we to assume then that one of the signings Redknapp was hinting at was probably Jozefzoon (as his interview was prior to the confirmation) and the other is likely to be Marriot?
  9. Gandalf's shin pads

    'Disgustingly expensive'

    As other's have said, it is a case of supply and demand. Man Utd's global fan base is so vast they will easily sell enough to make a handsome profit. Don't get me wrong, it is extortionate, but the super clubs' (those challenging for Champions League every year) approach typifies the modern 'supporter as/is consumer' ethos. They are world wide commercial brands and have with more in common with Coca Cola and McDonalds than Derby County or most other clubs outside the top European leagues. If one person doesn't want to fork out there is someone behind him that will (same, more or less, for ticket pricing...)

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