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  1. rcarso1

    Lampard too expensive?

    Same as Martin O’Neill
  2. rcarso1

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Looks “promising!”😂
  3. At least he’d have some crosses over there!😅
  4. It was actually Johann Cruyff that did all the work at Barcelona and it was him that aranged for Guardiola to carry on his brilliance.Pep has admitted he learned everything from him.Also having a little Argentinian genius up front helps!
  5. rcarso1

    Lampard too expensive?

    That’s one then! In how many years?!😅
  6. The thing is @TaylorRam84 that every contributor to the forums will have a different idea as to who is best for the job but the final decision will come down to Mel Morris. You can also guarantee that whoever he appoints won’t win unanimous approval!! I want someone who can 1) Provide experience at this level or higher or be exceptional in a lower league 2) Have good man management skills 3) Have broad shoulders and the strength of character to make unpleasant decisions when required 4) Be able to work on a tight budget and bring in young,hungry talented players that are better than what we have. 5) Organise a team to be hard to beat and to mainly play attractive football even though it’s not always possible.Now and again would be nice. 6) Be a good motivator . And 7) bring some pride back to the club I’ve followed since 1964 and which now feels like a laughing stock. Anyone out there that meets at least 5/6 of the above will do it for me!😅🙏
  7. Totally agree! Football is littered with good footballers who couldn’t hack it as good managers.Just because someone was “classy” as a player doesn’t mean he’ll be a good manager! When I hear someone say “give him a chance!” I just cringe.Why would you put someone inexperienced in charge of a multi million pounds organisation? Stimac,for example,was a brilliant footballer but his managerial record is awful! I’d rather have someone who’s proven his player management skills ,whose teams play good football and is tough enough to make unpleasant decisions and have broad shoulders.Some of the names being bandied about are enough to make you cringe or laugh in equal measure. This is a vital appointment and not an opportunity for a “ nice to have” person in charge but time for a “ need to have” manager.
  8. There’s a very good reason!
  9. As in setting the place alight?!
  10. rcarso1

    Chris Martin

    I think your last seven words summary sums it up perfectly!😅👍
  11. rcarso1

    Chris Martin

    You do realise there’s only one paragraph?!😅
  12. rcarso1

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    But can he play football?🤔
  13. rcarso1

    Transfer Window Change

    Opened May 7th and closes Thursday August 9th at 5pm although you can still make loan signings up to August 31st 👍
  14. rcarso1

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Is he “ pint- sized” then ?!
  15. rcarso1

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    I think most fans are resigned to Vydra being sold and ,in view of this season’s goals,he’d command close to £10 million in today’s market.Bent,Shackell and Baird all leave soon,not sure about Ledley’s contract length? I reckon Martin ,Butterfield,Bryson and Butterfield will all go as well.Bring in Lowe,Thomas and Elsnik to the squad and invest the Vydra money in 3/4 decent signings plus a couple of decent loans and the squad may look a lot healthier by late August. I’ve said from the start of Rowett’s tenure that he needed at least 3 transfer windows to put his stamp on the squad.The Championship gets tougher each year and the recruitment has to be spot on this time.Fingers crossed!

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