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  1. rcarso1

    Ashley Cole

    I stand corrected @Ghost of Clough ! You learn something every day!! Lahm is my favourite right back of all time ( albeit a former left back!) My favourite left back is Maldini-what a defence it would have been to have two players like that on the flanks !
  2. rcarso1

    Ashley Cole

    All valid opinions but I have to correct you regarding Philip Lahm.He played right back or right midfield for Bayern and West Germany
  3. rcarso1

    Ashley Cole

    Fair enough. I’ve watched Derby since 1964 and would say that McGrath must have been an incredible defender without injuries as he was very good for the short,training free period he was here.I’d still say that Stimac was better but that’s the beauty of football,we’re all entitled to our opinions.If you were naming your all time Derby side and you’d seen them play,McFarland and Todd would be the central defenders.They were that good!
  4. rcarso1

    Ashley Cole

    Presumably you never saw Roy McFarland,Colin Todd or Igor Stimac play ?
  5. rcarso1


    Perhaps you need to read the thread then?! The point I’m emphasising is that some of our fans get somewhat unrealistic about transfer valuations of our talented younger players regardless of who or who may not be interested in them.The rumour mill usually gets triggered in every transfer window and this one is no exception.Sky Sports have confirmed that Burnley are “monitoring” Bogle and Lampard has indicated that he would be tempted by a sizeable offer.
  6. rcarso1

    Rob Elliott

    Done that too many times this season for my liking !
  7. rcarso1

    David Nugent

    Marriott-Waghorn-Jozefzoon-Holmes-Malone and Evans. A lot of money spent on the first two but I’ll reserve judgment on all of them except Marriott who looks a decent buy.
  8. rcarso1


    In the minds eye of some of our more deluded fans!
  9. rcarso1


    All opinions on a player’s worth are subjective and they’re only worth what the buying club is prepared to pay.Personally,I’d say that £8m with a sell on clause would be an amazing piece of business ( providing we brought in 2/3 players)but,as with Will Hughes,I don’t see a lot of clubs queuing to sign him.
  10. rcarso1

    Rob Elliott

    Spot on! Tomori has cost us a lot of goals this season through a poor positional sense .Carson is having an indifferent season and none of our full backs can defend.So who gets the brunt of most criticism?-Keogh!!!😅
  11. rcarso1

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    33 today and would want big wages,no thanks
  12. rcarso1

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Mutch ado about nothing then!
  13. rcarso1

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    He’ll be joining “ the irons”then !
  14. rcarso1

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    With Thorne off to Luton and Pearce likely to join Millwall,we might have a few quid spare 🤔🙏
  15. rcarso1

    New Contracts

    Seeing as how they cost us peanuts,we shouldn’t be too badly affected by letting Bryson,Ledley,Nugent,Pearce,Olsson and Roos go for nothing and I reckon we’ll be saving approximately £100k per week or £5m per annum.Sounds a good deal to me!👍

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