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  1. rcarso1

    Chris Martin

    Regarding Martin having Colitis,has this actually ever been officially confirmed or is it a matter of conjecture?
  2. rcarso1

    Nick Blackman - Joined Sporting de Gijon on loan

    That’s very Sporting of you!
  3. rcarso1

    Chris Martin

    Have I drifted onto an NHS site in error?!😅
  4. rcarso1

    Furious Frank

    Great servant to the club and always tries his best but I think he’s become the “sacred cow” of the squad.Any criticism,however well intentioned,is met with a torrent of abuse from the “nostalgia” brigade!.Age and injuries have caught up with him and,despite his best endeavours,he’s not cutting it in my opinion.Ryan Woods was the player I most wanted in the transfer window but it never happened,sadly!
  5. rcarso1

    Furious Frank

    I’m sure the armed response unit might see that differently!😅
  6. rcarso1

    John Terry

    You’ll be happy that Clement was sacked then !
  7. rcarso1

    Furious Frank

    Huddlestone is too slow,Johnson has the touch of an elephant and,sadly,I don’t see Thorne having a future here.Not seen Evans yet so can’t comment.There must be a Prem Club out there that has the type of player we need.🙏
  8. rcarso1

    Furious Frank

  9. rcarso1

    Who moves out?

    You can add at least 6/7 more players to that list then!
  10. rcarso1

    Furious Frank

    Great post !👍 I also think that Lowe’s inexperience and naivety has cost us dearly in both games so far.We need a mobile midfielder who isn’t shrugged off the ball so easily and an established pattern of play that may well take some time to implement.When Malone and Davies are back in we should improve but the back four need more protection than they got yesterday. Too many players of ours were trying to beat more than one player and Leeds showed us the benefits of passing to a player wearing the same coloured shirt.Work in progress but my initial doubts about appointing Lampard were increased watching the first two games.Still,there’s a long way to go yet but I wonder how many of us expect anything at Millwall?
  11. rcarso1

    John Terry

    Add two decent full backs,a good centre half and a mobile powerhouse in midfield and you’d not be far off!
  12. rcarso1

    Chris Martin

    After yesterday I don’t think Lampard knows the answer to that conundrum !
  13. rcarso1

    Martin Odegaard

    And replacing 3 of that back 4 !
  14. rcarso1

    Nick Blackman - Joined Sporting de Gijon on loan

    You’re right.Something good happens and they still have to spew out their venom.You can understand why lynch mobs used to exist!😅
  15. rcarso1

    John Terry


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