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  1. GangwayD

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Sky saying he’s signed for us for 2.75 Million plus add on’s. Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  2. GangwayD

    Craig Bryson

    I met Byrs in Derby after the Hoffenheim friendly last year. Obviously he had not had the best season the previous year and it didn’t look like Rowett fancied him. i mentioned this and asked him if he was still enjoying it at Derby and he told me “ey I fooking love it still”. The language surprised me as he was with his Mrs and another couple. He went off to Cardiff a few weeks later. Chatted to him for 5 minutes and he’s a top top bloke. That said I’d take 2 Million for him. Not sure we’d see the class act that played so well with CM those seasons if he stayed and would wish him every success if he moved on. Kind Regards Gangway D from the terrace

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