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  1. I'm thinking two holding midfielders for a tough away fixture. Obviously the back four seems nailed on to be as above. Roos Bogle Keogh Clarke Malone Bielik Shinnie Dowell Lawrence Waghorn Marriott It won't be the above as this type of formation has not been played pre-season but its what I'd go with if everyone was fit. Think Waggy and Marriott are both more suited to playing with a partner alongside. Hopefully Huddersfiled have still got a hangover from last season. Regards Gangway D from the Terrace
  2. More news on this one here, https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/who-ivan-cavaleiro-profile-wolves-3070593 Kind Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  3. For me, it would be unlikely we’d be top 6 for us with those two as our first choice pairing at centre half. Keogh has proved he’s a top player in the Championship but another year older means he’ll be going one way. Same with Davies but add on the year out injured and can’t see him being close to the Curtis who had that spell when he was terrific. Without Tomori back I think we need two new players as no real evidence any youngsters are pushing. A chink of light was Evans but that’s basically on one good game. Work to do for Cuckoo, Cheers Gangway D from the terrace
  4. O'Neil has gone replaced by some Frenchy - Strange goings-on as ever over at the swamp ? Kind Regards Gangway D from the Terrace
  5. Following a crying theme, for us oldies someone change the words to Roy Orbisons song Crying. For what it’s worth ... I thought that I, was losing you But it's true, so true I love you even more Than I did before So Derby what can I do? Cos you still love me And Frank wont always be Crying over you Crying over you I know .... more medicine nurse ! Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  6. Regular reader and occasional contributor but really looking forward to B4’s rallying cry after reading the original post. Luckily secured tickets in Wednesday’s sale and praying the Footballing gods are with us. Had tears when we beat WBA those years ago as I never thought I’d see my side win at Wembley in my lifetime. Thoughts will be with any ticketless lads out there and will be giving that bit extra for them. We’re all Derby aren't we ! Together Gangway D from the terrace
  7. Missed out in today’s ‘lottery’ - similar story to other. In need of 2 or 3 if anyone hears of spares. I’m sure the club got/kept back an extra thousand or so for the QPR game so fingers crossed it’s the same. Kind Regards Gangway D from the Terrace
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