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  1. Barmy Flags always get good recommendations on England forums. Cheers Gangway D from the terrace
  2. Great post and I completely agree, although a little too young to remember the Brian Clough and MacKay era. Having watched the Rams descend into the old Division 3 it looked like really tough times we're ahead, almost like today, although we've not gone yet. Amazingly Arthur left Newcastle to come to us, at a club whereby we only had about 11 first team players on the books, a mountain of debt but a fiercely loyal fan base. Within a few seasons we we're back and would have been in Europe (should have actually finished third that season but dropped some daft points). The European ban robbed us, then as the money dried up, another of his famous quotes came to fruition - "Football clubs can't stand still" he said, and as we tried we slowly went backwards. Those 4-5 years we're the best for me. I was at the right age to hardly miss a game and some of the away days we're class. Thoroughly enjoyed TBE years as I was one of a few who was really pleased with the appointment after seeing him take Pompey to the FA Cup Semi Final. Knew he'd be no nonsense. Completely agree about a statue of Arthur, and Roy Mac was a pretty good assistance, plus one Gordan Guthrie. Great memories, Gangway D from Terrace
  3. After a shaker start he’s been excellent. Really pleased for him. He will keep Roos out the side on the is form. Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  4. Think you could be right Ossie. 22-23K wouldn’t be a bad effort I guess but 25K+ would send out a great message. Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  5. Be fantastic to fill the ground but realistically what do we think the attendance will be ? Few hundred from Reading tops. Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  6. Absolutely nailed it for me and exactly how I'm feeling. Some of the signings we've made that have completely flopped and cost us absolutely millions doesn't just fall on his shoulders. Easy for me to say but I didn't agree with many of the signings we made, nor managerial choices. Feeling quite down this morning. Cheers Gangway D from the terrace
  7. Heard that the other day and you are spot on ! Only need to sing the chorus and can even throw a D C F C at the end of the last line before starting again. I'm in the 'don't change the lyrics' camp but it would similar to the 1,2,3,4 did on the Sam Whinnal song. Gangway D from the terrace votes yes for Forever in Blue Jeans
  8. Mate of mine want to Marseille and described it identically as you have plus the running battles on the beach with locals, although he had tickets in the England end. His first game I think, but didn't put him off. Was amazed the Russia game was not moved from Marseille. I was certainly at the Lincoln game you mentioned but was in the away end and you could actually see it all kicking off from within the ground as the DLF made their way to Sincil Bank. I understand they'd planned to go in the home end but had been clearly clocked by the Old Bill. Someone mentioned in this thread about being in the Man United home end. Not sure but wonder if it was the game the same day as Hillsborough . In those days you we're kept in to let Home fans disperse. We'd won and we we're giving the seats behind the away terrace grief as they left and about 4 lads we're mouthing to us "We're Derby". They'd not been rumbled, but it didn't help when we all started singing and pointing at them 'Derby, Derby'. To ensure they missed the greeting party when they left they must have told the Coppers as I noticed the same lads in the Police escort laughing about all what had just happened. I recall Rotherham away late 80's when clearly a few Derby went in the home terrace opposite the away end. They clearly made themselves known and the whole terrace opened up to leave them in the middle. It was a mexican stand off and the Police came in. to escort them round to our end,. We watched it from the away end amazed at the brass neck of these lads. Cheers Gangway D from the terrace
  9. Good shout for the Club Anthem thread 🙂 Gangway D from the terrace
  10. Used to do this regular at the BBG. It must have really annoyed the handful of travelling fans who'd actually paid to sit in the away end Ossie middle tier only to be joined by those who we're on the terrace (where you should be !) I also recall for a few weeks running some lads appeared on the Columbo terrace and had clearly nicked an opposing fans scarf which was held up and ceremonially burnt. One visiting, team who'd brought a few hundred and been moved to the middle tier we're livid at this and all tried to move down the seats as if they we're going to try and take them on - it was hilarious. Always used to be a rather overweight gentleman picked out each week amongst the away following who was royally hammered, and whilst they we're the same songs each time the reaction always made me laugh. Happy Days Gangway D from the terrace
  11. Have to say it's been one of the few England away games I've missed but I was overseas and returned the previous day. Didn't see that performance/result coming and having just got back from one country to go out again to Munich (as you corrected me) was a ball ache. Obviously regretted it since, but had a great night in the pub with the lads as the goals rained in. Lads that went described it is exactly as you mentioned. Luton away was an odd one for us. A few us found ourselves in their seats to the right of the away end and we we're quickly spotted by the locals. Not surprising the stand wasn't full and slowly more and more lads moved and sat near us. Thankfully about 7-8 lads that we're sat down from us we're DLF and they made themselves known. Strangely enough Luton then didn't quite fancy it and we finished up being the C Stand for the day. Did Ipswich away in their end once which was a classic I'll save for another time. Great stories Gents, enjoyed every one. Gangway D from the terrace.
  12. Getting tickets in the past was never always straightforward which has meant I’ve been in the wrong end. (Not like that if that’s what your thinking !) I’ve been away with England and finished up in the Home End a few times, sometimes alone but also with others. It’s normally met with odd looks when you belt out the anthem but on the whole been okay. It’s 20 years since the 5-1 in Berlin and I know a few who went in the German end that night. I’ve also done it a few times with Derby (Luton away springs to mind and sat with Cardiff and Wimbledon at Pride Park, plus started the last ever game at the BBG in with the Arsenal fans before being moved to the paddocks after Ashley Wards early goal was celebrated - they we’re not happy) Have you ever been away (or at Home) with Derby in the wrong end and did you get rumbled. Would be great to hear some stories to pass the day. Gangway D from the terrace
  13. Martin ‘Crazy like a Fool’ Kuhl’s debut at home. Absolutely ran the show and Arthur said he was the missing piece in his jigsaw of a very young side he’d put together. Substituted on 85 minutes to a standing ovation. One other was the lad on loan from Wolves, Lee, surname escapes me, who also had a great debut, scored a belter. Didn’t do much after. Gangway D from the terrace
  14. Sure it’s the same game but I was in the C Stand paddocks. Looking across, the Popside, Columbo and Season Ticket pen in the middle all packed to the gunnels. Several mates on that side said John Barnes spent most of the time after we scored grinning and watching the whole end singing. He didn’t hug the line whenever he played at the BBG as he’d of known the stick he’d have no doubt received. I loved the place. It needed upgrading but we should have never moved imo. All the best Gangway D from the terrace
  15. Good shout is ‘Chasing Rainbows’. As you can really bellow it out as with my ‘Hold Me Close’, suggestion although appreciate younger generation won’t know that. Think you only need the chorus as all other clubs just sing the chorus of their anthems. Agree with others in that you don’t change the lyrics. Cheers Gangway D from the terrace
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