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  1. The 5-0 results always leaves me twinged with frustration. I think the 5th goal was scored in about the 65th minute and I reckon we could have got 2 or 3 more that day as we we're outstanding and they we're awful. Can you imagine Derby 8 (Eight) as they would have put on the old vidiprinter Forest 0. I'm sure James Alexander Gordon also used to read a result like this twice. I can but dream Gangway D from the terrace
  2. Thanks for the post. Enjoyable read and memories. Mine picked up mid-80's but I feel much the same as your concluding paragraph, albeit I will still go and still watch and will try to enjoy the ride. Hope you have a re-think and just treat the days as beers with mates with the football as the excuse. All the best Gangway D from the terrace
  3. If the wages are as reported on here then I’d be pretty ruthless. I’d give CKR a further year (Will be surprised he’s on what’s reported). I’d move on from the rest. Waggy at a push but it would mean a wage reduction and he will probably get a longer contract elsewhere. Gangway D from the terrace
  4. I was one of those and it was against Spurs. The pitch invasion was rumoured and the Spurs fans didn't think we'd go on the pitch. Cloughie was a pundit in the studio and even though we we're on the pitch he was complimentary about our support when I watched it back. Ironically Cloughie wacked a few red dogs when they came on their own pitch ! Regards Gangway D from the terrace.
  5. I fall in line with most opinions on here. I like Evans and wouldn’t sell at those figures. The Red Dogs lashed out a rumoured 6 Million on Scott Mckenna and from what I’ve seen Evans is better player. Evsns arrived as a midfielder from Reading but can’t see he will play in that position for us, although he is doing a good job in the defence. For me he did well alongside Clarke in a back four and now Bielik is fit and playing he’d have more quality in front of him if he played there instead of Wisdom. I’d be reluctant to sell as a replacement of equal standing could cost
  6. Cheers Rich - enjoyable watch and pleased to see him doing so well. Never knew about his brush with some Red Dog fans mentioned above. He came across as no bother but they’d be enough to anger any man ! Cheers Gangway D from the terrace
  7. Noticed a certain George Williams has gone on loan from MK Dons to Bristol Rovers. Brought back memories of the Geraint 'George' Williams who Arthur brought in from Bristol Rovers, around 1987, and what an under rated servant he was to the club. Think he cost less than £50,000 and played about 300 games for us. Did the dirty work extremely well and could find a pass. Always recall, a guy on the Popside whenever he made an interception or pinched the ball would shout 'Well moped up George" ! and this was heard many times. I actually didn't like George when he first arrived
  8. Completely agree and would love him to finish up with us. It's the downside of the loan system as he will have developed and added experience to his CV for Brighton to use or sell to a club which can afford him. Out of our league pricewise but wonder what they value him at ? If I was a Championship club going up then he'd be one I'd seriously look at in the summer. He was immense yesterday. Actually thought him an Byrne we're the only ones to come out with any credit from the Rotherham game but it was only a par performance from him. It's a shame we couldn't get to see alo
  9. GangwayD


    Not a good start for him at Huddersfield. 1 down in 5 minutes to a Scott Malone goal ! Playing in a back 3 which I'm not sure will suit him to be honest, especially if sides target the space in behind high full backs and get against him with trickery and pace. Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  10. If genuine then I’d be inclined to take that deal. I really like Duane and he’s coming into his prime but he’s a nearly man for me. Does some great work then ‘nearly’ makes that killer pass, but just doesn’t happen. Cheers Gangway D from the terrace
  11. “In all fairness ...” ”Gangway D from the terrace” Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  12. Blimey, only a brief snap shot of my time watching the Rams - keep going back to Maxwell, 3 Amigos, Phil Brown etc. etc. it goes on and on Only Derby County Football Club .... it's never dull, but we'll all Derby aren't we ? Gangway D from the terrace
  13. Cocu appears to be dead man walking, whatever happens, although not many managers excite me from the names branded. I'm too much in the dark with the potential new owners and if he genuinely has the funds, plus they are very much an unknown on what their intentions are. MM has made some huge mistakes during his tenure and has frittered away millions on very ordinary players, but I do feel somehow the club has/had more security under him, despite our brush with the EFL. I actually prefer a build with hidden gems (Marshall, Byrne etc.) and up and coming talent (Sibley, Buchanan et
  14. Must admit I was impressed with him and feel we missed the boat, although not sure we could have done it financially and obviously lost out to QPR, if we we're ever in for him. Underwhelmed so far with MTW and Wisdom's form is so indifferent but based solely on last night then I'd have prefer Rob Dickie over them. Gangway D from the terrace.
  15. My mate went home and away that season except the Newcastle home game when he loaned me his season ticket as he couldn’t make it that night. He missed our only win !! I was right behind Kenny Millers strike (thought he was rubbish by the way) and it was in all the way. Still in shock over that season. Only Derby ... Regards Gangway D from the terrace
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