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  1. Wish GT all the luck in the world. Met him once and came across as a top fella. I hope, and have a sneaky feeling, he will get back but probably not at the levels we had the pleasure to see. He certainly deserves some luck. It would be great to see him against us so us fans can show him just how much he was appreciated. Regards Gangway D from the Terrace
  2. For various reasons I doubt the club would have / will offer Bennett a particular attractive contract. Personally I wouldn't be that bothered if he left. Commitment and effort has always been shown on the pitch but lacks awareness and ability for me to be in a side striving for promotion - he'd always be the one you'd be looking to upgrade. I'd also be looking to move Lawrence on for his part in the documented 'incident' last year and try to have a fresh changing room so we can finally move on from all that. Regards Gangway D from the Terrace
  3. GangwayD

    Jack Clarke

    Slightly disappointed we've missed out on Clarke. Other than his great performance against us then I've seen only bits of him, but just feel he's exactly the type of player we needed. Guess it could be argued he'd be blocking some of our owns youngsters path into the first time squad. Onward and upward, Regards Gangway D from the Terrace
  4. GangwayD

    Jack Clarke

    According to BBC and the Daily Mirror then it’s down to us an QPR for Jack Clarke Seems to be between him and the Chelsea youngster for our wide birth loan. All the best Gangway D from the terrace
  5. Wonder if this news opens the Door for us to get Dickie ! ”ATKINSON JOINS OXFORD Oxford have announced the signing of central defender Rob Atkinson from Eastleigh for an undisclosed fee. Atkinson has signed a three-and-a-half year deal at the Kassam Stadium.” No smoke without fire. Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  6. With quite a few out of contract next season, maybe Westbrooke is someone we are looking at for next season. Fits the criteria so we can build a young, hungry side. Forward planning for once ? Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  7. Was on the Columbo that night and the atmosphere was sensational. (Only matched when we played Liverpool at home a couple of years later and John Barnes spent most of the game watching us what appeared in amazement and just grinning) Didnt think it was a penalty at the time against Rotherham but thank you Mr Fitzharris from Bolton as it never was a pen looking back ! Pitch invasion at the final whistle but we had to climb into the Ossie end first and the few Rotherham fans left desperately trying to shake our hands. Walked round and on the ‘hallowed ground’ near C Stand. Trainers ditched as celebration commenced near the tunnel. Back to the pub and the Champaign literally flowed - still get the cork. Signing and dancing into the night. It seemed to mean so much more back then and we had a real connection with the players. Also worth a mention the WBA Wembley win. Whilst it’s no FA Cup it’s always a dream to watch your team win at Wembley and lift the cup. Shed a tear that day. Happy Days, Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  8. Agree with Sage but different order of importance. CB - Commanding with Pace and decent on the ball. CM with energy and strength (move Bielik into here instead of Huddlestone) Winger - with graft and strength plus touch of flair. Then look at GK If you look at the above I’m not far off saying Tomori, Mount and Wilson ! Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  9. This is cruel for George. Hope it’s a minor knock but he’s clearly made of glass. Kind Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  10. Mostly agree. Only what Lampard did really with Mount, Wilson and Tomori as his 3 shrewd signings. Unfortunately they we’re loans and head and shoulders above what he/our recruitment also went and invested. Malone, Zoon plus we overpaid in my opinion for Waghorn and possibly Marriott means a further 7-8 million of Mel’s money was unwisely spent when we should have got better. It’s no wonder the emphasis is on youth, but we certainly need some very wise recruitment and in key positions come January. Cheers Gangway D from the terrace
  11. I partly agree with Jourdon but your thinking of the Chris Martin from 3-4 years ago. Still feel should be in and around the first team squad, Hull mostly used him off the bench when he was on loan with them and he had an impact and scored the odd goal. He's clearly still a fans favourite so with the crowd behind him I think he still might have a part to play. Imagine if he scored, or created a goal then his confidence would be flying. I actually think Evans could come into the side for away games - did well away at Huddersfield and alongside Bielik then it should form a great shield in front of a relatively young and inexperienced back four at Championship level (Keogh aside). Plus it brings in Legs and a bit of bite which we are drastically missing - although been impressed with Knight. Jozefzoon has had plenty of opportunities and sadly it doesn't seem to be happening for him so I'd be inclined to use Waggy up top with Lawrence in behind. Interesting how on all threads with regard to team selection we all seem to be close to each other and neither Huddlestone or Dowell feature but have been regulars to date ! Cheers for now Gangway D from the terrace
  12. I would agree although having seen a few games in Germany I don’t think Hoffenheim are that much higher than we are. From the limited knowledge I have of Locadia he’s the type of player we need but not sure we we’re ever in for him, unless the Clarke deal arose from our inquiries. Think we are short up top and lack a player with raw pace, but still some dead wood to clear. Regards Gangway D from the terrace
  13. Joined Hoffenheim on season-long loan. Guess we we’re either never in for him or couldn’t afford it. Would have quite liked him too. Onward and upward. Regard Gamgway D from the terrace
  14. I'm thinking two holding midfielders for a tough away fixture. Obviously the back four seems nailed on to be as above. Roos Bogle Keogh Clarke Malone Bielik Shinnie Dowell Lawrence Waghorn Marriott It won't be the above as this type of formation has not been played pre-season but its what I'd go with if everyone was fit. Think Waggy and Marriott are both more suited to playing with a partner alongside. Hopefully Huddersfiled have still got a hangover from last season. Regards Gangway D from the Terrace
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