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  1. SIWY

    It’s a Given...a song for Shay

    Florian Jozefzoon (Aha!) There is nothing he can’t do Florian Jozefzoon (Aha!)
  2. SIWY

    Our support....

    Wasn’t at the game but it seemed like the fans didn’t get on the players’ backs as much as they have done in the past. Think that in previous seasons there would have been a lot of booing and all sorts of abuse at players. It’s not something I could ever personally do but I suppose a lot left early out of frustration. Didn’t think the support was awful. Think most realise this team needs time.
  3. SIWY

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    While I don’t think we were as bad as the score line suggests, today we’ve just got to hold our hands up and say we were beaten by the better side. I thought that, particularly in the first half, there were some positives going forward from a Derby point of view. It’s nice to see us actually play attacking football after what seems like such a long time of having to watch negative football. Also, I thought the performance of Tomori was very positive, he really does look quality and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him and Davies become our regular centre back partnership over the course of the season. On the other hand, I felt that a massive issue for us today was that we gave the ball away far too easily. This caused us all sorts of problems. Far too many times our midfield just gave the ball away and left our defence exposed. As much as I hate to say it I simply don’t think Ledley or Johnson are good enough sitting in front of the defence on their own. The sooner we get Huddlestone back the better, and in the meantime perhaps we should give Evans a shot? Can’t do any worse than Ledley or Johnson. I also thought Lowe had a pretty poor game, which is a shame as I really like him and want to see him succeed. I can see Malone coming in to the side and displacing him, although I can still see Lowe getting a fair amount of game time over the season. Now time to give Leeds the credit they deserve. They were set up exceptionally well to play against us and controlled the game for large parts, especially in the second half. Not going to go in to too much detail about their performance because I don’t really care about them to be quite frank, but I will say it was very reminiscent of that Wolves performance against us last season (Wouldn’t quite say they were as good as Wolves though). As good as they were on the day there were definite weaknesses in their side and on another day we’d have put a few past them. Don’t think they will go up automatically but their fans can get carried away once again if they want. People have got to remember that not only do we have a new manager who himself is new to management, but also a lot of new players who will need time to settle in. I’ve got every faith that we will be in and around the playoff places by the end of the season, and we’ll see where we go from there.
  4. SIWY

    Darren Bent on Paul Clement

    Bent always looked a better player and scored more goals when playing under McClaren. As frustrating as he could be at times, he did actually look a decent player under McClaren at times and not just a fox in the box. Think it’s poor of Clement to come out criticising Bent as surely it was his job as manager to get the best out of the player? Kind of like what McClaren did...
  5. SIWY

    Mason Mount

    Completely agree. Thought you could see he was a class above by some of the balls he was attempting. The passes didn’t always come off but his vision was something else, I feel that when he’s settled in to the team a bit more he could absolutely tear teams to pieces.
  6. SIWY

    Mason Mount

    Would be a missed opportunity if we don’t make a chant for Mason Mount out of Twist and Shout
  7. SIWY

    Booing Butters’ Every Touch

    If you don’t like Butterfield then fair enough but what does booing him actually achieve. So stupid. Was happy that other people were clapping Butterfield when he touched the ball to drown out the boos. In the end he might go to another club, but while he’s at Derby I’ll show him my support.
  8. SIWY

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    Think Mount would be a good signing. Not seen him play but he looks a real prospect based on the stats he has for his age.
  9. SIWY

    World Cup 2018 thread

    I think that the lack of big game experience from players within the England squad probably showed last night compared to Croatia. First half we were absolutely excellent and could have been 2-0 up quite easily, however our chances weren't taken and we were ultimately punished by a Croatian side containing players with plenty of big game experience. The likes of Mandzukic, Rakitic and Modric all have experience of playing in these big matches on the world stage and, at least in my opinion, proved to be the difference between the two sides last night. I think those three players have a combined 7 Champions League final appearances between them (Haven't checked, could be wrong), whereas in the England starting XI last night we only had Henderson who had appeared in a Champions League final (for the losing side too). It was this sort of experience that carried Croatia through when both teams were actually pretty even overall. Got to say this defeat will definitely make us stronger, though. This young squad will only develop and I think the future of our national team is incredibly bright. We had the 3rd youngest squad at this tournament behind France and Nigeria, and in addition to that we are both the reigning U17 and U20 World Champions. We finally have excellent quality youth players coming through, and following this World Cup performance I can see more of the top teams willing to give the English players a chance than ever before. Finally just wanted to say how proud I am of this group of players. It really feels as though for the first time in my life I can actually say I've enjoyed watching the England national team play and I actually feel an affiliation with the England squad - something I could never imagine happening even as little as 4 weeks ago. Although last night's defeat definitely hurt, I can honestly say I have never been so full of pride and optimism for the English side.

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