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  1. According to Transfermarkt (Only done transfers over £1m) Ins: Thorne - 2 Johnson - 7 Ince - 6 Butterfield - 5 Shackell - 4 Weimann - 3.5 Blackman - 3 Camara - 1.5 Vydra - 8.5 Anya - 4 Nugent - 2.5 Lawrence - 5 Wisdom - 2 Huddlestone - 2 Jerome - 1.5 Waghorn - 5 Marriott - 3 Jozefzoon - 3 Outs: Vydra - 11 Weimann - 2 Ince - 8 Hughes - 8 Christie - 2.5 Hendrick - 10.5 Martin - 1.5 (loan fee) Grant - 1.5 So looks like we've pretty much spent about £70m over 5 seasons on transfers and brought back £45m. Based on that I'd say £25m is about spot on.
  2. Really hard to say how far he'll go because of other young players like Trent and Wan-Bissaka who are ahead of him, but I wouldn't be shocked if he got a few caps under his belt by the time he ultimately retires even if he doesn't nail down the right back position for England.
  3. Born in the USA, Duane was born in the USA Born in the USA, Duane was born in the USA (to the tune of Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen incase anyone was wondering)
  4. How can anyone really defend what Bielsa has done? He claims he has all this data (which I’m sure all top clubs at this level probably have anyway), yet feels the need to send spies to every team in the league before he plays them. If he thought it was pointless then he wouldn’t do it. But clearly it’s not pointless to Bielsa. By doing this he can pick up information on the team selection and tactics of the opposition for the next game that he couldn’t find out through any sort of data analysis. It has given Leeds an unfair advantage against 23 other clubs. He deserves to be punished.
  5. SIWY

    Kelle Roos

    Thought Roos was great last night. Shaky at times early on but really grew in confidence as the game went on. Deserves a chance in the league now given his performance and Carson’s questionable form.
  6. Can’t understand the argument that he was on a public highway so that makes it okay. If you were to get caught peeping I’m not sure the argument that you’re on public property holds up. Derby clearly didn’t want or given permission for any Leeds staff member to watch our training session. Don’t know how your exactly meant to fully close off a training ground which is outdoors, so it’s just a matter of trust between clubs not to do things like this. Leeds have breached this trust and acted imorally whichever way you look at it.
  7. While I think that Leeds were miles better than us on the night and would have been regardless of this whole “spygate” saga, I do think that Leeds should be handed some sort of punishment for this. Regardless of whether it’s been “happening for years” or not, it’s morally wrong at the end of the day. The punishment they are handed should be severe enough to act as a deterrent to any other clubs who think of doing the same in the future. If the EFL fail to punish Leeds then it just sends out a message that it’s okay for clubs to send officials to spy on the opposition.
  8. I think you’ve raised some really good points there, particularly about the squad being nervous before the Leeds game. I personally expected the whole team to be fired up and ready to go from the off on Friday and that just simply didn’t happen. I really do think Frank let the whole “spygate” thing get to the team to be honest, and it’s something he will learn from I’m sure.
  9. Not saying Mason Bennett is the answer for us by any means, but I think that he exemplifies what Lampard wants to see in a player. When Bennett plays he always shows the fight and determination that Frank so often talks about. Bennett is no world beater by any means, he’s an alright Championship player, but Lampard always gets so much out of him up to the point where I’d say we are a better side with Bennett in the team. We haven’t really been the same since his injury (which was against Villa at 0-0, a game we went on to lose 3-0). Long story short, I think that given the time to get his own players in that fit his mould Lampard will do a great job. Gonna take time
  10. Despite our inconsistency this season, I’ve seen more than enough in games to be very positive about the future of this club under Frank. It’s easy to draw comparisons between Derby at this point last season and Derby now, but let’s not forget how poor the football was last season and the fact that we won a lot of games by simply hanging in there and relying on Vydra to win us the game. It wasn’t sustainable to say the least, and it showed with our form after January. This season we have shown are more than able to compete with the best sides in the division (apart from Leeds) while playing an attractive brand of football, but then looked pretty awful in other games. I think a lot of it comes down to intensity. We are probably still trying to play the same way in the games we have played poorly, but the intensity has lacked. If you look at games like Man Utd, Chelsea, Southampton, Brentford and Norwich, it actually took for us to go behind to start playing well in many of these matches. But once we went behind, got that kick up the backside and upped the intensity of our game, we’ve proved we can compete with the very best. I think once Frank has a squad full of his own players we will see a true reflection of what he’s trying to achieve. Let’s not forget, Norwich picked up 60 points last season with 15 wins, 15 draws and 16 defeats under Farke. They then sold their best player and lost a moved on a lot of high earners in place of many unheard of youngsters and are now one of the best sides in the division. I think we could see a similar thing happen here once Lampard gets the chance to sort the team out.
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