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  1. I don’t know what it is that makes me love you so, I only know I never want to let you go, Cuz Mel found us someone, oh can’t you see, I’ve felt this way since Lampard went back to Chelsea, It’s crazy but it’s trueeeee, The Rams are managed by Cocu
  2. I understand this but considering he was on holiday then surely it’s not really effected our pre-season. Let’s just hope we get things sorted on our ends as soon as possible now. Also got to remember that Sarri leaving for Juventus was dragged out for a long time which probably had some effect.
  3. Can’t see how people can say Frank himself has really handled this poorly. If he’s on holiday he’s on holiday, surely people can respect that. He obviously can’t come out with a statement saying he’s staying if he’s off! For what it’s worth I wish him all the best and think he will do a good job at Chelsea. Probably what they need most right now with their transfer embargo is someone who can unite the club and Frank is definitely capable of that. If he had a great connection with the Derby fans in under a year, imagine what it would be like at a club where he spent the best part of 15 years. Very sad to see him go as I thought that I’d seen enough at the end of the season to suggest Frank would take us up automatically this season but can’t begrudge him for turning down this particular job. Think now we should be looking at Cowley or Stendel.
  4. I’d say Potter did a good job at Swansea in terms of bringing back an attractive style of football which is probably what he was tasked with when appointed. Thought in the second half of both games vs Derby they looked a very good side and I’m sure with an extra season Potter would have had Swansea fighting for promotion. I’d imagine his task at Brighton will be very similar in terms of implementing an attractive style of football. I rate him fairly highly and I’m pretty confident he will do a decent job there. Good appointment in my opinion.
  5. According to Transfermarkt (Only done transfers over £1m) Ins: Thorne - 2 Johnson - 7 Ince - 6 Butterfield - 5 Shackell - 4 Weimann - 3.5 Blackman - 3 Camara - 1.5 Vydra - 8.5 Anya - 4 Nugent - 2.5 Lawrence - 5 Wisdom - 2 Huddlestone - 2 Jerome - 1.5 Waghorn - 5 Marriott - 3 Jozefzoon - 3 Outs: Vydra - 11 Weimann - 2 Ince - 8 Hughes - 8 Christie - 2.5 Hendrick - 10.5 Martin - 1.5 (loan fee) Grant - 1.5 So looks like we've pretty much spent about £70m over 5 seasons on transfers and brought back £45m. Based on that I'd say £25m is about spot on.
  6. Really hard to say how far he'll go because of other young players like Trent and Wan-Bissaka who are ahead of him, but I wouldn't be shocked if he got a few caps under his belt by the time he ultimately retires even if he doesn't nail down the right back position for England.
  7. Born in the USA, Duane was born in the USA Born in the USA, Duane was born in the USA (to the tune of Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen incase anyone was wondering)
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