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  1. I doubt Mel has decided to fork out so much to pay Rooney’s wages just to see him sit on the bench (even if 32Red are reportedly paying most of it). Just due to the fact that he is Wayne Rooney I’m sure he will be a starter for us, regardless of whether he actually fits in with Cocu’s vision of the team. I don’t feel like he’s come to the championship to be a bit part player.
  2. Don’t think we were as poor as some are suggesting but many players today had off games. Maybe the game would’ve been different if we didn’t get a gift of a goal from Luton but I thought we looked so slow and happy to dither around with the ball at the back. That said, at times we created some good space for ourselves by knocking the ball around from the back and got forward quite well. I thought Shinnie today was excellent and have to question why he’s not been involved more often this season. One of the few players today who tried to always play positively, and wasn’t afraid to put his foot in either. Hope to see the lad involved more. Also thought Lawrence looked decent. Couldn’t fault his effort today, which is a step in the right direction for him. Nice to see him get a goal, too. I keep on saying it, but I firmly believe that with a few extra additions and when things click we’re gonna be a real decent team. In Cocu we trust. Up the Rams!
  3. Can’t see us getting 15 points but I’d be very happy with anything over 9. Away games are always tough in this league and I’d rarely go in to any expecting us to win, so I always feel a victory on the road is a bonus rather than a given. I think realistically we might take 8 points. I fully expect us to win both home games, then I’d predict 2 draws and a loss from the 3 away games. We’ll have to see how it goes, but after 1 win from our last 8 I’m not going to get ahead of myself too soon.
  4. I’d be shocked if either of them play tonight. I think the best thing that can happen is for both players to release apologies after their court cases, and then we can move forward from this
  5. I think that having them involved in training is probably the right decision, but not sure if they should be in contention to face Barnsley with their court cases coming up.
  6. Saw Mel outside the Griffin down at Brentford where he said he thought Cocu has had a great impact at the club. Now obviously our owner is hardly going to bury his manager to some random fan after 5/6 games, but given this was directly after the Forest disaster I took this to mean that Mel thinks Cocu is doing very well in the day to day stuff that most of us don’t see. We only have 2 wins so far this season, but out of the 5 draws we’ve had how many of those games would you argue we edged it or could have won? The only game I’d say we’ve really had to dig in deep for a point was Leeds away, and other than that we’ve created some quality chances in all the other games where we could have actually won. I think in spells of games we’ve actually looked very good, but there’s been little consistency so far. Now we finally have a decent run of fixtures, we can start to build some confidence and gain momentum and I’m hoping this will lead to us becoming a bit more consistent. All in all, I’d say Cocu is doing a good job given the circumstances he’s under.
  7. In my opinion we’ve played much better this season in some of the games we’ve drawn, but maybe that was partly down to the fact we took the lead so early in the game and had to contend with Birmingham pushing for an equaliser for the whole of the first half. Once Birmingham had the momentum I really feared the worst, but we rode our luck a bit with saving the penalty (which felt like justice served, but I’ve not seen the incident back again), and did excellently to not only retake the lead but keep hold of it pretty comfortably. Said it all along this season but given more and more time I feel Cocu will prove just how good he is. Although he appeared quite reserved at first, I think we see more and more passion from Cocu as the weeks go on which can only be a good sign. Not saying it’s a requirement of a manager to show passion, but it sure as hell helps convince people about your commitment to the job. Football’s a results based business at the end of the day, and this is a start. I always find good results are a bit of a habit, and if we get two more against Barnsley and Luton who knows what can happen? Genuinely feel like we could be around the top 6 by about November, especially given that nobody in the league stands out this season as being amazingly consistent. Just shows what a crazy league this is because as recently as 2 days ago some people would have had you believe we were in a relegation scrap!
  8. If Bogle is fit be comes straight back in for me. Malone dropped as Lowe has been outstanding. Setting up away from home, I’d like to see Clarke come in for Jozefzoon, Bielik moves in to midfield with Huddlestone, and Holmes out wide. ——————- Roos —————— Bogle — Davies — Clarke — Lowe ———- Hudds — Bielik ———- Holmes —- Paterson —- Waghorn ——————- Martin ——————- As for result, I’d like to think we can win but realistically I think a draw would be a good result. Stendel has an outstanding home record at Barnsley and is due a home win. I saw they played very well at home to Leeds the other week and beat Fulham first game of the season. We’ll have to see how they perform against Brentford today, but I think this could be a tough fixture. Wish I was going but unfortunately will have to support the lads via the Sky Sports app.
  9. With everything that has happened at this club in the past week, how great is it to see a player fight his way back in to the first team out of obscurity through sheer hard work and determination? A player we had all seemingly wrote off at the start of the season, who simply wants to give his all for this club. Chris Martin has done himself and this club proud. Amazing!
  10. Judging by what I’ve been reading the last couple of days I’m guessing nobody on here has ever had the feeling of waking up the morning after a night out without a clue what happened the night before only to be told about all the absolutely ridiculous things they have done. Not excusing anyone’s actions but the results of too much alcohol can often have very dire consequences. I’m sure everyone involved would never dream of putting another person’s life at risk when sober. I’m hoping the lads get the help they need from the club, learn their lessons and grow as individuals from this situation. It’s just very, very sad that this has had to happen.
  11. Somehow I feel that this injury will end Keogh’s career. Very odd that the club would instantly know Keogh is out for the season without it being very serious. He will take a lot of blame for this, and rightly so, but at the end of the day I think we have all made stupid mistakes... And I’d be astonished if nobody on here has ever done anything out of character after a few too many drinks! Hope I’m speaking prematurely but if this does turn out to be the end for Keogh I will always remember him as the great professional he was for us during 99.9% of his time at Derby.
  12. In my 15/16 seasons following the club there have been far more lows than highs but I can honestly say that this is the only time I have genuinely embarrassed by the club. The only good thing that could possibly come from this is if all the players with this partying mentality either change their ways and get their heads screwed on or are gradually moved on from the club. Lessons need to be learned, and given what I’ve seen from Cocu’s character I’ve got every faith in him to sort things out. No one can deny that a fairly big job has just become bigger, so it’s crucial that every single fan backs the manager this season! I guess seeing as this is the lowest of lows things can only go up from here... (how many times have I said that in the past)
  13. Bit irrelevant but does anyone know if Mel still has insurance on the players and whether we could get a payout for Keogh’s injury if so? To be honest I’m quite doubtful seeing as he got injured in a drink driving incident but who knows...
  14. Wonder if the same people calling for Lawrence and Bennett to be sacked will be welcoming Wayne Rooney to the club with open arms in January...
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