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  1. Haha
    SIWY reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Abu Derby County   
    There are a few articles online from the Newcastle takeover times that discuss this. Trust me, the Athletic are just rehashing documents online that are there for all to read.
    There was a family feud many years ago, someone got killed, then someone was murdered in retaliation, just your typical family argument, we've all had it. Shiekh Khaleds family were banished from Abu Dhabi and were forced to live in Dubai, using HH infront of his name shouldn't be allowed, he clearly does it to give him more gravitas, but he should be using his excellency.
    So anyone expecting Liam Delap from Man City on loan, they probably wont answer the phone to us.
  2. Haha
    SIWY reacted to Norman in Kamil Jóźwiak - Signed 4 year deal   
    I'm Barry Walsh, and I write unsubstantiated poo on Twitter.
    Just write one thing wrong and bang! It's gone. 
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    SIWY reacted to Carl Sagan in 20/21 Championship Table Predictons   
    1. Derby
    2. Norwich
    3. Boro
    4. Stoke
    5. Swansea
    6. Watford
    7. Gumps
    8. Millwall
    9. Brentford
    10. Cardiff
    11. Bristol City
    12. Reading
    13. Coventry
    14. Sheff Wednesday
    15. Bournemouth
    16. Preston
    17. Luton
    18. Blackburn
    19. Wycombe
    20. QPR
    21. Barnsley
    22. Birmingham
    23. Huddersfield
    24. Rotherham
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    SIWY reacted to Rev in 20/21 Championship Table Predictons   
    FourFourTwo has us down for fourth in their prediction.
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    SIWY reacted to Ramslad1992 in 20/21 Championship Table Predictons   
    1. Derby
    22. Boro
    23. Barnsley 
    24. Forest 
    who cares about the rest? 
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    SIWY reacted to Alpha in What's Changed?   
    Completely agree. 
    Social media has giving people real delusions of where they stand. 
    Nobody is happy being average Joe who nobody gives a toss about. Everybody thinks they have an audience. 
    Having a good night out? No? But you're going to make it look like you are on facebook. Not happy with that waiter service but too scared to say owt? Well your twitter account is going to throw a diva strop. 
    But through it I think people feel empowered. I think people have long since started to become their online projection of themselves. They think their opinion matters. 
    We live in a world now where everyone matters. Everyone has their own little stage. And if I fart on twitter then it gets 200 likes or whatever. 
    Thankfully there are people out there still that are happy being nobody. Doing the normal day to day stuff like being civilised and not keeping up appearances. That are comfortable that nobody cares what they think about climate change. That don't really care whether celeb A dates celeb B or if the latest comment from a movie star might offend somebody somewhere. A lot of people are content with their own little unimportant lives they share with their family and friends.
    But some people have got so used to being an internet Bamford that they are now a full time Bamford. Too many people actually. Need telling to shut up because nobody gives a toss what they think. And that goes for many celebrities too who also think that the world is watching them like a performing monkey. 
    One more thing while I'm moaning. When people say that they say what they think and they aren't bothered what anyone thinks. That bothers me. I am bothered what people think of me. Not everyone. Not knobhead69 on twitter. But I want to be a decent bloke. And that is validated by those you meet. So it's not in the same way that I need 100,000 friends on facebook. But I do care.
    Ironically I often find that people who say they don't care what people think try to be outspoken and rude because they care even more so how they appear. 
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    SIWY reacted to Big Trav in Tom Lawrence appreciation thread   
    Our tom get a lot of stick. Like a lot. I would say hes our scapegoat that many fans use against him. He receives a lot of abuse rightly or wrongly. I just wanted to give my  two sense on this situation. The problem with Tom is he needs to play as a 10 behind 2 strikers. Out wide he has to cut in as his crossing isn’t the greatest. Also the lads a massive confidence player. Massively. Do you think 20,000 shouting abuse at him will help his confidence?? He always tries hard and presses well however he can be lazy tracking back. The lads been involved with a lot outside the world of football. He’s lost his bloody mother not long ago. And this has led to him drinking a load which ended up with joinersgate. He looks broken inside. I’m just begging you to please not scapegoat Tom. He isn’t a bad football he’s not the worst player you’ve ever seen just get behind the lad show him extra appreciation we need to make sure he knows we’ve got his back not get angry and shout abuse at him. 
    I do think Tom needs a break from football to really sort himself out. You can tell he’s heartbroken just by the way he never plays with a smile anymore. 
    Im begging each and every single person that reads this post to just think before you shout abuse at any Derby player but tom in particular. He needs picking up from the ground not being kicked while on the ground. 
  8. Haha
    SIWY reacted to Boycie in For the Ramage haters   
    Steady on lad
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    SIWY reacted to ramit in Not a nice man   
    So, you and your son had a nice time after all, getting so many autographs from first team players.
    Still dissatisfied though.
    Can you in your wildest imaginings contemplate what it's like being Rooney?
    Hounded by media and fans since he was 16 and now finally in the autumn years of his playing career taking his first steps into coaching and yet still his time after a game doesn't belong to him, no but to the ever needy fans, who when they don't get the star attention they so crave slag the guy off as not a nice man.
  10. Haha
    SIWY reacted to Derby Lad in Not a nice man   
    Nobody can take anything away from Wayne Rooneys outstanding footballing capabilities. Everybody knows that (had a very good game tonight). However this thread isn’t about how he is on the pitch, more so how he treats the fans.
    There was a huge amount of fans (about 80 with me and my son included) waiting for him to finish his many long interviews after the game. We all waited for about half an hour after the game and as soon as he finished he headed straight into the tunnel despite people loudly calling for him.
    Me and my son then got photos with all the other players who were so friendly and just generally top blokes. We met almost every one of the first team players and none of them got in their car until everybody who wanted an autograph or photo got one.
    We also noticed that Rooney has his car parked right outside the stadium with metal railings all around it so that he could just leave the stadium and instantly get in the car without meeting any fans. Me and my son noticed another 20 or so people waiting around these railings just waiting for Rooney (who would undoubtedly ignore them again) while we met the rest of the players.
    Clear lack of regard to the fans which highly contrasts with the other players 
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    SIWY reacted to Bubbles in The Gary Rowett Reception Tomorrow   
    Now I know that everyone hates snakey.
    But tomorrow is about more than that.
    There’s going to be a big thing in memory of Jim Smith tomorrow, and we all know that Rowett was a big part of that squad.
    I’m sure Gary will be feeling upset about Jim, just like us lot. and I know its a huge thing to ask but I hope that everyone lays off the hate and the abuse towards him tomorrow.
    Some things are bigger than hatred, and lets give Jim Smith the thank you he deserves.
    All together as one, lets sing Jim’s name loud and proud and lets try lay off the hostility tomorrow (towards Gary not Millwall)
    Come on you rams
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    SIWY reacted to Nuwtfly in win rates   
    I understand and appreciate all the criticisms. They're not misplaced.
    But what manager could do better with the players available to him at the moment? Someone, please, name one. I'm all ears.
    These squad is very, very poor and BIG questions need to be asked of the people behind our recruitment.
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    SIWY reacted to angieram in "Steve Bloomers Watching"   
    I think you've highlighted the problem. The song as such is irrelevant- it's the fact that it's not sung with any passion by enough people that is the problem. 
    Need to change the behaviour of the fans (good luck with that!)
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    SIWY reacted to Roymac in "Steve Bloomers Watching"   
    Dambusters. Just like at the good old BBG. 
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    SIWY reacted to IslandExile in "Steve Bloomers Watching"   
    Dambusters 🐏
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    SIWY reacted to enachops in Morgan Whittaker   
    But Lawrence was absolutely superb on Saturday?? Seems odd to drop him based on a poor away game. He’s been our best player this last month going forward. 
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    SIWY reacted to David in Cocu “don’t expect we are going to sign 3 or 4 players”   
    I know this will disappoint some but I’m actually happy to hear it. You can waste so much money desperately chasing in January, really not the month to start bringing in large numbers of players.
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    SIWY reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in International Rams 19/20   
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    SIWY reacted to LeedsRam1999 in Cocu   
    Cocu is playing the right way but the players just aren’t good enough to do so. Give him the time he needs to transform the squad, gets his players in and bring through the youth playing the style he wants. 
    We all knew this wasn’t a one season job that’s why he was offered a 4 year contract. 
    If Cocu gets this right then he is setting the club up well for the next 10-15 years.
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    SIWY reacted to David in Rooney at Derby   
    Can. Not. Wait.
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    SIWY reacted to therealhantsram in Rooney at Derby   
    We've had the transfer thread and the DC Utd thread... Now time for the fun to really start as we ramp up to his first game in January. 
    My assumption up until now was that he would most likely be deployed as a no. 10... Like the role Lawrence played yesterday. 
    But after yesterday's performance I wonder if his best position  in a diamond might be the role Holmes had yesterday. Playing a bit deeper. Transitioning quickly from defence to attack. Being able to hit Marriott, Bogle and Martin with long passes forward. And arriving late on the edge of the area fro the odd shot at goal. 
    Getting genuinely excited at the thought of it. 
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    SIWY reacted to Srg in Mr Cocu   
    I’ve said this before, but he’s not always impressed with his inability to adapt his style to the players we have, particularly the playing out from the back with the centre backs we possess. However, I do agree with his philosophy, and when he speaks I tend to agree with what he’s saying and how he says it. He deserves to get his own signings in and see what he can do. Be nice just to have a second season with the same manager for once. 
  23. Haha
    SIWY reacted to Sith Happens in Thank you Richard   
    Ok, i get all of that but surely when campy turns up at pride park with a man bun you must be tempted to edge towards villain? 
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    SIWY reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Keogh Sacked   
    Hate it when the wives get involved - it never ends well. My view of Chris Baird was changed significantly when his wife started having a go at fans on Twitter for saying that he'd been 'released'. Her argument was that he can't have been released if he left at the end of his contract, forgetting that that's what the word actually means in football.
  25. Haha
    SIWY reacted to SaintRam in Keogh Sacked   
    Absurd thing to say.
    Everyone knows a professional scapegoat is someone who gets paid to take blame. 

    Keogh is just a scapegoat.
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