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  1. Ramleicester

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    The yeast that could be expected is a bit of cobponsation..... bunch of flour's?
  2. Ramleicester

    Zaid Al Hussaini

    Hi all met this guy last week. Winger. Originally from London signed for the year chose Derby over a few clubs including Leeds. One for the future very fast or so he told me lol. Really nice guy. Hoping to get a start for the U23 soon
  3. Ramleicester

    Our support....

    I did pop to the toilet during the last 5 mins sitting at home in London. Seemed the right thing at the time lol.
  4. Ramleicester

    FFP scales?

    That is the point I was making that is all. I am a bit bitter as a very good friend of mine has lost his job amongst all of this. He is not a high flying footballer who can sit at home on umpteen thousand a week he is a guy who after working his nuts off has had to go and is now looking for a job. The 'accountants' on here only have access to the public issued accounts which are only about 40% of the picture. It is very complicated and in any situation like that it is totally natural to talk to the authorities that control the sanctions. That clarifies interpretations and enables any business to plan forward. QPR did not do that and therefore ended up with the book thrown at them. The point I was making is that DCFC have done that very well over the last few months so Mel and co can sit at the forum last night and rightly say that they are within the rules with great confidence. Just a shame that good people had ro lose jobs and some of the people previously responsible sit in new positions with fat salaries or payoffs. I am exiting this forum now. Did you see the very abusive post that has now been moderated. Pathetic.
  5. Ramleicester

    FFP scales?

    Debate for sure but people being abusive no. Got the wife for that lol.
  6. Ramleicester

    FFP scales?

    Ps... if you take a minute to read what I said... I said the club have done miracles behind the scenes to make sure we are within ffp by good deals and good discussions with the League. That amazing work by some people who have now lost their jobs because of cutbacks goes unsung.
  7. Ramleicester

    FFP scales?

    I have no expectations to be believed as people on here only trust in their own opinions and seem to lack the capacity to listen and consider others. So I will shut up with lesson learned lol.
  8. Ramleicester

    FFP scales?

    Yawn..... you really think that everything you are told is gospel lol. I know the accounts inside out and back to front. Quite pointless this you clearly do not have the capacity to understand what I said so sit in your perfect little bubble it is fine.
  9. Ramleicester

    FFP scales?

    Thing is someone like me comes on here to share genuine info having actually been close to this issue and all you get is this back. I shared a positive view and just get abuse. You are a load of delluded blind dreamers who can only critisise and moan. You dont deserve the amazing people who work for the club you claim to support.
  10. Ramleicester

    FFP scales?

    The club have done an amazing job we should be very proud. FL and the senior team have refreshed the squad and played by the rules. Truly impressive and it is down to some unsung stars in the background who really make it happen. As for deals to be done dont worry it really does not work that way.
  11. Ramleicester

    FFP scales?

    Because I do not work in the public domian if you get what I mean lol.
  12. Ramleicester

    FFP scales?

    Do you really think everything is public domain? It is a private limited company and all dealings with regulatory bodies do not make it in the press. Several clubs had informal discussions with the EFL to plan to avoid ffp issues. Derby were one of them and have done outstandingly well to keep to the informal agreement.
  13. Ramleicester

    FFP scales?

    The club are very close to meeting the agreement they have with the league regarding ffp. Expect one more net departure bringing in £2m ish then the job is done. Then a massive loan push out for the dead meat wages. The club have done an amazing job behind all the hype Steve Pearce is a genius. The balancing act to get Vydra out and Waghorn in was stunning. Just a shame a few really good people who have worked so hard for the club in a commercial sense have lost their jobs due to the non playing cutbacks.
  14. Ramleicester

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    He cant spell...
  15. Ramleicester

    Demetri Mitchell

    Derby County .... big club.... buying from the Man Utd car boot sale. Not the stuff of progression.

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