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  1. Ramleicester

    £10m FFP Bill

    This is all so pointless.. NO PERSON has sufficient insight, knowledge or understanding of this private company to give any accurate or meaningful views on the finances of this business. Accounts only give a tiny view of what the strategy, objectives or plans that a business or the owner has. Bottom line is that the owner says things will not be as before. May be the best thing that has happened that is the joy of the beautiful game. Next season will mainly depend on luck and a possible magic mix of players. Arguing over stuff nobody really knows enough about just gets people stressed and pi###d off. Try talking football lol.
  2. Ramleicester

    Curtis Davies

    Truth is (and what we all need to understand) is that with the FFP issue there is little option other than the team being weaker next year. Best assets will be sold and cheaper replacements bought in. Now all we can hope is that we land on a magic mix inspired by a new management team and find success against the odds. Been done before and will happen again.
  3. Ramleicester

    Fantasy Derby Predictions

    Just for a laugh... What will be our league position at Christmas? What will be the final league position? Who will be captain at the end of the season? Who will be the manager at the end of the season? Who will be top goal scorer? First player to get sent off?
  4. Ramleicester

    Lampard too expensive?

    A team worth about £600 million quid lol
  5. Ramleicester

    £10m FFP Bill

    Cumulative impact of paying managers off, monthly losses, new reserves required due to the Sam Rush issue and a Chairman who has run out of patience and the will to find ways to legitimately input capital. Add in transfer fees due and spiralling overheads then the result is a club that has run out of financial steam. 6 months of austerity followed my new owners it will be a painful season but one that is needed. Change, survive and go again.
  6. Ramleicester

    If it’s Frank

    Well they have tried managers who supposed to have known what they were doing so I guess this is the next logical alternative.
  7. Ramleicester

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Odd comments on this thread GR has only been here a year hardly long enough to mould a team. The reason he went is the total disfunction of the club and the fact that he would have to cope with no money next season to change things. It is ok talking about the derby style of playing and a romantic notion of us passing and playing like Brazil but the bottom line is Mel gave it a go put his cash in but it did not work out. Now the money pit is dry so faced with that why would you not jump ship. Anyone posting on this forum would jump at the chance of more money personally and better prospects to further their career. GR read the writing on the wall and wants control of his own destiny. Sadly long suffering fans do not have such luxury.
  8. Ramleicester

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Blimey is that Keoghs dad far right?
  9. Ramleicester

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Not sure many will agree but this is a game that needs some caution. History shows that play off matches need the home side in the first leg to 'stay in it' and be in a position to create pressure on the home side in the second leg. An odd goal win or draw would be a very good result and Mr Rowett may well show caution in tactics and selection especially as he will not want his team to be short of fitness or 'legs' for the last quarter of the tie as a whole. The last half hour of the second leg is often the most crutial in playoffs so patience needed by fans.
  10. Ramleicester

    Derby County F.C. v Barnsley F.C.

    Sensible side. Hot day... not the youngest fitest squad. This has been set up to win the game over the last 20 mins of the 90. Smart.
  11. Ramleicester

    Would you sack Rowett if we lose on Sunday?

    Seen the interview... you make your own mind up lol
  12. Ramleicester

    Where is George Thorne?

    Yes every week with odd exceptiob! And Dcfc too. Too slow in brain and body for prem. You been watching championship too long.
  13. Ramleicester

    Would you sack Rowett if we lose on Sunday?

    Non issue. Club can not afford to sack him. Read the Mel interview the wallet is closing fast if there is no promotion. Club will be sold at that point.
  14. Ramleicester

    Where is George Thorne?

    Sorry but he is not even close to being a Premier league player. Never was never will be. Too many injury issues have left him miles short.
  15. Ramleicester

    Burton Albion v Derby County

    Truth is that there is not a single player who would get into a premier league squad let alone starting 11. I am not sure there is a player who would get into the current top six starting 11 in the championship. Poor recruitment and sold players who would have been good enough. No more complicated than that.

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