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  1. I only used the exact same language and "evidence" you yourself used. If you don't like it, best stay away from mirrors.
  2. I have exactly the same evidence that you've managed to present regarding Trump and neo Nazis. Omar on the other hand is clearly hugely popular with Antifa in the US. I'm sure you have little doubt that they vote Omar. She does very little to discourage them. She hasn't denounced them. I see this as a tolerance for a far left terror organisation, but I suspect her motivation is to get votes. There is little doubt that the violent communist vote is a strong part of her demographic and she doesn't want to rock the boat. For me this is toleration.
  3. Absolutely hilarious that you'd chastise someone else for believing sensationalist lies in the media whilst typing the bold text in the very same sentence. Where's the evidence that Trump tolerates neo Nazis? And it had better be 100% unequivocal support, not just a refusal to condemn. And it had better not be from a news source left of centre.
  4. Criticism of Roos' command of his area is fine, but I don't see what he can do about this goal. His reaction time is nothing on the initial shot. I agree he should try to hold on to the rebound, but I think he opted to push it away because it's over the line already and holding onto it would make that obvious to the officials.
  5. He must be cursing all those years he wasted with the Amish bowl cut. You don't appreciate what you have until it's taken from you.
  6. It's true that she's not well thought of in the Democratic Party, I'm not sure I buy the whole "4d chess" about Trump signal boosting her. He gets baited by her because he's an egotist with little self restraint. Yes, it's currently working in his favour, but I think it's more luck than strategy.
  7. I really like that retro Coventry kit. I always liked the Hummel pinstripe kits from that era.
  8. All those things are true. I don't think anyone should ignore the "reality of the situation" for fear of sounding like a "horrible populist". Mexicans don't have a need to escape to the US, they have a desire to. The country is not a warzone. I agree that certain US policies do exacerbate problems in Mexico, but the US is by no means the root cause of Mexico's problems.
  9. Anti illegal immigration. America will continue to allow immigration. People that cross the border illegally are criminals. People that enable them are criminals. People that encourage them are idiots who facilitate the exploitation of desperate people by gangs and traffickers.
  10. "Just the type of character we need to straighten out the bottlers in our squad." 0 sympathy for Fleetwood too. They had all the evidence in the world that the guy is a vicious little thug and they chose to ignore it. Hopefully this properly ducks up their preparations for the season.
  11. Imagine being a Sheff Utd fan excited about all the potential big name signings you might bring in now you have Premier League money, and then you read that you've signed Ravel Morrison. Aside from a decent half season in Mexico, the guy has been average or worse everywhere he's been in the last 5 years. I am astonished he's been given a contract at a Premier League team.
  12. Anon

    Apollo 11

    Jumpers for heat shielding, isn't it? Wait, that was the soviet space program.
  13. It's a different form of the game. Test cricket is the absolute pinnacle of the sport because of the mental and physical endurance required to compete over 5 days. There's no official test world cup, although the ICC have recently agreed to implement one, so playing the Aussies has kind of served as the de facto test world cup since they are always the or one of the best test cricket teams in the world.
  14. Anon

    Steve Bruce

    Thanks. I listened to this last night and laughed a lot.
  15. Anon

    Steve Bruce

    But how would anyone other than Steve Bruce know how to slide tackle a terrorist in the jaw?
  16. Anon

    Steve Bruce

    I've just found out that Steve Bruce has written several murder mystery books starring an extremely thinly veiled surrogate of himself. They sound absolutely incredible. https://thesetpieces.com/features/sweeper-steve-bruce-review/ "Except the thing I know best! A sliding tackle! I may have been handcuffed, but my legs were free. He went down. I kicked out. I caught him on the jaw. He went out like a light. For a tough terrorist, he'd been very careless."
  17. If I were a Wednesday fan I'd be delighted at the prospect of making 5 million off Bruce. I don't even really understand why he has such a good reputation there. His valiant attempts to draw every game 0-0 went reasonably well, but have standards at Hillsborough really fallen so low. Also, I'd like to point out that it was our idea to have a manager poached by a Premier League club and Wednesday are just copying us.
  18. One thing I definitely don't miss about old shirts is the bulky iron on logos. Why did we make the Rams Pro Wear design so huge, considering it was only a re-badge due to Bukta going under? It's really uncomfortable if you actually play in the shirt.
  19. They're very different. Your Cocu is (was) slightly further away.
  20. 8 overs, 8 maidens for Hudson-Prentice now. This is ridiculous.
  21. He's got a really classy tattoo of her on his arm.
  22. Anon


    What kind of games, other than wow, do you normally play?
  23. In this instance you would've been better having nothing. Beer, water, or other soft drinks don't sooth the burn of chilies, they just spread the capsaicin around your mouth. Milk or high proof alcohol is better to drink after consuming hot chilies.
  24. Just to let you know, it doesn't doesn't look like a report, even in black and white. I have tested this extensively. Try getting a desk in the corner so no one is walking behind you.
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