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  1. He's done well then as he's not on anything like that at Wolves.
  2. Don't be surprised if we make a move for Ryan Bennett. Surplus to requirements at Wolves and happy to drop down a division. Could well end up back at Norwich but one to keep an eye on.
  3. Work collegue of mine is a Hull City fan. Says we wanted Jordy de Wijs in January but were knocked back. Expects Derby to come back for him.
  4. Maybe not the right part of the forum but didn't Bournemouth break EFL FFP regualations the season they got promoted ?
  5. Ravas looked good when he played with the 23's. Different ball game entirely stepping up to the first team. Is he still with us as a mate of mine says he's gone as out of contract ?
  6. Not a chance we'll be able to pay the transfer fees any of these three would command.
  7. A shame Babos got caught in the manager merry go round mayhem. If he got his chance early on I think he'd have got a regular spot in the side. Be interesting how it goes for him now. Good luck to the lad.
  8. Thanks all. Next question - can you change device or are you only able to use the one you used previously ?
  9. Do you get a new code for the Reading game or use the one from last weekend ?
  10. Thanks for that. Can I watch it through my lads Xbox ?
  11. Hi. Can Rams TV app be added to Sky Q apps ? If so how please ?
  12. One thing I always found strange was that he regularly stayed at The Premier Inn on The Wyvern Retail Park. I assume from this that he never lived in the area. Can anyone confirm this ?
  13. Rob Jansen the top man for them in Holland. Also with Derby during USA tour. Cocu's agent to.
  14. Signing Prior as Dailly's replacement was the beginning of the end. That was time to get a top class replacement,but we signed a squad player who could cover 8-10 games for injury and suspension. We went backwards from that moment onwards.
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