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  1. Come on Melvyn come on air. Not like you to shun the camera's and publicity. Coward !
  2. Class from Rooney ! Slaughtering Morris into oblivion ! Despicable man and a coward.
  3. Ed Dawes revealing Morris hasn't spoken to Rooney for 6 months. Coward !!
  4. I understand that totally,but Wayne will be well trained for media duties. His stories don't tally.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159581203580797&id=9595625796&m_entstream_source=feed_mobile Watch from 1:06. He pauses. Almost like he's forgot his lines.
  6. Here you go. Rooney twice claimed to have heard the news on Sky.That news wasn't public until after 2000. He dropped his guard with Gibbo (a very selective audience via Rams TV) and mentioned he was told at 1943.
  7. The link came from an obscure LinkedIn post. Dawes along with Steve Nicholson,Alan Nixon and John Percy were tweeted the link around 1850 Friday evening. Dawes then engaged in conversation with the author of the LinkedIn post. He then tweeted at 1945 on Friday that he was asking the club for info. Rooney with Gibbo said he found out at 1943 when in his previous interviews with Sky and Dawes he said he found out on Sky. Something doesn't quite ring right here.
  8. Rooney has slipped up here. I've seen and heard three interviews today. One was before kick off with Sky.Said he saw the news on Sky.Second was with Ed Dawes,again said saw news on Sky.Third was Rams TV with Gibbo and he said a specific time of 1943. Ed Dawes tweeted this at 1945 saying he'd made some enquiries at Derby Percy tweeted at 2006 and Sjy got hold of it around 2030. Adds fuel to the fire with the MSD thread.
  9. He'll end up down the A52.Cat 1 status recently achieved to. I'm reliably informed that Derby's intake has declined the last 12 - 18 months. Kids going elsewhere ,Burton the surprise club.
  10. Always about Melvyn's ego vanity projects.Take it from me the majority of chairman in the EFL thought he was an arrogant clown. Worst owner ever so minus points from me. Let's hope he's run out of town.
  11. And still no notes from the behind closed door meeting. Appears to be more non truths from "the top"
  12. Still no comment whatsoever from "the top" @David when are you going to put the minutes up from the meeting ?
  13. What should the DET Headline be.? The local journo's should be banging the door down demanding answers
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