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  1. Rams TV Interview with Bobby Davison

    Mine to.Gave us hope in the darkest of times and then part of a side that took us on a remarkable journey. What a player.
  2. RamsTV Meets Eric Steele

    Old school and proper football man.
  3. RamsTV meets............ who would you like to see?

    I'd love to hear from Bobby Davison,Mark Wright,Gary Micklewhite,Nigel Callaghan,John Gregory,Paul Simpson,Mary Poom,Dean Yates,Paul McGrath,Daryl Powell,Stefano Eranio,Igor Stimac,Aljosa Asanovic,Jim Smith and all those heroes from the great sides if the 70's. Not a big ask I know.
  4. Baiano or Vydra?

    Baiano was a class act.
  5. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    Good luck Johnny Russell. You never once hid and showed you were proud to play for Derby County. One of my favourite players for your effort and you've done us proud. Once a Ram always a Ram and you will always get a warm welcome when yiu return.
  6. Current Squad

    Wow - still top heavy. Still need one if not both keepers out on loan plus Hanson,Bennett,Martin and Anya out to bring a couple in.
  7. Current Squad

    Minus the lads out on loans anyone got the time to list the current squad available to Mr Rowett please?
  8. Guess the Mystery Ram

    Very disrespectful to Ikechi Anya if you ask me.
  9. Scott Carson, how much better was Poom?

    Poom pretty much kept Derby up by himself for two seasons. Genuinely world-class. In my opinion he was on a par with the great Peter Schmiechel.
  10. Rams best goalie of all time

    Carson is good but he's not Poom class.Poom was genuinely world class.
  11. We need a chant for Vydra!

    Don't know about a chant but he's the best finisher we've had since Bobby Davison and Dean Saunders.
  12. Best Rams keeper

    Not even close between Poom and Carson.Poom in my opinion the best keeper I've seen in a Derby shirt and genuinely world class. How he never played for one of the big guns when he was in his prime I know not. Carson has become an excellent keeper over the last year or so.Had my doubts previously as I thought he was slow going to ground but improved massively under Rowett.Definitely worth a chance in an England squad and now the best keeper outside the Prem.
  13. 19 to go...

    Buzzing !
  14. U23s away at Sunderland

    Vernam was at Grimsby yesterday and is expected to sign on loan for them on Monday.Talk also about Mason Bennett is to.
  15. Mason Bennett

    Little rumour going round from my Grimsby mates is that Mason Bennett going there on loan.

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