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  1. If your daughter is Junior Ram she's eligible to be a mascot. Contact the clubs community team.
  2. Should we be questioning the manager's judgement when he pays £2.5 million for him. He then can't decide which of his three full backs to play so sends the youngest on loan. 6 months later he then doesn't play him at all and decides to replace with a 38 year old. Odd.
  3. Good luck to him. Confidence must be shot to pieces but he's far to good to be playing in League one.
  4. No Ampadu in Chelsea's 18 tonight. Judging by Sarri's comments after Sunday he may be available on loan.
  5. What was with the two fake dives today? Great save late on - certainly giving Carson good for thought.
  6. Deep laying playmaker says one Scunny fan who values him at 2.5 million. Charlie Wilson who's there equivalent of Steve Nic thinks he's the best player since Gary Hooper but he think 1 million would do it.He's the one who broke the Duane Holmes transfer.
  7. Jim Smith. So many happy memories. Keep fighting.
  8. In time I think his position will be in front of the back four. He's made for that role. Pace,can tackle and has the vision and passing range to be a master.
  9. Interesting that this link has surfaced. Personally I think Scott has been below the high standards he's set in the three previous seasons. Still a good shot stopper but not commanding the box like he used to. Perhaps he needs a push and bringing in an experienced keeper in may be the answer. Not seen a great deal of Mitchell or Roos but both need to be playing (particularly Roos who's 26) I'm not sure either is capable of playing regularly at this level. If I recall Rowett was also linked with an experienced keeper on loan this time last year - Polish lad at Birmingham.
  10. Anyone recall Morris pre-season saying something along the lines of selling a player from the academy for £10 million ? Different subject but how much does it cost to fund a Cat 1 academy. Mel made lots of noises that our academy was going to be in the top dozen in Europe around the time of the planning application - have the improvements been put on hold ?
  11. Ampadu won't be coming. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/01/06/frank-lampard-admits-defeat-chase-
  12. Fosu-Mensah having his loan at Fulham cancelled so they can get Cahill in. Go on Frank pull this one off.
  13. Jacob Murphy on loan ? https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/huddersfield-ready-make-loa
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