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  1. Some people! Be glad when this circus is over and we can move on.
  2. I'd go back even further and suggest a deal was done during the last international break. Before that Frank looked cooked.He came back all refreshed.
  3. If Lampard departs I'd like Jody to take over. Pie in the sky I know but. . Failing that the Cowley brothers would be a good shout. Done a fantastic job at Lincoln and seen for myself how their academy has developed. Interesting to that there appears to be links between the two clubs at that level.
  4. Top keeper who should have been number 1 for one of the big clubs.
  5. Williams and Holmes must be the smallest midfield pairing in the EFL. Seen bigger lads in my son's Under 8 side.
  6. Grimsby - Peterborough by car at 0630. Peterborough 0857 - Kings Cross 1017 You Rams !
  7. Driving Grimsby to Peterborough and train in from there. 2 adults and 2 kids £45 all in. Bargain that.
  8. Goodman is a total Neil Warnock. Hates us for some reason. Didn't he break his leg against us back in the day ??
  9. If your daughter is Junior Ram she's eligible to be a mascot. Contact the clubs community team.
  10. Should we be questioning the manager's judgement when he pays £2.5 million for him. He then can't decide which of his three full backs to play so sends the youngest on loan. 6 months later he then doesn't play him at all and decides to replace with a 38 year old. Odd.
  11. Good luck to him. Confidence must be shot to pieces but he's far to good to be playing in League one.
  12. No Ampadu in Chelsea's 18 tonight. Judging by Sarri's comments after Sunday he may be available on loan.
  13. What was with the two fake dives today? Great save late on - certainly giving Carson good for thought.
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