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  1. Knew him during his Grimsby days. Big Derby fan was Paul. He also had a blinder when he played for Grimsby against us on Boxing Day at The Baseball Ground.
  2. Cocu saying signing end of week. Turkey season starts 19th Jan. Investment incoming. Interesting.
  3. He can play CDM. Perhaps we can't get our centre half target and Bielek drops back into defence .
  4. You're not alone in your thinking. We travel 220 mile round trip for home games and it's got to the point where there's no value or point in having a season ticket.
  5. Buchanan is a talented lad. Prominent at start of the season and then.............?????
  6. Very sad news. One of football's genuinely good guys. Thanks for some fantastic memories. RIP Bald Eagle.
  7. A Waisserman Netherlands player. Wasn't Rob Janssen with the team in USA pre season tour ?
  8. It's obviously close as he's now following Derby on Twitter.
  9. Sat next to Geoff Shreeves so he's on media duty.
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