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  1. I know it's only one game but let's hope Louis now gets the opportunity to build a run of games ahead of these two. Lawrence has had more opportunities than any other player than I can honestly remember in a Derby shirt and I know people like Waghorn's endeavour but he's very limited. Well done today louis Sibley alang with the rest of the boys of course. P. S. Not blowing own trumpet just pleased he's in the team even if it's only happened due to external factors with those above.
  2. So sad to see George's career not take the turn and route his beautiful control and composure during games deserved to take him. One of the few footballers I will always wax lyrical about his time in a Derby shirt, up there with the Croats and Italians in terms of ability and would have graced some of of those earlier much better sides he was that good. I'm sure he would have made it as an England player if luck had become him. Hopefully he'll find a way to stay in the game as others here have alluded to. Good luck to a Rolls Royce footballer.
  3. Nothing contradictory about wanting to off load players who have shown themselves not to be good enough on multiple occasions. Let's just give them both new contracts then. Definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results🙄
  4. They're both very limited championship players at best who aren't going to get any better. We need to off load these types of players if we have aspirations to go up in the future as they're absolutely miles away from Premier League standard. Neither of them is good at decision making, playing the right pass at the right time etc... Waghorn is an instinctive player so is ok at things where he does not have too much time to think about it, hence his abysmal conversion rate on 1 on 1,s. I can't believe you still think Lawrence still has potential , he's 27 shortly, so what we've seen largely ov
  5. Can't remember seeing him beat his man on the outside in 3 and a half years now, surely the good dribblers have the talent of the defender not knowing which way they're going to go, ward for example was much more tricky.
  6. We had perfect opportunity to play two strikers in tandem last season whom I'm sure would have been a great partnership but we've missed the boat now until we find another two. Instead we decided to accommodate and build the team and system around at best one good game n 5 players like Lawrence🙄.
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