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    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Agreed,Bryson has been a good servant but isn't particularly doing anything which justifies his place in starting 11. Either Bryson or Mount to play, not both. Johnson is very inconsistent and ball playing ability very poor, maybe a better fit with mount though. I just don't get how Ledley is getting game time in front of Thorne in holding midfield role though, Huddlestone maybe, but definitely not Ledley, even if Thorne playing on one leg😂
  2. chelloram

    Derby world cup style squad

    1.Poom 2. Eranio 3. C. Powell 4. A. Gemmill 5. Mcfarland 6. Wright 7. McMinn 8. Hector 9. Saunders 10. Asanovic 11. George 12. Shilton 13. Sage 14. M. Forsyth 15. Stimac 16. Goddard 17. Wanchope 18. Sturridge 19. Hughes 20. Thorne 21. Kinkladze 22. Baiano 23. Carson/Davison Only caught back end of McFarland, Hector, Gemmill and George career early 80's but had to include as Derby legends.
  3. chelloram

    Who is our best front three?

    Nugent's game will drop off I'm sure of it. Great professional but it was clear second half of last season that his legs had gone. I think we'll end up thinking we should have sold him in thr transfer window. Lawrence is a show pony and thinks he's better than what he actually is so wouldn't be in my three either.
  4. chelloram

    Furious Frank

    We have the answer to our defensive midfield problem already here and he would make the rest of the attackers tick too with his incisive passing. I fear he's half way out of the door already though, even though he's a different class to Ledley and Johnson😥. Franky, the player you need is right under your nose, George Thorne is that man😍.
  5. chelloram

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    The poor lads gone from numero uno to number 15 in line in 3 months😯😂. Hey I'm not saying Lampard doesn't have his reasons, I.e. getting 2 or 3 additional players with the funds raised etc.. and I get that totally. I just don't understand why the board seems to have turned against him. Couldn't that front 5 just as easily include Vydra. He clearly isn't in the plans but I still feel he's a much better player than one of the players in that 5 you've mentioned above. Good players can learn to adapt to systems, especially if they have equally intelligent players around them, I'm not convinced Lawrence can but we'll see. We all love Bryson but do we really expect to get a season out of him now?
  6. chelloram

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    I don't get all the anti Vydra sentiment. He was outstanding for us last season, far superior to anything Lawrence showed, but Lawrence is suddenly flavour of the month. Vydra is a better finisher and his awareness of players movement around him was at a level Lawrence could only dream about last season but it seems that the majority of people would rather see him go if 10 million or thereabouts was on offer for either of them. Don't get me wrong, I would love it if I'm wrong and Lawrence comes good this year buy let's be honest he was dire for the majority of last season and only kept his place in the team because of the snakes inability to admit his marquee signing needed dropping. I think he'll struggle to fit in with the intelligent players we've inherited such as Mount and Wilson but here's hoping I'm proved wrong and we're all celebrating a fantastic season for him in a few months but I honestly feel he'll continue to frustrate🙄. Before anyone states how young he is, don't forget he is 24, not much younger than Vydra.

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