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  1. I don't agree with that. Personally I thought at the start of the season when he got the chance to play he did well. Technically sound and offers more than FloJo ever has. Paterson contributed to a few goals too. Harsh to brand him as bad as some of the previously quoted names.
  2. The main priority this window is just being careful with who we sign and what we spend. We cannot afford (in every sense of the word) to make any mistakes in my opinion.
  3. Good to see that young lad Anya getting some time.
  4. Regardless of however we look at recent events. That's part and parcel of being a fan of a fantastic club. No matter what happens. We are Derby.
  5. This is true also, no doubt we are missing him. Just a sour taste in my mouth whenever he is spoken about. Such a sad way to end his career with us.
  6. I think we miss Alex Pearce more than we realise...
  7. Jack strikes me as the David Nugent that we should have signed five years ago... Always full of energy. If he plays against us you can guarantee he will score and we will be saying that we should never have let him go. Play to his strengths and he will score. Martin and Marriott given a run of games will provide vital goals.
  8. It was a question I raised in another thread.
  9. Surely a DOF role would suit Mac right now?
  10. This is exactly what Mel said to Sam Rush when we were scouting Blackman.
  11. What you're saying here is you'd happily be a Brentford? Not a bad thing either, just want some clarity. I mean, it can't be bad playing exciting football whilst having a sustainable football business model I suppose. They just never seem threatening enough to go up. The hardest thing is to get the balance of all 4 of the points you have mentioned.
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