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  1. I'd rather pass on him to be fair. Is he better than Zoon and Bennett? Has anybody got any fancy stats for us?
  2. Let's have one more Paterson thread, for a laugh
  3. Must be essential if you don't know his name...
  4. From what I have watched he seems to be a really decent midfielder.
  5. Forgot he came to us to be fair, injury did him in.
  6. Can see him going to a Bundesliga club really.
  7. We've got Cocu Super Phil Cocu I just don't think you understand Melvin's Man Better than Ol' Frank We've got, we've got Phil Cocuuuuu At least I tried.
  8. Does anyone know who is taking training today?
  9. Are you one of the people who also would like a DOF in place? Not a dig. Genuine question.
  10. I think people have never forgiven him for that draw with Rotherham. Shame really as the guy never actually did any wrong to us. Be interesting to see how he would do when given a transfer window... Perhaps he will just bleed through the youth that he deems good enough to play. Never a bad thing. To top it off, he does now have the credentials with him picking up his license recently. We could do much worse......
  11. Im sure the stuff we are saying about Hughton is the exact same stuff we were saying about Pearson before he signed... That's literally the only thing that worries me about him.
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