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  1. Whilst these are true, 3/4 decent games from a player a season isn't the standard that we should be looking at. particularly if said matches come against opposition such as Bolton. Would rather us look elsewhere if im honest.
  2. The stick this man gets for having a slight speech impediment too, our national sides captain too. Well done Harry.
  3. What fraction is this haha, a halfth?
  4. Pearce wanted to leave to get game time if I remember correctly?
  5. He has answered a question on whether he is going back next season to Coventry with a winky emoji
  6. In other news, the grass is green and the sky is blue
  7. Nothing wrong with Ripley Mukka
  8. Quite surprising, is he good enough for the squad? Does he need a run of games to make an impact?
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