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  1. Our kryptonite is high crosses into the box. Has been for years. Lack of height at the back perhaps?
  2. Very true, just hope he learns from it.
  3. This is true, but he owned up and took responsibility for the errors. Admitted it was a huge gamble that didn't pay off. Managers make mistakes that cost points. We know this all too well. He just has to learn and adapt with experience.
  4. So many players are released by the "big clubs" at early stages of their career, it's usually part of the process. I'd back our youth scouts to pick out decent quality at this age level. Big clubs attempt to stockpile as much talent as possible.
  5. I'd argue that he showed promise. He had the odd glimpse of a five minute spell where he looked marginally better than some of the players around him, but he was largely ineffective in his time here. That's just the truth. Never tore up any trees and never really looked like he would. No player should ever down tools the way he did either. Disrespectful to the club that was paying his wage to not put effort in and then go on to make fun of fans who questioned his attitude, only for them to be proven right in the end.
  6. Disagree with that. Personally I think it is Byrne who was been the most consistent.
  7. This is the ONLY thing that matters with the position we are in. Much rather win in an "ugly" fashion rather than attempting to play "nice football" and lose. We can worry about style of play when we aren't constantly looking down the table.
  8. Really like their striker, managed to put a goal in both nets.. In all seriousness though, IF Wycombe go down, surely he's the type of striker we look at?
  9. We're Derby fans, we're all crazy...
  10. I didn't see it this way. He acknowledged that the fans were going to be upset about a big defeat to rivals. Saying that we aim to improve and better our performance for the remaining two games. Didn't get drawn into the post match remarks. Composed and clear in his messaging. Maybe i'm being crazy?
  11. I think Davies will end up leaving and going to Luton. He has mentioned he wanted to finish his career there I believe? If not, back up CB option with experience that can offer support to younger lads. Wisdom - Depends on whether we can bring other CB's in. We are very light in that area as things stand with most CB's being loans in. Still 50/50 on whether he is good enough to be starting. Malone, Zoon & Carson - More than likely going to leave. Malone been performing relatively well for Millwall. Pep thinks highly of Carson and Zoon never really seemed to fit here. Waghorn
  12. A great place to come as a little escape from the dour reality at the moment. Unless you go to the takeover thread of course 😉 In all seriousness, thanks to everyone on here. Despite differences in opinions and some heated arguments. We all love Derby and that's what brings us together. Thanks Everyone.
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