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  1. I somehow earned a sewing badge at cubs even though all my badges were secured with double sided tape. I think they just felt sorry for me.
  2. Good points well made but there’s no need to be patting yourself on the back about it at the end. Comes across a little big headed 😂
  3. You’re Mike Skinner and I claim my £5.
  4. We could always sign Benoit Assou-Ekotto to replace him. He is a Li-ion after all.
  5. You punners seem to copper load of resistance from folk just looking for transfer activity, they get in a right Staite! At least you’re trying to plug a gap to keep us all entertained. Anyway, it’s late and I need to recharge my batteries for more of the same tomorrow. Feel quite positive we’ll sign someone soon.
  6. For me it seems the noise coming from the whole coaching staff is not just about winning games (although they do talk about wanting to win every game) but improving players. Tom is clearly gifted, I’d love to see him cut through defences like he did vs West Brom last game of the season more often. You have to think that this coaching set up will push him to be better and more consistent.
  7. No, he was very much from Holland sorry, sorry I meant The Netherlands! Shiedam, South Holland to be precise.
  8. If we were to lose Bogle for big money I'd definitely go in for Dujon Sterling. I've heard he's absolute mustard.
  9. Beyond all the plaudits for Mel Morris my big question is where did this come from? How do you go from Hughton or Moore to Cocu in the space of a week? Who’s given Mel the tip off or was he already aware of Cocu’s availability? Did Cocu himself/agent sound the club out? It’s exciting for sure but also a bit of a mind boggle!
  10. I thought Mel had stressed before that the running of the academy staff was separate from first team? So if a manager got sacked the academy had continuity? Unless Wassall wanted to leave I can’t see Mel letting Cocu bring his own academy manager in to replace him. Can’t believe he’s been here 10 years though 🤯
  11. I wasn’t there but from the highlights over the season (yeah, I know, highlights 🙄) he runs with the ball at frightening speed. Saw him giving stick to quite a few players as well. Maybe get Nuge back to teach him the art of doing it with a big grin on his face!
  12. He’ll feel at home in the orange uniform at least.
  13. Putter sock in it will ya! Heard enough of this speculation. Next season Frank will draw the best out of him and these stories will fade away. (apologies if that came across as rude Parsnip. Just trying to squeeze a pun in) albatross.
  14. Apparently he’ll be up for sale. Apparently.
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