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  1. Apparently he’ll be up for sale. Apparently.
  2. I'd really like to speak to the people that made this. Judging by the reviews they've done a great job in compiling all those kits but looking at the amazon preview they made it in Word! Its bloody terrible! Seventeen quid is a lot of money to pay for a book nowadays. I'd love to help them out make it look proper.
  3. Can someone post a link to Frank Lampard's comments on Jack Marriott please? I've watched so many clips since the final whistle I think I missed it. I'm still a bit stunned we did what we did! For what my opinion is worth its obvious he is a class finisher and from the little I've seen has a lot of talent in his all round game. When the pass from Keogh (every bit of his run I was shouting "NO KEOGH YA MAD BARSTOOL!") fell to him I was in no doubt he would put it away, class finish.
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