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  1. The Batter B***tards of The Baseball Ground. If you haven’t seen the documentary I highly recommend it. Even if you don’t like baseball.
  2. I think Mel is pretty crazy if he thinks we can get 50% of 11 players from the academy and maybe not the smart business man we all think he is 😂
  3. Because this is the Internet 🤣
  4. I don’t really know why it was so funny but it was. Didn’t realise it was that long ago though 😬
  5. Many moons ago a poster on this (or possible the DET forum) designed a potato kit when everyone was speculating about the new shirt for that season. I'm always reminded of it when these types of thread pop up. I remember the poster generally being pretty hilarious.
  6. Is the potato kit ever going to get put in production? Absolute classic!
  7. Louie, Louie! oooooh oh! we love sibo! lalalalala!
  8. How very modern of you! It’s the 21st century pal, women can be doctors, astronauts, pilots, bin men even bosses now you know!!! (tongue very firmly in cheek here! I just couldn’t resist 😆)
  9. I never knew he was a forest fan.
  10. Good news! I was undecided when he came in to the first team but that was my ignorance, he does so much “simple” stuff so well for a lad of his age. Proper footballer. New contract in the summer I’d think?
  11. What always struck me about George was how he received the ball. Always positioned himself ready for the pass he was looking to make which made his job so much easier. The “quarterback” role is thrown about a lot but it really fit his style. Playing passes through gaps in the opposition to forward runners, it was great to watch.
  12. If I was a defensive midfielder I’d be instructing my agent to ignore all calls from Derby! Cursed 😆
  13. The guy seems like a great pro and a good influence around the place. Something we need after the season we’ve had so far and with so many young lads in the squad he is surely a good influence. I wouldn’t expect him to be first choice next season but I think Cocu wants these kind of leaders on the training ground day in day out. I thought it was telling that Cocu mentioned Curtis was part of the captaincy group when giving Rooney the armband. Obviously respects the guy. He’s also done a good job since being back in the team. I like the him so I’m all for another years contract.
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