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  1. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    No one is seriously saying this. The issue is for the right of transgender women to be recognised and accepted as women, which is what they are. Deliberately misgendering them, forcing them to use the wrong loo etc etc is where the harassment and discrimination lies, not in not being attracted to any particular individual.
  2. Is the left eating itself?

    Exactly. That’s what I was referring to by taking value out of the system. It’s what needs to be tackled as a priority.
  3. Work

    Pleased to meet you.
  4. Work

    The fetishization of work. https://www.jacobinmag.com/2011/01/hipsters-food-stamps-and-the-politics-of-resentment
  5. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    First point about that; being transgender isn’t a trendy choice, it’s a medically recognised variation probably caused by the prenatal hormonal structure of the brain. Gender dysphoria is the dissonance caused by the mismatch between the sense of self determined by the brain, and the differing physical and sexual characteristics of the body. Second point, there are a variety of routes a person in this position can take. The one thing that is proven not to work, however, is conversion therapy or any other kind of psychological treatment. Gender dysphoria is not a mental health condition. The degree of intensity of sufferering varies between individuals; some need to transition fully, while for others hormone treatment or some kind of social adjustment is enough to enable them to get on with their lives. It is not for anyone else to police what kind of treatment someone should have, or how far they should go in their transition. Third point, trans people are still probably the most misunderstood and marginalised sector of society. The attempted suicide rate is over 40%, so it is no laughing matter, unless you’re completely indifferent to people’s suffering. There is increased visibility at the moment, due to attempts to address the levels of social exclusion, discrimination and ridicule which trans people suffer. Forth point, the attitude displayed in your video is totally despicable. This ‘backlash’ about the use of pronouns, or any other request to accept trans people as they are, is the very epitome of selfish, bigoted ignorance. Hopefully, one day, we’ll look back on that with the same contempt we have for Thatcher’s speech on homosexuality or Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood.
  6. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    Gender is not binary, and never has been. That was a convention imposed by Christianity to control people. Why should language not now reflect a greater diversity?
  7. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    I’ve probably mentioned this one before, but it keeps happening and I’m getting more and more irritated by it; paper napkins under your food. You can’t begin to eat until you’ve extracted the damn thing, by which time half of your chips are on the floor and the rest have bits of soggy paper stuck to them. Then, when you actually need a napkin, all you have is a ripped bit of greasy tissue. There’s no justification for this on any level; it’s not even aesthetically pleasing to have maroon paper poking out from under a rocket salad. It’s wasteful, annoying and unhygienic.
  8. Man Ploughs Down Innocent Civilians

    Not afuckinggain!
  9. Is the left eating itself?

    It generates rent, increases in equity and saves on housing benefit.
  10. Is the left eating itself?

    What seems to work best is spending on infrastructure à la Roosevelt. For example, creating social housing pays for itself after about fifteen years, whereafter the value increases and money is also saved by not paying housing benefit straight into the pockets of private landlords.
  11. Is the left eating itself?

    That’s not what happens though, is it. Trickle down is a myth because the rentier class don’t put the money back into the economy. Make the rich richer and they stick it in offshore accounts, make the poor richer and they spend it on stuff.
  12. Is the left eating itself?

    Ah, the old analogy with household debt. It doesn’t work like that though, does it. As an individual, I have a limited and fixed income; I can’t raise more money through taxation or quantitative easing, and the money I spend is on consumables. There isn’t an individual equivalent to the economy for a wage earner, where your spending generates further income. You mention defence and the NHS; under austerity, we’ve reduced spending on those things, which most would see as necessities which benefit everyone, but we haven’t reduced spending per se. Cutting corporation tax is still spending, and it’s a political choice to go down that route, not an economic one. The thing with the debt increasing is that the whole world is in debt; who to, the aliens? The money doesn’t exist, it’s a scam created by the banks that we literally buy into. They ‘create’ money to lend to us, which we repay with interest. They then pocket the interest. The money doesn’t exist, because there isn’t enough value in actual things to underpin it. ‘I promise to pay the bearer the sum of’ is a lie; if anyone tries to actually call in the debt, the whole system collapses, as it would have done in 2008 if governments hadn’t given yet more money to the banks. This was exposed by sub prime, where the value the market attributed to property was less than the money lent to purchase it. Money is just a token with whatever value we ascribe to it, it isn’t a thing with actual worth, like a hospital or an aircraft carrier. The key is who controls it, and who has the power to ‘create’ it. At the moment, this power lies with private banks, and this is the root of the problem, because they only exist to extract value out of the system. The system we have now is unsustainable, and it will collapse again. In the meantime, the majority of people’s lives are made poorer by extracting value from the system to pay interest on money which doesn’t exist. That’s austerity. The solution is for governments to take control of the money supply and use it to create value in the economy. This doesn’t happen because the whole system is rigged to allow the rentier class to continue to extract wealth from everyone else. It isn’t sustainable because eventually you bleed the system dry and there is no longer enough value generated at the bottom to sustain the ‘debt’.
  13. Is the left eating itself?

    What exactly are the negative effects of a high government deficit then? Apart from the harm done when it is used to justify cuts to public spending? Thiis is written about America, but the same principle applies here. Be interested to know what you think. https://www.jacobinmag.com/2018/04/deficit-budgets-spending-democrats-republicans
  14. Windrush

    Pie, on the hostile environment:
  15. Happy St Georges Day

    Here we go... https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/apr/23/labour-promises-four-more-bank-holidays-if-it-wins-general-election?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_b-gdnnews#link_time=1524445905

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