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    Don't Panic reacted to Srg in NFL 2019 Season   
    This was an absolute win for us. We get a ball hawk, top 10 corner in Marcus Peters who goes from being the number 1 to being the number 2 corner for us behind Marlon Humphrey - who is certainly the best player you've never heard of, comfortably a top 3 corner in the game right now.
    And what did we give up? Kenny Young who had just got benched for a guy signed off his sofa and a free 5th round pick the Vikings gave us for an undrafted kicker they didn't even end up putting on their roster (cheers @jimbo jones).
    We've had a slew of injuries in our secondary which was looking very strong pre-season with starting cornerbacks Tavon Young and Jimmy Smith out and also safety Tony Jefferson out too, we also lost his back up DeShon Elliot last week too. Suddenly, it looks a lot better with Marcus Peters opposite Marlon Humphrey, with Earl Thomas over the top. Still have Chuck Clark at safety which isn't ideal, but Jimmy Smith should be back in a couple of weeks to be the third corner.
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    Don't Panic reacted to jimbo jones in NFL 2019 Season   
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    Don't Panic reacted to Srg in Fantasy NFL 2019   
    So's Nick Bosa.
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    Don't Panic got a reaction from archram in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    I think our back 4 were still struggling to work out which sky channel they were on when Barnsley scored.
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    Don't Panic got a reaction from TigerTedd in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    I think our back 4 were still struggling to work out which sky channel they were on when Barnsley scored.
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    Don't Panic got a reaction from mozza in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    I think our back 4 were still struggling to work out which sky channel they were on when Barnsley scored.
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    Don't Panic reacted to Ambitious in NFL 2019 Season   
    Invested in my first ever ‘jersey’ and decided to pay extra for the stitched, American fanatics version. I must say it was easily worth the money. 

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    Don't Panic got a reaction from jimbo jones in Fantasy NFL 2019   
    @jimbo jones sent you a counter offer.
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    Don't Panic reacted to Carl Sagan in Academy Thread 19/20   
    After today's 1-0 win over Blackburn the U23s sit 2nd in the Premier League 2 table.

    The next round of league games isn't until 18th October when we entertain Everton.
    Meanwhile it's a big week for the U18/19 team who begin their Champions League campaign with a trip to Minsk! Kickoff is 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.
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    Don't Panic reacted to jimbo jones in NFL 2019 Season   
    True, which is why Zimmer & Spielman are coming under fire. It’s been like that for years, even when we got to the Championship game it was, and relied on Keenum running around to make plays.
    so blowing all your cap space, £84 million on a QB that needs protection, and not really addressing the o line, keeps looking even more stupid. 
    Now we are a run first, run heavy team, with the £84 million QB, who’s underused and no one has any confidence in....it’s going well 🤦‍♂️😂
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    Don't Panic reacted to ram59 in U23s v Blackburn   
    Nice to see Fozzy get a full 90 minutes under his belt. 
    A bit early, but he would be ideal on the left of a back 3.
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    Don't Panic got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in U23s v Blackburn   
    I’m half fan watching on sofa with a hot coffee - umbrella safe under the stairs 
    I’ll keep an eye out for u starting a Mexican umbrella wave though  
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    Don't Panic reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in Has your faith in the club been tested?   
    It was tested for a day, I’m not going to lie.
    But then you go to the game and that feeling just comes back.
    Plus I’ve just watched a video by this chap, this is what it’s all about.
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    Don't Panic reacted to jimbo jones in NFL 2019 Season   
    When you wake up just in time to see Rodgers throw an interception with seconds on the clock

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    Don't Panic reacted to SaintRam in NFL 2019 Season   
    Firstly, I'm delighted - and was very hyped the whole game. Starting with a 3-and-out on Hawks followed by a Punt return for a TD really set the tone. Also, despite my crushing pessimism on here shortly after the Rams game - I was the voice of blind optimism with my group of friends this week and have been throwing "I told you so's" out all day. Was a great team performance. 
    How well did Teddy play? Not well. But good enough, obviously.
    Kamara put the offense on his back; and really we have what is an elite defensive front (in one key play we stuffed the Hawks on 3rd and inches, and then again when they went for it on 4th and inches), and elite special teams (a punt returned for a TD and the GOAT Morstead put 3 punts within the Hawk's 10, 2 within their 3), to thank for the win. 

    Of course, we were in the lead basically the whole game - so I understand Teddy not taking risks. But he barely targeted Thomas or Cook (although Cook does seem to be stumbling into this playbook, isn't up to speed ye; misses easy catches cos he doesn't turn quickly enough). The vast majority of our reception yards were gained after the catch. 

    If Kamara, the defense, and the special teams perform like that every week Drew's away we'll win every game - and Teddy will essentially be a nonfactor; he'd just have to not turnover the ball. But that's a huge if. At some point we're going to need him to start trusting his throws, and attempting passes over 10 yards. Hopefully when that time comes, he steps up. 
    The biggest obstacle to that though is how slowly he goes through his progressions. Obviously, we're spoiled with Brees - who goes through them faster than any QB, but Teddy's often only on his 2nd or 3rd look when the pressure finally gets to him and he's forced to scramble. Mike Thomas was visibly frustrated multiple times during that game.
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    Don't Panic reacted to Carl Sagan in Academy Thread 19/20   
    It's bizarre from the stewards. The club would (or at least should) be horrified at the lack of common sense.
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    Don't Panic got a reaction from Carl Sagan in Academy Thread 19/20   
    Yes @Carl Sagan the sending off was for the penalty - good win.
    Personally I had no issue sitting in the sun ( as an adult you know if your catching too much sun and agree sunlight is good for you )  but there were alot of young children - many below <5 like mine who were struggling in the direct sun and a few parents ( just trying to be responsible parents ) who wanted to move just a few rows back to the shade.
    With hindsight as a parent I should have taken a big umbrella ( I’m sure folks behind me would have really appreciated the lack of view but hey ho ) to provide some shade.  My little one had sunscreen applied ( by the wife may I add so not taking that credit) before we left home but like many kids he was still struggling in the direct sun.
    Just think it’s poor when there was parents just asking the stewards if they could move their kids a few rows back.  As we left the game a young steward did apologise to a few parents saying he was just doing what he was being told to do (as he had earlier gone to ask a more senior steward )
    Access to the game was free hence why alot more families went ( as I’m sure that was the marketing aim ) and like some families we could have left at halftime given there was no shade made available ( seriously we are only talking 2 more rows back ) - I’m sure you can even see this on RamsTV footage to validate this.
    Just off to buy the biggest umbrella I can find for next time!
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    Don't Panic reacted to David in NFL 2019 Season   
    No need, we’ve got Rudolph just in time for Christmas 
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    Don't Panic reacted to Van De Squid in NFL 2019 Season   
    Well this looks pretty cool
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    Don't Panic reacted to Bob The Badger in A Rams Fan In Charlotte   
    I know there is an NFL thread, so if it needs moving, I understand, but it's kinda long and hopefull interesting to any Rams fans on here.
    What a weekend.
    We flew up from Miami on Friday. And then on the Saturday met up with an old school friend of Helen’s and his wife to go to the US National Whitewater Center.
    If you ever get the chance to do that, grab it with both hands.
    I know nothing about rafting but the second run we did was a Cat 4 (which is apparently intense) and it was incredible. 
    At one point Helen was going in as we were engulfed in a huge wave, but dug her nails into my arm and somehow managed to haul herself back - leaving me bleeding.
    A great experience followed by a great night. Charlotte is a foodies delight and a really welcoming, clean and fun city - highly recommended.
    After, two nights out in Charlotte and with not a Rams fan in sight  and I was resigned to the fact that we would be rarer than white rhinos ina Marks and Spencers.
    Helens old friend is from Chesterfield but sadly, a Panthers fan, and we met up again Sunday morning and went for some authentic soul food. I thought we’d be lucky to get into what is roundly accepted as Charlotte’s leading soul food eatery, but it was quiet - except for a couple of tables of Rams fans - sweet!
    A couple of Mimosa’s and some wraps that got the attention of Guys Fieri enough for him to take his Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives show there (and rightly so, they were delicious) and we were on our way.
    The nearer we got the the stadium the more Rams fans we started to see. Maybe I was wrong.
    As we got in line to the security I got my phone out to pull up my tickets. StubHub had logged me out so I logged back in.
    Wrong password.
    I knew it wasn’t, so I tried it again with the same result.
    And I tried again, and again, and agin.
    I could barely see my screen in the bright sunshine and I was crouched down trying to find shade.
    Sweat was pouring off me as much due to my panic setting in as the bright sun. I tried to reset the password and that didn’t work - I still haven’t had the reset email 5 hours later.
    I literally shut down the browser, went back in clicked on StubHub with no hope whatsoever - but the Gods were smiling and I was in. I have nooo clue what happened by I was ready to cry with joy and relief.
    Our seats were 30 rows back and climbing those 30 stairs in 92 degrees was brutal. I mentally calculated that if I went to the concourse once per quarter I’d have climbed higher than the Empire State Building in brutal heat - not an enticing prospect.
    We took our seats and to my utter delight were surrounded by Rams fans, most of whom were fairly well lubricated.
    I got a text from a buddy who’s a 49ers fan. So, I rather childishly took a selfie of me giving him the finger and hit send.
    One of the Rams fans asked who I was sending that to. When I told him, he insisted I take one of all the guys behind me giving him the finger too. How could I refuse? In fairness my friend thought it was funny.
    The Panthers started off and seemed to be moving at will and  I was getting uneasy. I panic about as easily as anybody I know at football games.
    A Mathews sack and then the Littleton fumble recovery settled my nerves and was the precursor to Rams fans making way more noise in our section for the entire first half. 
    I think we had as many Rams fans around us as we did at the playoff game against the Cowboys in the payoffs last season.
    Outside of San Fran and Arizona this was EASILY the biggest Ram turnout I have ever seen. Admittedly that’s only 7 or 8 games, but it still felt great.
    A punting and kicking fest ensued, but then came Malcolm Brown. That’s why we paid the guy over $3m and I think he’s a steal.
    I said I get nervous easily, but similarly I can relax too easily and when Greg kicked the FG to make it 16-3, I thought it was in the bag.
    The nerves were back when they hit the TD and then evaporated again when Brown took it in.
    The blocked punt didn’t surprise me.
    Almost every crowd I have ever been in oo’s and ah’s when a punt gets off - by their nature they are always close - but Johnny had had one really close earlier on. Did it even get tipped? I wasn’t sure at the time.
    Anyway, I’d slipped back into panic mode and the intense heat was taking a toll.
    That is one hot stadium with almost no relief. It’s a huge concrete bowl that seems almost anachronistic alongside modern stadiums. It’s like The Coliseum but without the history…or the Rams.
    By now we had moved away from our Ramily to take up some of the many empty seats lower down.
    There were still plenty of Rams fans close by, but we were in enemy territory now.
    But here’s the things - Panthers fans obviously think smack is something drug addicts buy, or you did to your kids in days of yore.
    They are so polite - or they they simply ignore you.
    All day the single worst thing I had said to me was ‘You picked the wrong team to play on day one’ 
    By now McCaffrey was annoying me.
    In all seriousness, I’m so glad I saw him play because he’s amazing. Yes the Rams tackled poorly, and yes he had some holes, but he’s a top 3 running back imho and so dangerous out of the backfield.
    It was inevitable he’d score a TD and full deserved.
    The Higbee TD sealed the deal.
    Except it didn’t because Goff threw an interception - he looked rusty today - I hope it's just rust anyway.
    He threw two very poor passes in the first quarter and I kinda expected it. It didn’t look that horrible a pass (not seen it since, so maybe it was), unlike the earlier ones, but it got the crowd back in the game.
    The crowd had a couple of mini resurgences, like when Greg missed the FG, but well before the end the stadium was half empty and by the end it was half Rams fans.
    The walk back to the hotel of about a mile or so was just a fun, fun experience. I’ve walked away from too many games (usually in San Fran)  to shouts of “Lambs suck” and lots of mocking and abuse.
    This one was quiet apart from Rams fans bumping fists and high-fiving.
    My record seeing the Rams was at one stage 3 - 11. Then it dawned on me, this was the forth consecutive game I’ve basked in a victory.
    Long may it continue.
    Now pass me the wine because those two mimosa’s have worn off and I’m going to celebrate!
    Go Rams!
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    Don't Panic reacted to David in Fantasy NFL 2019   
    Would require something extraordinary for me to accept a trade like the one you just offered 😂
  22. Haha
    Don't Panic reacted to jimbo jones in Fantasy NFL 2019   
    Baker Mayfield available for trade. Will accept a ton of pineapple chunks.
  23. Haha
    Don't Panic reacted to David in Fantasy NFL 2019   
    Special thanks to @Srg for putting doubts in my mind over Damian Williams. Ignoring in future.
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    Don't Panic reacted to angieram in World Suicide Prevention Day at Pride Park 13th September 2019   
    We are once again visiting Pride Park on our World Suicide Prevention Day road tour – this year visiting football matches at Belper Town, Alfreton, Derby County, Chesterfield, Matlock Town and Sheffield FC.
    We will be at the Derby County v Cardiff City game on Friday 13th September and would love to see you there. As usual, we have received great support from both Derby County Community Trust and the club in promoting awareness of suicide prevention; look out for content from them across their media channels during the week and at the match.
    Our team of volunteers will be outside the Club shop from 6 p.m. where we will be giving out information, asking fans to complete our survey and having a chat with anyone who wants to talk.
    For fans not able to make the game, you can still complete our survey that aims to capture attitudes and experience of suicide. The link to the survey is here: https://tinyurl.com/DERBYWSPD19  . All the information given is used to inform our work that supports people affected by suicide and to help raise awareness further.
    Many thanks and COYR!
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    Don't Panic got a reaction from Carnero in Fantasy NFL 2019   
    Just noticed I’m playing champ @Carnero first off - tough start...
    I hope you’ve handed the 🏆 back in good shiny condition.
    Good luck everyone
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