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  1. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to David in Coronavirus   
    I’m bored of waking up to the same members arguing and taking politics into every topic.
    We banned political talk for a while to calm it down, some left, requested their accounts to be closed. Others sulked about not having freedom of speech.
    Freedom of speech has never existed on this forum, we have terms of use which the majority are enforced by advertising partners. 
    Most members happily post within those guidelines and never cause us any issues. Others, and it’s the same group I’m waking up to each morning are going off at each other in topics outside of football. It’s boring. 
    It’s boring having to read comments where members are attacking moderators, which may I remind you do not get paid and if they all contacted me today and resigned from their positions I would close the forum. 
    This forum would not be able to exist without them it’s that simple.
    They don’t always get it right, I don’t always get it right, we’re not robots and we do what we feel is right at the time for the good of the forum.
    The funny thing is, one minute I see comments that we over moderate, can’t say anything without it being removed or warned. The next this forum has become a toxic or hostile place. Both can’t be true can it?
    I’m nearing the point of going full on North Korea, removing members without warnings, banning all political talk and anything news related. Then I could enjoy a few drinks on a Saturday night and not having to worry about my phone going off alerting me to a petty squabble because a Labour and Conservative voting members cannot agree on how to run the country and feel the need to drag it around the forum.
    In fact, here is where I’m at, for the next 24 hours I am removing the 30 day cooldown policy on closing forum accounts.
    If any member would like their account removed, send me a private message and I will close your account instantly without reply.
    If you do not like the moderation of this forum, contact me, ask for your account to be removed.
    If you feel victimised, targeted by moderators, contact me, ask for your account to be removed. 
    If you don’t like me or the message behind this post, contact me, ask for your account to be removed.
    If you don’t feel capable of accepting others opinions without arguing, using profanity and insults towards other members, contact me, ask for your account to be removed.
    If you ignore this, continue to argue with other members, use profanity, insults towards other members or complain about moderation I will remove your account. 
    Try me.
    I don’t care if you’ve been on the forum 10 years, have over 10,000 posts and a popular member on the forum, you will be removed.
    I’m not doing this anymore, I don’t have to do this anymore. 
    We’re in lockdown, a global pandemic has taken hold and whilst people are sat out front of their houses, getting to know their neighbours, going shopping for the vulnerable and generally being nice to each other, some are spending their days arguing, insulting and complaining about this forum and my moderators.
    It stops today. Be nice, or go away. 
  2. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to Stagtime in ANZAC Day 2020   
    It was a moving ANZAC day dawn service this morning with everyone out in the driveways with candles this year instead of the Avenue of Honour. In case you don’t know ANZAC day is our equivalent of  Remembrance Day. April 25 1915 marks the anniversary of the first major military action of Australian and New Zealand troops when they landed at dawn at Gallipoli Turkey.
    My father who was born in Derby served his adopted country in both Malaya and Vietnam. So today I will raise a toast to all the current and ex servicemen around the world to thank them for their Sacrifice for their respective countries. Lest we forget.
    Dad returning home from Vietnam 1968 and a replica copy of his service medals.

  3. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to David in Colonel (was Captain) Tom Moore   
    I know we have our own little fundraiser for Derby City Mission food bank, but Captain Tom Moore, or should I say SIR Captain Tom Moore wanted to raise £350k for the NHS by walking 100 lengths of his garden by his 100th birthday.
    He’s now raised over 8 million pounds, what a man 👏👏
    (Please don’t turn this political, let’s just appreciate what the man has achieved)
  4. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to Boycie in I am not copeing with this lockdown   
    There a thread on here where someone’s is offering a shoulder to cry on if they’re feeling down I think.
    stay strong mate, this will just be one of the bad days, you were having a good day when you offered help to others.
  5. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to Mucker1884 in HAPPY B4LATED BIRTHDAY...   
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock...
    All these days are merging into one!  Looks like I'm not the only one losing track of the day's!
    Wishing a very happy birthday to our very own Cheerleader, even if it is a day late!
    Keep yer chin up, @B4ev6is.  Hopefully not long until we can all come out to play again!  We'll be straight round to yours to give you the bumps!
    ...And don't forget we all love you so much, we even adopted your birthday song so we all wash our hands properly!
    All together now...
    Happy Birthday to you...
    Keep smiling buddy.

  6. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to Boycie in Electrical Advice Needed   
    Move aside.
    have you tried switching it off and on again?
  7. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to B4ev6is in Coronavirus   
    Well I am just glad I was able to help and I am here for everyone.
  8. Like
    Don't Panic reacted to ramit in Coronavirus   
    Am both hugely relieved and quite embarrassed.  My mother has gotten her test results, they were negative for the virus.  The fever she felt she had was non existent, her apparent dry cough had cleared up yesterday and she is right as rain and the weakness she felt on Thursday can be attributed to exercises she did in her day program.  Thank you to all who showed care through emoji's and a special thank you to @B4ev6is who has been in constant pm contact with me.  You are a terrific human being.
  9. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to rammieib in Coronavirus   
    Government would be  blamed whatever they did here. No win situation.
    Didnt join the EU Ventilation scheme - the one that hasn't delivered a single ventilator to any country in Europe.
    Furlough scheme introduced very quickly at 80% - much higher rate than other countries, in Germany its 60% (67% for families).
    Still an element of freedom - you're not banned from leaving your house. Spain, France, Italy all have more severe restrictions and just imagine living in China.
    PPE - was always going to be issues but I read on Twitter the many hospitals which are perfectly OK. This is ignored as it's not fashionable for the media.
    The media dont realise yet just how important they are. Every story is negative, attacking and striking fear. The good stuff we see is pushed into the darker reaches to find, the 100 year olds who fight it off, etc. I hate this about our country. Even the BBC should do better.
  10. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to i-Ram in Coronavirus   
    Joe works in the NHS. The ones flouting the guidelines will be mixing with others who have a careless disregard for others. More potential COVID cases which I am sure Joe and my NHS family could well do without.
  11. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to SchtivePesley in New joke thread   
    There's going to be a round of applause for couriers and delivery drivers. 

    It will be some time between 9am and 5pm tomorrow.
  12. Haha
    Don't Panic reacted to David in NFL 2020 Season   
  13. Like
    Don't Panic got a reaction from ketteringram in Apple   
    Easy issue to resolve...
    If it was me id buy the 13” apple mac pro with 256gb and then ask the mrs to pay for the 1TB upgrade if she really think she needs it.
    Given we will have a few weeks of stay at home working / isolation she cant kick you out in that time so gives time for her to calm down - by that time she will be on the cloud 👍🤪
  14. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to SaintRam in Coronavirus   
    All good, folks. 
    Back working (from home) today; I've spent the past 4-5 days sleeping for 20 or so hours a day waiting for the fever to break 😄 
    Bit mad it was so severe for me for so long; not consistent with most my age - I suspect it had a re-lapse of some form but I slept through the part where I was feeling better. Only symptoms I still have don't affect my ability to work; a (very) slight occasional shortness of breath and I still completely lack all sense of smell and taste (although some would say I never had the latter).
  15. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to RamNut in Who’s legs....   
    @RandomAccessMemory just smashed it!!
  16. Clap
    Don't Panic got a reaction from Pearl Ram in Derby in advanced talks with American billionaire Michael Dell over major financial injection   
    Jib ?  I got it he is the crane operator installing the new stadium roof 🤔
  17. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to TigerTedd in Working from Home   
    So I’m an it trainer normally. But no one wants classroom based teaching at the minute, and they don’t care too much about remote learning, prefer just to wait til all this blows over. But I can’t really wait that long. 
    so while we’ve got no work on, me and my fellow trainers have set up a website called www.remoteheroes.co.uk, where we’ll be posting all sorts of tips about home working. Not just tech tips and useful software, but also best practice and looking after your mental health. 
    our first live, free webinar is tomorrow at 2pm, all about Microsoft Teams. We’ve been practicing today. 
    all free, as we have nothing better to do, but obviously the hope is well find a few new clients out of all of it.
    so if you’re worried, or getting used to it, hopefully we’ll have some stuff on there to help, over the coming days and weeks. 
  18. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to bigbadbob in Coronavirus   
    This is by far your best post in this thread. Keep it up.
  19. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to B4ev6is in Wages cap   
    I work damn hard thankyou very much and earn my money. And when got stud down I was guttied and believe or not I have very happy memories.
  20. Like
    Don't Panic reacted to Tamworthram in Holiday plans 2020   
    I guess insurance policies vary. 
    Hopefully I'm OK given my policy says the following:

  21. Haha
    Don't Panic reacted to Danelaw Rams in Matches suspended   
    Gibson to sue the Government!....as gathering of large crowds is not a issue at Middlesbrough!

  22. Clap
    Don't Panic reacted to Van Cone De Head in Coronavirus   
    If anyone who can’t get out starts to struggle getting hold of anything supply wise as this goes on,put it on here and we’ll try and organise something.
  23. Like
    Don't Panic reacted to i-Ram in Coronavirus   
    I know for many this virus remains an opportunity for a joke. I am not against that - humour can be light relief.  I do think however the fact that a good many elderly (and younger people) might die because of a virus that currently we have no antidote for is a much, much more serious matter than the general populace thinks.  I am very concerned for my parents, both in their 80s, who might be prone to respiratory difficulties.
  24. Haha
    Don't Panic reacted to Pearl Ram in Radio Derby   
    I’m sure I’ve read this word for word somewhere else tonight. 🤔
  25. Cheers
    Don't Panic got a reaction from jono in v Bristol City (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Oh Well.....  
    I thought we bossed it in midfield but first half we were to slow in trying to whip crosses into the box like we did in the second half which they struggled with.
    Our Achilles heal is we really struggle to stop crosses coming in and with Hamer not coming off his line he really leave the CB’s exposed trying to deal with high balls into the box
    Didn’t get the rub of the green tonight with the officials but we showed some fight which bodes well IMO
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