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  1. Clap
    SKRam got a reaction from Rampage in mo55y's Prediction League updates, 2020/21 season.   
    I did incredibly well considering I had us down for a W pretty well every game but a draw yesterday ūüí™ūüėé
  2. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Ramarena in A message from the top   
    I imagine there was as bigger sigh of relief in the boardroom as there was from the fans at the final whistle!
    I think Mel is genuine, he’s just made some big and costly mistakes that have cost him and the club dearly......(especially this season).
    This should be a busy summer, lots of things need changing/putting right starting with the ownership. So hopefully this is the start of improved communication as the required changes are made.
    Otherwise the rumour mill will start churning out rubbish in the void
  3. Haha
    SKRam reacted to Gaspode in A message from the top   
    Any chance you could go for a practice drive? - absolutely no reason for you to rush back….
  4. Clap
    SKRam reacted to SouthStandDan in A message from the top   
    Boooooo club statement apologising for the season.... boooooooooo
    What else can they do at this point? The club will be taken over subject to EFL checks.
  5. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Nuwtfly in A message from the top   
    Actions, of course, speak louder than words. So, let’s wait and see.
    Definitely happy to have some communication at last, though. 
  6. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Lander in A message from the top   
    It’s not a negative view at all, I think it’s positive that they’ve come out and started the process of moving forwards. I’m just waiting to see something materialise before I make any proper judgment.
  7. COYR
    SKRam reacted to richinspain in A message from the top   
    Typical negative Derby fans. We're going up as champions!
  8. Clap
    SKRam reacted to DCFC1976 in A message from the top   
    Damned if they do, damned if they don‚Äôt! ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ
  9. COYR
    SKRam reacted to Ramos in A message from the top   
    I think the point is - hopefully this statement is just the beginning of things heading back in a positive direction.
    In terms of communication with the fans and real action taken place in the summer to ensure the right recruitment, the right coaching staff and the right players are at the club for match day one of next season to make sure we are at least competitive next season - cause this season was beyond awful. Maybe the waghorn penalty really is the turning point, something we can pinpoint in about 5 years as to we wouldn’t be where we are without that goal. Here’s to hoping! 
  10. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Wolfie in A message from the top   
  11. Sad
    SKRam reacted to Srg in A message from the top   
    What a pointless statement. Prove it with actions. 
  12. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Tamworthram in A message from the top   
    Sadly, it seems some look for any opportunity to criticise the club.
  13. Clap
    SKRam reacted to DJFern94 in A message from the top   
    Jesus, how can people moan about the club taking responsibility. 
    Didn't have to make the statement and if they hadn't people probably wouldn't have batted an eyelid.
    Yes they have to now act on their words but overall, I'm glad they've accepted responsibility and shown a bit of class. 
  14. Like
    SKRam reacted to Tamworthram in A message from the top   
    What a pointless post.
    It doesn’t change anything but I thought it was an appropriate statement to apologise to, and recognise, the fans.
  15. COYR
    SKRam reacted to RIMBAUD in A message from the top   
    The club have offered he statement with a view to build/repair bridges, surely every reasonable fan should take it in that manner.
    That was last season here’s to a better one next up with many of our problems resolved. 
  16. Like
    SKRam reacted to MrPlinkett in A message from the top   
    I don't understand the negativity towards the statement, its basically saying i know its not been good enough, but we will endevour to make it right, watch this space.
    Seems fine by me, obviously today is not the time for going into specifics, but acknowledging the fact its not good enough is a positive statement in my opinion.
    I feel better having read that than if they hadnt posted anything at all.
  17. Like
    SKRam reacted to 86 Hair Islands in A message from the top   
    This conclusively proves that some fans will moan about anything and everything¬†ūüėÜ
  18. Sad
    SKRam reacted to rammieib in A message from the top   
    What a pointless club statement.
  19. Like
    SKRam reacted to Ellafella in A message from the top   
    The words of MM. I heard he personally apologised to some fans outside PP yesterday for ‚Äú the season you‚Äôve had to endure‚ÄĚ.
    I hope the Club can all get together soon - perhaps a Fans Forum to explain what’s in store for next season. I don’t know why but I have a great sense of optimism for us next year. 
  20. Like
    SKRam reacted to Pearl Ram in A message from the top   
    I like that. Now, we know talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words but I’m pleased that someone thought it a good idea to put that out.
    I‚Äôm very pleased the efforts of those at the ground yesterday was recognised. Hey, maybe that‚Äôs why the players went outside after the game, not for finishing 22nd, to thank the supporters for their encouragement. Who‚Äôd be embarrassed by that ? ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ
  21. Like
    SKRam reacted to Tamworthram in A message from the top   
    You know, I was going to say, ‚Äúa classy statement - accepting this year hasn‚Äôt been acceptable, recognising the fans and offering an apology‚Ä̬†and wondering how long it would take for someone to post a negative view. It seems to have taken you less than a minute.
  22. Haha
    SKRam reacted to RadioactiveWaste in A message from the top   
    Yeah, but I'll just hang on until Percy or Nickleson run with it as well.
  23. Like
    SKRam reacted to Rammy03 in A message from the top   
  24. Like
    SKRam reacted to mozza in mo55y's Prediction League updates, 2020/21 season.   
    Final positions in the 20/21 Prediction League updated on 9/5/2021 to yet another dramatic conclusion..
    gfs1ram    68 ----------CHAMPION
    Cisse    67 ------------ RUNNER UP
    jimtastic56    63
    Rampage    59
    chewbacca    56
    r4derby    55
    BodminRam    54
    gccrowdpleaser    54
    Mick Brolly    52
    ColonelBlimp    50
    JarodyDCFC    50
    rammieib    48
    Topram    48
    BOB BIGGS    47
    LeedsCityRam    47
    Mckram    47
    timlondinium    47
    Woodley Ram    47
    dcfc the 1 4me    46
    rynny    46

    Saul    45
    DCFC1388    44
    Jimbo Ram    44
    SKHunter    42
    harwich ram    41
    Kamikaze    41
    Wolfie    41
    ramant62    40
    TheHospitalier    38
    Amberram    37
    Dethorn    37
    Marriott Ram99    37
    Rampant    37
    FindernRam    36
    ilsonram12    36
    JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta    36
    StevenageRam    36
    TimRam    36
    Van der MoodHoover    36
    Jourdan    35
    WharfedaleRam    35
    1967Ram    34
    dabber    33
    Jase116    33

    mozza    33
    Premier ram    33
    RadioactiveWaste    33
    Half Fan Half Biscuit    32
    Malty    32
    RamNut    32
    Will Hughes Hair    32
    BarrowRam    30
    Brammie Steve    30
    Carnero    30
    cstand    30
    BramcoteRam84    29
    DesertRam    29
    Turk Thrust    29
    Asanovic70    28
    hintonsboots    28
    lukedcfc    28
    PendineRam    28
    Rich84    27
    Roboram    27
    Steve How Hard?    27
    ziggyram59    27
    angieram    26
    Beetroot    26

    CBRammette    26
    Dordogne-Ram    26
    Ramsamwidge    25
    Wolfie20    25
    Kenavo    24
    ram1964    24
    SKRam    24
    TexasRam    24
    BriggRam    23
    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong    23
    OohMartWright    23
    Abu Derby    22
    archram    22
    ramit    22
    BucksRam    21
    europia    21
    Old Sawley Popside    21
    Rample    21
    sheeponacid    21
    Yani P    21
    86 Hair Islands    20
    Lurky    20
    Mos_Ram    20
    swansea ram    19

    Ted McMinn Football Genius    19
    True Ram    19
    Mucker1884    18
    StarterForTen    18
    bucktwo    17
    Elgin_Ram    17
    jimbo jones    17
    Keepyuppy    17
    MidWalesRam    17
    BathRam72    16
    Chris_Martin    16
    Rab a dab doo    16
    StrawHillRam    16
    Xlor    16
    JustOneBiblicalKazim    15
    REDCAR    14
    samwcave    14
    superzak    14
    Jayram    13
    Dean_Saunders    12
    Wistaston Ram    12
    admira    11
    CumbriaRam    11
    DCFClks    11

    irobinson    11
    ViewsFromTheMiddle    11
    Kernow    10
    Ram-a-lama fa fa fa    10
    Robert Earnshws Workrate    10
    Slaapwekkend P    10
    BuckoBeast    9
    EraniosSocks    9
    Finch    9
    Foxy Ram    9
    jcidaho    9
    LazloW    9
    TomTom92    9
    uttoxram75    9
    WhiteHorseRam    9
    Ambitious    8
    Black ('n'White) Sheep    8
    Gisby    8
    ImARam2    8
    RamDotFi    8
    Simmo's left foot    8
    Addingham Ram    7
    NG2Ram    7
    rusgb    7

    Shaftesbury Street    7
    dantheram    6
    Eddie    6
    Justa    6
    Theres's Only Wan Chope    6
    Turnstile    6
    JMC    5
    Sfox1993    5
    bimmerman    4
    BrudeRAM    4
    Diego    4
    Eargasm    4
    HonitonRam    4
    jono    4
    minesahartington    4
    neil62uk    4
    papa_lazarou    4
    Simon Bradley    4
    StevoRam    4
    SWRam    4
    twinkletoes    4
    AGR    3
    atherstoneram    3
    66DegreesNorth    3

    dcfcreece1601    3
    DerbyRam!    3
    dilkie    3
    Donegal Ram    3
    eccles the ram    3
    erathirea    3
    Gee SCREAMER !!    3
    Grimbeard    3
    Gritty    3
    Ghost of Clough    3
    Hathersage Ram    3
    King Ramses lll    3
    Monty    3
    oohmarkwright    3
    oldtimeram    3
    Ratpackram    3
    Sparkle    3
    The Scarlet Pimpernel    3
    Anag Ram    2
    Anna    2
    B4ev6is    2
    Cocu_Doodle_Do    2
    DarkFruitsRam7    2
    dingleram    2

    Eaststander7    2
    England Ram    2
    Ellafella    2
    Fla Ram    2
    FunkyRam    2
    JAT    2
    KBRam    2
    LeBarbe    2
    Leeds Ram    2
    leroyoftherovers    2
    MickD    2
    mr kia    2
    Mostyn6    2
    MK-Ram    2
    Nick_Ram    2
    1of4    2
    Raving    2
    richinspain    2
    Saturn5    2
    Scott129    2
    Shipley Ram    2
    Sinistra ram rousse    2
    Tyler Durden    2
    VulcanRam    2

    BBG83    1
    Bearwood Ram    1
    BirkdaleRam    1
    Blondest Goat    1
    Bobthesock    1
    ck-    1
    Coconut    1
    Dean Saunders hat trick    1
    Derbytom    1
    EtoileSportiveDeDerby    1
    Gaspode    1
    GeneralRam    1
    GenBr    1
    gravyboat    1
    Gritstone Ram    1
    joooools    1
    Jram    1
    kevinhectoring    1
    LeedsRam1999    1
    lrm14    1
    Mafiabob    1
    MackworthRamIsGod    1
    mrdave85    1
    NottsRammy    1

    one_chop    1
    OUTSIDER    1
    Ramley Apple    1
    Remy the hare    1
    r_wilcockson    1
    Tiverton Ram    1
    YouRams    1
    Final Placings..
     Congratulations @gfs1ram on winning the whole darn thing in the very last minute, commiserations to @Cisse who has led for a good while this season, only to blow it at the very last hurdle.
    Thanks to all participants,
  25. Haha
    SKRam reacted to Rammy03 in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Am I missing something here? Why is he so bitter? 
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