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  1. Haha
    SKRam reacted to nottingram in Loan to Purchase   
    Who does he play for?
  2. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Jimbo Ram in Loan to Purchase   
    You beat me to it👍
  3. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Terry Hennessy in Ivan Toney   
    ....yes Tom Ince - not Paul. Tom undoubtably will be on eye watering money though....
  4. Like
    SKRam reacted to Cocu_Doodle_Do in Ivan Toney   
    Is he not very similar to jack marriott? Both had prolific season at posh. Both short and fast with good finishing.  
    Wouldnt make sense. Lets try get a fully fit jack a long run in the side to see if hes got it at this level as he has shown on occassion.
  5. Like
    SKRam reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Ivan Toney   
    Cha! The Darragh MacAnthony playbook...
    1) Tell the whole world that Derby and a bunch of clubs are after half his team
    2) Pretend the fees being offered are 'laughable' when none have even been offered
    3) Smear it all over Twitter and brag it was him who scouted the player in the first place
    4) Whine like a baby when it doesn't happen 
    Jog on Darragh ya gobshite 😋
  6. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Tyler Durden in Ivan Toney   
    He won't be coming am afraid, he is very wary of what is going on at our club at the moment.
    I know this as an anagram of his name is No Naivety.
  7. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Sparkle in Ivan Toney   
    I am sure Peterborough would like an auction to take place but I don’t think we would be involved at anywhere near what they would want 
  8. Clap
    SKRam reacted to nogbad van 50 in Ivan Toney   
    No thanks,we’ve had enough one-season wonders here.Would like to think Cocu has someone from Europe with a decent footballing pedigree in his thinking .
  9. Clap
    SKRam reacted to duncanjwitham in Ivan Toney   
    Is he not another 'hanging on the last man's shoulder'/goal-poacher type too (a bit like Marriott), that we're going to struggle to accommodate in a team that wants to play out from the back?
  10. Clap
    SKRam reacted to DcFc Dyycheee in Ivan Toney   
    Would take him but doubtful we have that money to spend. Then again I thought that last summer and we went an spent £8m on Bielik. 
  11. Like
    SKRam reacted to The Scarlet Pimpernel in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    The value of someone likely to score a goal out of nothing shouldn't be underrated. Goals turn games. 
  12. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Stockport Ram in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    I doubt anyone on here thinks that Wilson is as good as Mount.
    All I'd add is that Wilson appeared far less effective during the post-Accrington spell when Mount was out of the side. His best games always seemed to coincide with Mount playing.
    Nonetheless, a fantastic set piece taker, and always, ALWAYS looking to attack the opposition, I loved watching him.
    I was sat in the Alex Ferguson Stand with my Manure supporting son (who had bought the tickets as a birthday present for me)  when that free kick flew in. I was, for obvious reasons, sat ON my hands, but he turned round to me and said "Phwoar, WHAT  a free kick that was!"
  13. Haha
    SKRam reacted to reverendo de duivel in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    "Harry Wilson, he's probably worth £1.5m" and he'd be ours by now.
  14. Like
    SKRam reacted to Grumpy Git in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    Notice how many of those goals involve Jack Marriott too. I hope the lad comes-out fighting fit (for probably the first time since he signed) when we go again next season?
  15. Cheers
    SKRam reacted to RamNut in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    Promotion from the Premier League....🥴
  16. Haha
    SKRam reacted to KBB in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    Then a team of cloggers rock up, beat us 2-0 with goals from corners and injure all 3 for the season with "50/50" challenges.
    I'm looking at you stoke.
  17. Clap
    SKRam reacted to IslandExile in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    I used to say, without hesitation, that Bruce Rioch was the best striker of a free kick that we'd ever had but I think Wilson tops him. He was that good for us 🐏 who cares about Bournemouth?
  18. Cheers
    SKRam reacted to Derbados in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    Imagine a squad made up of Tomori, Mount, Wilson, Bird, Knight, Sibley and Rooney in it. . . 
    Jesus Christ imagine some of the goals we’d be treated to seeing, howitzers left right and centre 
  19. Clap
    SKRam reacted to G STAR RAM in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    Quite possibly, if its only his goals that count though it seems strange that Bournemouth didnt play him.
    A big leap to assume he would have scored 18 goals in this team.
  20. Haha
    SKRam reacted to reverendo de duivel in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    He's as good as signed mate.
    Mel Morris, he buys who he wants!
  21. Like
    SKRam reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    What a highlight reel that is! Most players don't have that many belters in their career let alone one season. How many from outside the box too? 😍
  22. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Big Trav in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    Very strange that they decided to post it now 😂😂maybe our admins trying to remind him how he loves this club 😂on another note may aswell ask Liverpool and Chelsea for Wilson and tomori. Worst they can say is no 
  23. Like
    SKRam reacted to IslandExile in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    I agree with both of you. They'll be looking to sell him. It's just that watching the RamsTV video reminded me of the quality of his goals.
    It also looks like Tomori will be leaving Chelsea. I just wish we had the money....
  24. Clap
    SKRam reacted to IslandExile in Harry Wilson - just sayin'   
    There are many others who have scored more goals for Derby County than Harry Wilson but I doubt that there are many with such a high proportion of high quality strikes.
    Some great team goals and high pressure penalties aside, the superb strikes from outside the box are incredible. It got to the stage where a free kick was almost as good as a goal....what a portfolio.
    We couldn't borrow him again, could we?
    Or do we have to get promoted, just so we can buy him? 🐏
  25. Like
    SKRam got a reaction from Nookiebear1 in Who will be our first signing   
    I’ve started eating Edam cheese again as a sign of how Dutch we are going to become. 🇳🇱 Happy Days. ‘‘Tis from the shores of the Netherlands I tell ya. (But I don’t know any more than that) 
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