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  1. Hope Curtis wasn’t watching, he’ll be getting ideas
  2. He should walk every game
  3. I do feel for Steve Bruce. Met him a couple of times many moons ago after Saunders had skinned him at OT. Really lovely fella. He’s better off outta there anyway
  4. Jonjo Shelvey 🤣🤣🤣
  5. No use at all we know we always reboot anyone’s season who’s on a nightmare run
  6. That Spurs kit…. I think I like it
  7. What the Lord giveth the Lord taketh away
  8. … and they’re losing. Permission to snigger
  9. Jamie Paterson on fire today what a game he’s having
  10. Like wise…. I gave a good number away to someone off here but specific years so still have many from 80s/90s.
  11. When’s he next on SSN …. Curly fingers Curtis please explain
  12. So close now. This is horrible…… but might just be outstanding
  13. Kamara SSN saying Sheff Utd players convinced ref. Suppose your players would but is ref just a soft arse ?
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