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  1. I’m not well up on much football in Scotland @CWC1983, I’ll watch some of these games especially teams like Kilmarnock. Sounds like you follow it mate, be great seeing some talent go all the way. I saw Patrick Thistle many years ago but that’s my lot sadly. I know Ross County have done incredibly well, good luck to them
  2. When the Brentford players neck attacked Mitrovics hand you knew it was game over
  3. Didn’t know we’d loaned them a keeper
  4. Brentford. I’d think majority of Rams would prefer Brentford too. Just saying. Depends if Mitrovic fit too. He’d make quite a difference but be great to see Bees make it this time. And Fulham continue to irritate me for some reason, nothing to do with Cyrus Christie I promise
  5. You have an allegiance to Notts County @angieram? It ok I’ll not tell anyone. Is allegiance too strong a word?! 🙆‍♂️
  6. I’m struggling with Motherwell kit. Just had a look at the history of their kits. Their 1877 was a thing of beauty but current colours leave me relieved I’m not a Motherwell fan
  7. I’d import the Rugby League refs, and they could stick to RL rules too
  8. Just home from work having a look at Ross County v Motherwell. Blimey if they brought the Texaco Cup back you’d not want these away!!
  9. How was the game @angieram ? I’ve just checked the score, was partaking in some alcohol yesterday and forgot to check. Brilliant!
  10. I used to rate this ref. Now I place him in the Michael Oliver camp. That’s not a good place to be
  11. Lampard going off Wembley more and more
  12. Every ducking game I see so many foul throws. Commentators say naff all and so rare they are pulled up. Really does my nipples in
  13. Refs are getting worse and worse. Yes all the play acting is making it harder for them but with the added tec why are games being ruined by decisions like that
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