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really dont understand this post.

how is it that at any point in the season the championship will split.

The top 4 look like they might create a bit of a gap, but other than that, im sure the sides will be as close together all season and every single win will see you climb a place or 2 , every draw or defeat will see you fall a place or 2.

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I see 4 groups in the NPC but as for places they will fluctuate game by game.

I can't see anyone other than the top 4 gaining automatic promotion..

I also can't see any of the bottom 6 being any different, Cov, Donny, Forest, Bristol City, Millwall, Ipswich are relegation threatened..

Pompey, Watford and Peterborough seem comfortable lowermidtable

The rest ie. 5th to 15th are all as inconsistant as eachother, win 3 games on the spin and it looks like a playoff season, lose 3 games on the spin and it's all doom and gloom and a boring season.. Whilst some look stronger than others, as the season goes on I can see with 6 or 7 games to go literally those 10 teams still within a good run of grabbing the last 2 places 5th and 6th.

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