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Doing a good job?


Are the following were doing a good job  

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GSE - I don't know why they've bothered? They've bought a club a long way from home with no affinity to it and downsized it. No obvious plan. They're going nowhere and DCFC are going nowhere.

Tom Glick - GSE's man on the ground, Mr Spin. Lies to the fans every Spring to get people to buy season tickets then doesn't follow through on his words. Sounds like he knows nothing about English football and looks inept in transfer dealings.

Nigel Clough - Came to the club in the bottom half of the Championship with a brief to reduce the wage bill massively. Has done this and brought in some good cheaper players to enable DCFC to remain in the Championship. A difficult job in difficult circumstances. Has shown through the signings he's made that if given a decent Championship budget he could get the team into the Premier League.

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Yes - GSE have made the club financially secure.

No - Tom Glick likes his attention, likes to be the face of Derby County.

Yes - I'm one of those 'idiots' on the Nigel Clough band wagon. But really he hasn't done that bad a job and has given us a great start to the season and brought in some excellent players whilst being the reason Derby is more financially secure.

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