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Plymouth in trouble


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Plymouth argyle heading towards being wound up,

Heres a plea from one of their suppoerters on 606

Hello everyone. I am a Plymouth Argyle fan and I come in peace.

I'm not sure if you are aware of the situation our football club is in - but I'm trying to summon the help of as many football fans as I can, no matter what team or league we support / are in, to lend our club a hand.

We are VERY close to a situation where in the NOT SO DISTANT future our beloved club may cease to exist and we as Argyle fans are totally dismayed with this! We have a history of 124 years and we do not want this to die!

Our current board became greedy!! They focused on the World Cup bid and their grand ideas of property developments around Home Park stadium, to make their own wallets fat ... and in doing so, they took their eyes off our football club / running of our club.

Once it was known England hadn't been successful, we as fans were beginning to be told how bad our clubs financial situation was. We've been caught up in winding up orders, a transfer embargo, losing the better players we had, Sir Roy Gardener doing a runner on us and the majority shareholder, Kagami, not delivering the money he has promised to us, to keep our club afloat. It's such a mess we are in and we're all devastated. It seems so inconceivable to us to maybe not have a club to go to very soon.

THE HELP WE NEED ... We have a fan who lives in Japan, an hour away from Kagami's office and he initiated a petition for people to sign - of which he intends to hand deliver to Kagami, in a desperate bid to get him to come forth with the money he promised us and to see how much passion we have as fans, to want our club to survive.

I have come on your board to see if you would be generous enough to lend us a helping hand by signing our petition, to get the numbers up. We currently stand at 3,625 signatures and the petition is going to be handed over to Kagami this coming thursday.

The link is as follows; http://www.gopetition.com/petition/42254.html...

Thank you for taking the time to read this

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