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Our Transfer Window

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I have to say I have been very impressed by the way we have done business so far. Not sure who has been pulling the strings, but I guess it has been a supreme team effort. David Clowes promised we would have integrity and everything so far has been done very low key and in a highly professional manner. Far from the trumpet blaring days of Mel Morris. The previous moles at Derby have been caught in the traps, as there has been very little awareness of our business until it has been finalised.

From comments made by our signings, there has been lots of hard work undertaken for a few months in trying to attract the new signings to Pride Park and Paul Warne has obviously impressed with his style and rhetoric. His critics must be wringing their hands in angst! Shout out too for our head of recruitment.

Also, to whoever is negotiating the deals, we have got some quality players (I think) without spending any money! Hopefully our jigsaw will be completed in the next week or so with our new strikers.

Without getting too carried away I am really looking forward to the season - we still have to do it on the pitch. Yes, I can still hear the Warne critics saying our tactics have to be better!

But in the meantime well done to everyone at the Club - very impressive Mr Clowes, Warne etc etc. WE HAVE OUR CLUB BACK!


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17 minutes ago, simmoram1995 said:

Well from the sound of things 

Paul Warne = says who he wants or positions he wants 

then head of recruitment + scouts find the players 

Stephen Pearce - negotiates the contracts 

That’s a bit of a revolutionary concept. I’m sure it will never catch on. 😀

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Excellent transfer window so far. Very impressed with the quality of our signings and they all fit the system PW wants to play. 

All without spending a penny up front. Quite remarkable really. 

Excited to see who the attackers will be and can’t wait for the season to start

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