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On 17/04/2021 at 16:26, Andicis said:

Our most overrated keeper is at Man City. I'm continuously surprised how with every passing year Carson becomes more and more over valued. He was crap his last season here, hence why he got dropped. 

When you Google Scott Carson the early years..


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Have to agree that Marshall is overrated. He's alright, but he has this annoying habit of making saves look more difficult than they actually are. Many of his best saves are actually quite straightforward and made to look good. His ability is very similar to Roos' but I can't stand watching Roos as his card has been marked by our more toxic fans waiting for him to make an error and it's horrible to watch with the anticipation of him getting hammered for minor mistakes.  

Having said that he is a decent Championship keeper in a poor Championship team and we have bigger problems elsewhere. 

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On 17/04/2021 at 10:15, TheresOnlyWanChope said:

Roos doesn’t make many ‘howlers’ and I would argue Marshall has made a lot of incredible saves. The best keeper we have had in recent years is Carson. The amount of points we gained with him in goal was impressive. Between Carson and Keogh with last ditch tackles and clearances / saves. It may have been 16/17 I can’t remember but around that time. 

Yep, Carson by far the best in recent times. That's why he's earning big bucks at ManCity. Albeit warming the bench.....

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