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If you could live life in any movie...

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6 hours ago, ariotofmyown said:

Pacino in Scarface. Say hello to my little friend.

Anyone see that article years ago with powell and carsley- might have been four four two.

They used to go to each others houses on Friday nights to watch this to psyche themselves up for the Saturday match .  No idea how we dominated championship ( division 1 ) midfields with them and the very timid Van Der Laan.

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Pleasantville-  Derby have just done the treble for the fifth time in five years .  Forest are playing Bolsover in the Midlands carpet alliance division 4 having suffered there seventh straight relegation . This is caused by a domino effect of adding  50 million to there wage bill in 2018/19 for three portugese no marks and a load of journeymen midfielders   -  89 year old Daryl Murphy is still upfront.

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On 04/01/2019 at 09:25, Chester40 said:

LOTR?? Christ....can't see that even though I love the films. Walking through vast wastelands with Orcs roaming freely?

Grease I have seen maybe half of (not my cup of tea) but I love that era/feel so think that would be a better choice. Life of innocence, fun, sunny days, beach parties etc. 

Simples ....   @AmericanRam can easily fulfill his dream by moving to Mansfield

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22 minutes ago, Cisse said:

Rio Bravo. When men were men and had some integrity and women were strong but still feminine.

You remind me of Walter Brennan.

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