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Peter Stringfellow


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Lived and worked just off Long Acre before moving to Oxford and used to see him at on occasions tottering around in the early hours, usually with an appreciably younger maiden on each arm. Think he'd be returning from the Atlantic Bar & Grill or early morning / late night breakfasts at Harry's Bar. This would be 20 years back now. Struck me he always had a big poo-eating grin on his face, doubtless 'well-earned' too! He lived a life, that's for sure. 

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On 07/06/2018 at 11:02, i-Ram said:

Now something we call all agree on.

Lets raise a glass to the great man, and the fine work he did for promoting women, and raising the glass ceiling.


He loved glass ceilings - so that he could look up women's skirts.

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