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promation hopes still good


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We are still in good shape and a win on saturday could see close the gap on leeds it should be still 0-0 against blackburn rovers. I think a good win against newcastle could be the tonic to really kick us on. I think football we played showed we are improving and craig bryson is getting back to that form were he was when he scored 15 goals he is looking sharp again. 2 goals in two games if he can score 10 goals for rest of the season that would be a decent return. We have max low coming back and cryrus christie playing again which gives a different demation to go and attack teams. We have birda I really did not like him but will give him cridit he has really done a fanstic job in that position.

As fans we need to try and sell out at pp a bit more but also at midweek away games as much as we can. Yes we have have sold out newcastle of which I am going to on saturday. I really can not wait I am buzzing but we need everyone at top voice but out sing that lot not going to be easy but we can do it.

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Let's hope Mac 'keeps their feet on the ground' and keeps telling them to enjoy it and go out and express themselves. The signs are positive at the moment. Bryson coming good. Baird solid with some surprisingly good passes being made. Ince looks quality. Defending from the whole team, apart from a few shaky moments, is good. Basically we're playing as a team which is great considering the awful start to this season.

Fingers crossed it continues.:thumbsup:

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