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We currently have the 7th best defence in the league (from goals conceded)... Which I keep seeing pundits claiming is the silver lining in the turd of a start to the season...

Do we really consider this to be an improvement?

Last season we had the 5th best defence, the big collapse season 8th and the playoff final season 7th...

Yet in those seasons we were 5th, 4th and 1st top scorers respectively (Haven't done the maths but I suspect we have scored more goals than anyone else over the last 3 seasons)

This time last year we had conceded 6 (scored 7), season before 10 (scored 15!) season before 10 (scored 14)...

Just a thought anyway... Do we see this as good enough? Are we going to get better at defending from here? Will we eventually score a total of 15 goals this season?

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