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Mats Morch


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I sat next to Mats Morch at the U21 game today. Top bloke. Chatted loads about the game and Derby in general. 

Obviously I don't want to breach any confidences, though he was very diplomatic anyway.

He loves Derby as a place and a club. He thinks Hughes is the most skilful player, but Thorne and Martin are our best players. The player he most admires and the most improved player is Bucko.

He is hoping the latest op on his shoulder will stop it dislocating again.

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Where is he now? Quite poor tekkers from watching him warm up. 

Poor tekkers and your days are always numbered as a keeper. Unless you have great agility, but even then, as that slows with age, you fade. Barthez, Cudicini etc. 

Morch didn't look the most agile either though. 

Grants tekkers have improved vastly so think he will play to a decent age. 

*tekkers is a really annoying term

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