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Never thought I'd say this but....


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....Come on Forest.

Another downside of a promotion challenging campaign is having to cheer on teams like Forest. First celebrating a dirty Leeds win to be immediately followed by hoping to God Forest win on Tuesday to allow a potential six-point gap to third.

As long as Forest lose every game this season other than against top six sides then that's fine with me!

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We were watching the Boro-Leeds game in the Swan in utch before we left for the match. Never known a group of Derby fans shouting "come on leeds" before in my life!

The gumps can do one though....we don't need their help, we've squeezed in front, we'll do it now, i can feel it in me watter!


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Leeds to beat Boro...maybe.

Forest...no way. I hope Boro tank them.

I actually quite like this Boro team. They are very easy on the eye and have some really good players. I think they'd be a credit to the Premiership. Their manager Karanka is set for big things.

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Glad I missed that match!

I must admit I was delighted that Weeds turned Boro over so unexpectedly. 

The 11 minutes Fergie time would probably have felt like the time added on the Wolves vs Leeds(!) game in 1972 for those who recall that night.

I don't suppose Leeds supporters gave Rams fans a passing thought at 1415 on Saturday but It isn't often I like them to win.

i think the last time was against FC Malmo. Oh, sorry, that was the Gumps!

Maybe it was against Colchester in 1971 or Sunderland in 1973 but they lost them both.

suppose there has to be a first time for everything.........even Millwall, who knows?

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