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Gary Mackay-Steven


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It will be a bargain for whatever club gets him. It won't be an overly large fee and Dundee Utd are going to have to be smart because correct me if I'm wrong, but can't English sides sign a pre-agreement with him now?


If they reject an offer and he agrees a deal with an English club they lose him for nothing. I'd like to see him here but I doubt he'd dislodge our wingers and our aim is the PL which I'm not sure he'd be ready to crack just yet.


JR is better.

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Blimey we must be on the up. I swear that 5 or 6 months ago virtually 50% of this forum were jizzing their pants watching and sharing keepy-up videos, and spouting FIFA 14 stats about how he scores 95 for killing a ball dead with his todger. Today, other than Kernow who wasn't around at the time, I don't find anyone on here thinking it might be a decent purchase, even with a cheeky

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