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Playing Tired


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A fair amount was made in pre-season about heading into the games tired. Some claimed it was leading to injuries, but I think it's fair to say it lead to unexciting pre season games - which is fine.

However, now the season is a good chunk in and the stats are there for all to see. We are yet to concede in the final 10 minutes, and I believe we have scored 8 or more in the same period (without looking).

Seems like McClaren may have known what he was doing.

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I still think we knackered thorne and buxton

I'm not giving up that opinion even if it was proved wrong.

Love the stubbornness there.

Ps can't see how it broke Thorne. He was injured in the first half of his first game.

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Quote from Stevie Mac


'Ultimately the club do suffer in the end because they do play an extra two games that you could do without at club level.

'We look at our players at Derby and they're tired. We've just played seven games in 20 days before this international break.

'I would love to phone Martin O'Neill and Gordon Strachan and say 'look our players are too tired', but I'm afraid once they go with the international teams we're relying on them.

'Everyone's honest and open and I'm sure we do look after the players, be that international or at the club, we want the best for every player. But they have to win football matches so if they're deemed fit to play they have to play and we can't do anything about it.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2796076/steve-mcclaren-backs-roy-hodgson-raheem-sterling-omission-admits-tired-derby-players-played-euro-2016-qualifiers.html#ixzz3H0ZbhMiX


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The guy off FL72 programme said he expected the Rams to remain in the top two until the end of the season. I agree with him. A nice little eight point cushion to third place is what we need now. Then we can blood more and more players in matches that we have already got under control. These players must be hanging on every word from McClaren. Most hilarious comment from McClaren this season was, "We had a chat about letting too many goals in" result was six consecutive sheets. This reinforces the idea that the players have massive confidence in McClaren's ability to get promotion his way. McClaren and Nicholson say that the Rams are a better, more mature side than last year. COYR. No predictions about the score tomorrow as I said 4 nil up to 7 nil against Blackpool. It would be nice to erase the 1 nill reverse against Wigan from last year by stuffing them though.

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