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Bris Vegas

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hey guys, seems most the posters on here have come over from the nep.

I'm currently back in England at the moment Joe, though I wish I was over in Brissy,

They're having some great weather there, not too hot, (around mid 30s) unlike Melbourne who are unfortunately having the bush fires.

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Depends whether you could sacrifice football for a better country.

I loved it last year when the Rams were in the PL, I went out with my mates on a satuday night to an outside bar, chatted up some beautiful women, then as soon as it struck midnight, ask the barman to press the red button on Fox Sports and switch over to the Rams match.

Despite the fact we lost everyweek, I still had some great nights out. Brisbane, and especially the sunshine coast, is as close to paradise as I've experienced.

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