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is it just me or is John O'Shea


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Really one of the softest most over rated centre halves to have ever played at top level.


He's captain of Sunderland, playing away at Palace, a team they've got fancy their chances against, at least if they're not going to be involved at the wrong end of the table again and not only has he been a real nancy earlier in the game when conceding the first, he's just given away the most ridiculous penalty in the world, did anyone else notice the plum pointing to his head "rallying" his team mates as he got sent off? 


What the hell can he be saying?


"Come on lads, think about it now, use your common sense and don't do anything daft and we might still get something"


Are you totally mental O'Shea? You're supposed to be their leader. You've just dropped them in the cart by playing like a pansy, you've given the other team a likely 2-1 lead AND you've got sent off for making a challenge my 4 year old nephew wouldn't make.


How the hell is a top flight defender earning millions each year. What has the game come to when softies like him can play hundreds of games for club and country. I've not seen him outmuscle a forward in the 8 or 9 years he's been around.


If he's Sunderland captain and the supposed heart of their team, they're going to have real issues all season long.


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