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Offensive chanting.


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Ok, so we can't refer to men who like men and women who nosh on snatch anymore at a football match.

What about the opposing fans calling us "Sheep Shaggers"?

I was erring on the side of banter when the Forest lot chant that at us, I even laughed at the odd "mint sauce!" Comment that I would hear.


Should I feel violated like the sheep that I'm supposed to be pounding away at?

How should I react in the future?

What do you gays think?

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I think they should leave words mumbled, shouted and sang by men at football well alone. Its our only real sort of release from normality. We go through life constantly **** scared we might say something that we shouldn't but Saturday comes and everyone can...


Go home and wash the pots



Burn on a bonfire

The lot.

Leave us alone.

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