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Colin Gibson


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Don't know where to put this but .......................

Just switched on Radio Derby for 1pm sports news and they are off-air and fed in the news on Radio Nottingham, sorry to swear,  but guess who was doing the Sport.

Is it a permanent transfer  or a temporary cover?

Colin Gibson.


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Probably because of this...

Pamela Gupta @GuptaPamela 7 Aug

Know any freelance broadcast journalists available to work for a BBC radio station in the East Midlands? Please get in touch and pass on

Colin Gibson @colin_gibson160 4:37 AM - 7 Aug 13
@GuptaPamela I'm not bad at sport!!

Pamela Gupta @GuptaPamela 7 Aug
@colin_gibson160 ))))))





Looks like he's covering for someone.

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I know this is a light hearted thread and we all wish Colin well but could I mention a few names.

John McGovern, Peter Taylor, Archie Gemmill, and, who was that other one???? Oh yes, Brian Clough.

This has long been a two way street and the A51 has seen a few great legends of football burning a bit of rubber on it over the years.

Let's get over it and bring back Graham Richards! :cool:

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