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  1. The good players that we lost, because of the ignorance or ineptitude of our managers.
  2. Waghorn stays in. Lawrence out. Martin at 9 with Marriott in a 2.
  3. Worked fine in the Netherlands. Not a problem. PS Good to actually hear the crowd in the sound mix today. Added to the "enjoyment".....of a poor performance. It usually sounds like a morgue when broadcast from Pride Park.
  4. It's very simple. We need a better team selection and a better performance on Saturday. Nuff said. He needs more time, but it's hardly been reassuring so far.
  5. A total of 14 have left the playing staff since the end of the season, so seven new players in is to be expected, with the hint of further departures in due course..
  6. Absolutely right. The worst thing was it took 70 minutes to change it when it clearly wasn't working from well before halftime.
  7. The occasion clearly got to him. A bad mistake but so was the starting lineup. Experience needed all round.
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