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  1. WHY ARE WE WAI-TING? This takeover is a farce. It Iooks like we are being sold on to wasters who have no right to have control on our club....or we are in desperate financial straits because the current owner has pulled the plug. It needs to be sorted very quickly. Whoever is in charge next week, a lot of work needs to be done to get many fans back on side.
  2. It's for the game on Saturday. No decision expected on the manager until takeover goes through, say Sky..
  3. It's not what we think he would do, it is what he thinks he would do. According to a recent interview, he has been watching Derby a lot so must have a good idea of the set-up and its current failings. Which is a lot more than Rafa or Eddie Howe when a quick turnaround is essential.
  4. It was bizarre and a completely banal decision, especially after the Leeds performance. I still can't forgive him for throwing the game away, as well as waiting too long to make a change. A case of overthinking the tactics?
  5. Could be too late by then and anyway Cocu may already be gone if the deal goes through.
  6. How long does any decent manager require to make a mark on a team, good or bad?. Four years????
  7. Whoops. Apologies. Just read it again and got the gist. Roo on the bench Wednesday for me.
  8. Whaaat? Shinnie or Knight dropping.....astonishing.
  9. It is semantics really, but Cocu is Manager, not Head Coach. Check the DCFC website.
  10. Marshall 7 Byrne 7 Buchanan 6 Wisdom 6 Davies 7 Clarke 7 Shinnie 7 Bird 5 Knight 8 Jozwiak 6 Lawrence 6
  11. No No No. Ipswich fans literally dragged him out of the stadium at the end.
  12. ....to ensure relegation? Has to be by end of November.
  13. Derby's financial director Stephen Pearce has given a statement to BBC Sport broadly supporting the proposals, particularly the financial package for the EFL. However, he fails to address the other issues that are causing the most concern, although he doesn't see it as a power-grab..
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