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  1. Sorry but I am still not convinced by the new Tinker Man. Nine months nearly gone and he and his team are still evaluating the squad?!!
  2. So what's bigger than getting into the quarterfinals of the FA Cup and potentially even the semis? Longer term? How long? Some of the youngsters are "coming on" and showing potential. In a year or so, they may have faded or been sold to other clubs. Mistakes were made tonight and that by a manager who has consistently shown a bizarre streak in decision making with his team selections and set-up. All right, blood some of the younger players but be astute and mix them up with experienced players. And don't play a guy who has never been a regular choice and been injured for months suddenly n his first game back against a team like United. Puzzling or downright ridiculous?
  3. The Telegraph says Derby was one of the clubs supporting the cap, but no decision confirmed because of the impending FFP cases and because no agreement yet on the actual figure for the cap, but it looks a cap will be introduced..
  4. Finding our level now. Rooney and Bird's effectiveness level dropping off with all these games back to back. Missing Holmes too. Still not enough intensity on our play and we don't take our chances..
  5. Over reacting. Hopefully, they get it together and get the show back on next week.
  6. Yes, but that game and result was another nail in the coffin.
  7. And so we sail on...in this season of mediocrity. Luton battled but we lost this game both on and off the pitch.
  8. How true. I started buying the Mail back in the 60s, but dumped it a few years ago. So sad to see the way it has gone in recent years. Compared to the standards it once held, it's now the pits.
  9. Cheered me up no end. If our beloved manager would actually pick Marriott once in a while, it would make my day.
  10. How about Lawrence, Bennett and Anya??!!
  11. I hope we get a lucid and strongly worded statement from the club tomorrow. If we are conifident about our position, we should make it clear. Of course, the EFL may have a case, we have to wait and see, but their past performance of running this league is not inspiring and suggests they are not to be relied on. They could end up with a lot of egg on their face, especially if this action is found to be under pressure from a few other Championship clubs with their own agendas or because they are now trying to pull back on previous decisions. .
  12. The most interesting item in the whole thread. If £80 million has actually been paid for the stadium and handed over, then that is the price. No matter who has paid it!
  13. Not exactly news that suggests we know what we are doing. We seem to be at sixes and sevens and it's all a bit like the ship is not under proper control.
  14. Amazing. We start playing something close to where we should be after SIX months and Mr Cocu is hailed as a hero to take us into the Premiership. Sorry guys, get serious. Let's see how it goes. If he needs time to show he can do it, then he also needs time to show he can't. We were close to that but he seemingly has pulled it back from the brink just in time. Fingers crossed it works out, but I'm not convinced yet.
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