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Why we will not make the playoffs.


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Our home form is good enough we can all agree on that. We have a great tactical system at pride park and our young squad thrives on the home crowd.

Away from home:

1. Negative formation. 442 and we will score goals Charlton, Shef Wed and Hull have proven this (Leicester is the only exception and 451 against bristol worked i hold my hands up to that, forest 451 made zilch difference red card only reason we won). 442 earlier in the season against teams like Bolton, Wolves, Peterborough, Burnley would in my opinion have made a big difference i was at all those games.

2. We need a good left back that will provide an attacking flair away from home and give the team more balance. (defensive balance mainly) Too many crosses coming from the left (you may say that it is cause the left mid is too attacking however this has still been the case with bryson there).

3. We need a leader to rally the troops. Barker could be the answer if fit but he might not be so do look at CB options for the summer once we have assessed. That is what we will get with a young squad and we need some experience to balance it out.

4. Strength. We have a weak team. This has a big influence on dictating play away from home. At home the opposition give respect but away from home they will hastle us and on occasions we cant deal with it. Hopefully Hendrick will play as he has been doing recently but for the whole season, bullying opposition.

Each season we usually spend around 2 or 3 million (not taking away players going out)

This season it was mainly from Keogh/Sammon/Jacobs the season before it was Shackell/Bryson/Ward/Maguire

This season we need to get a good young left back. Like Brayford but on the other side, now i know they are hard to find but Clough does spend money well as a whole. Then we should if we really want the playoffs spend the rest of our budget on a goal scorer. There are goalscorers out there for around 2 million sometimes less. Finally we should get a young actual wing running winger with pace to put pressure on coutts, probably from lower league on compensation.


Brayford [size=3]Barker/new CB[/size] Keogh [size=3]New LB[/size]

Coutts Hughes Hendrick Ward

[size=3] Quality Goal Scorer [/size] Sammon

In my opinion that team would be play off standard.

So in summary to get play offs next season.

We need a LB and are virtually guaranteed one.

We need a CB if Barker isnt good enough.

We need a RW to add a different dimension to the team and give Coutts a kick up the b.

We dont need a goal scorer as we have proved we can score goals but it would help a lot.

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I agree with your purchases. But we also need a replacement for Sammon. He's not working out.

Sammon works well if he has a goal scorer next to him. I am not ruling out the possibility of our striking partnership up front being Ward and Sammon next season. In fact given their record at the start of the season and recently proves they can get enough goals. But injuries and form when it comes to Jamie are too varying for a definite playoff spot.

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Yeh I read some stats from earlier in the season about how many goals we conceded just before HT and FT.

Might be anomalies but across a season you've got to say there's a problem, be it leadership, concentration etc. I don't think it's fitness but there's got to be some reason for it.

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Shackell was that player last season. I hoped that it would be Keogh this season, but he's just not up to it.

We need the stats to prove that with Shackell we conceded less close to half time and full time. Personally I dont think it fair on Keogh because Shackell played with Barker last season Keogh has not????

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We wont make the playoffs under Nigel Clough, what ever players we have.

People are acting as if this poor form away from home is a new thing, said it soo many times, but we've been poor away from home for Nigel Clough's entire time as manager of this club.

Nothing has improved in this aspect for about 4 years, what makes people think he's suddenly going to learn how win matches on the road?

Nothing will change, until the manager changes, or he suddenly tries something different.

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We need the stats to prove that with Shackell we conceded less close to half time and full time. Personally I dont think it fair on Keogh because Shackell played with Barker last season Keogh has not????

Why is it not fair on Keogh? I think Keogh is the better player, but Shackell clearly adds more depth, experience, and presence at the back. How do stats back it up, it's obvious that we can't hold a lead or even a draw this season, when last season we were very good at holding out for points?

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Ok if sammon plays by himself up front on his own he does not play as well as having a strike partner in a 442.

Does that make sense and is that correct

Haha, just kidding. But you can't tell tbh. It gives him an outlet, but put Sammon up front with Gareth Roberts and does he play better? Ward make him look good imo.

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