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Your Starting 11 (who is able to play)


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If this is the starting 11 for tranmere I would not get complacent, clough has said he is desperate for a cup run. Tranmere are second in league 1.


Bray Keogh Obrien Freeman

Coutts Hendrick Boris Davies

Sammon Tinks

I have left out Jacobs Bryson Ward cause I think they all need resting. I think Hughes may need a rest too but he doesn't do much running so he should be fine.

Sammon will dominate in the air and I think we will score from a corner.

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Legzdins (or fielding)

Brayford definately

...... No-one


O'brien or buxton






Not Doyle


Yes you know.....

A new man

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Best at the club:


Brayford Keogh Barker Roberts

Coutts Bryson Hughes Ward

Robinson Sammon

The thing is, you could pick a team from about 18 players and be fairly confident it would hold up. There's also Hendrick, Jacobs, Tyson, OB, Freeman, Davies, Legzdins, Buxton - none of whom would give you sleepless nights about playing regularly in the Championship. The squad might be small, but there's very little or no dead-wood in it.

Best available:


Brayford Keogh OB Freeman

Coutts Hendrick Hughes Jacobs

Robinson Sammon.

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I liked the balance we had with Jacobs up front - shape going forward and defending felt right somehow.

Best available - brackets for best at club


Brayford Keogh O'Brien (Barker) Freeman (Roberts)

Coutts Hendrick (Bryson) Hughes Davies (Jacobs/Ward)

Jacobs (Ward) Sammon

What he'll do when Roberts, Ward and Bryson are back fit is a different story... Though I do think Hughes is due a rest and Jacobs looked like he could make something out of nothing and worked a lot harder than Ward. The main issue will be what he does with Bryson - the Hendrick/Hughes combo looks good at home.

I think the main problem we have is that the best players in their favourite positions might not be actually the best 'team'

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