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Money spent by teams in the championship in the past 5 years.


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Some of these are premiership league 1 team obviously, but I thought it was interesting seeing where we were in how much we've paid for players and how much we've sold. I think the figures may be a bit dodgy, because I'm fairly adamant over the past 5 years we've spent more than £6,300,000 on players. However, it does show we've sold more then what we've bought by £2 million.


It says from 2003, but I can only persume it's on a rolling year by year basis.

This also makes for interesting reading


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Completely meaningless

It counts most of the undisclosed fees as free transfers

Apparently we got Shackell (as Ambitious pointed out) Theo, O'Connor, Freeman, Legzdins, Naylor, Ward, Fielding, Bavies, Bailey, Brayford, Barker, Varney and Savies for free - I reckon we shelled out close to £5m for that lot.

It implies that we gave away Addison, Hulse, Moxey and Jones - who I reckon we sold for over £2m.

Also Tito appears to still be with us rather than being sold for c£1.7m.

If such big errors have been made with all clubs the data is useless.

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