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Dead laptop


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Any computer whizzes out there who could offer some advice?


I have a laptop which is totally dead. No lights nothing.

Not sure what happened.

Was running it all weekend. Walked off . Came back half an hour later and it was totally dead.

The power lead light is on which suggests that the power lead is working?

The battery doesnt work.


Someone is selling an identical laptop with a fault.

When powered up it goes into safe mode and says load windows installation disk.

If i buy it and put my hard drive into that laptop what is the chance that it will just work?

Any help and advice would be appreciated.

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Think mine did something similar. The portion of power cable between the transformer and the laptop power socket was fubar. Ended up having to buy a new charger cable for 50 quid. Robbin fookers.

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No expert but Q2 might work 'cus that happened to my laptop, chap at the repair shop charged me for a new hard drive and I was away. All my stuff is backed up so spent an afternoon putting it back on and getting it set up as I'm used to. Cost me a few quid but was a lot cheaper than a new laptop.

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Thanks for the replies.....

Read somewhere else that the hard drive trick might not work but the two laptops use the same os.

Anyone else got any ideas?

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I'd try a new battery and charger. As LR says here charger went tits up - it was in two parts - on cable from plug to transformer box. Another cable from transformer box to laptop.

It was the link from transformer box to laptop that was buggered which meant that no power was being delivered to the laptop - no lights on front at all and no power up.

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Just read your original post - totally different problem ignor my ramblings.

Have you tried hitting with something?

I might try a four iron in a bit.

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Sounds like the BIO (built in obsolescence).

If there was any life in the battery the computer would do SOMETHING!

I bought a variable transformer which fits most computers for £20.

The main difference with transformers is the socket plug to the computer itself.

If you have A) A multimeter or 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cool' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='B)' /> Access to one, check what, if any, power is reachin the output socket.

It won't be your hard drive because the computer would start up and fail to find the C drive.

Don't buy a similar model with a problem. Yours sounds like a power supply problem.

You need a friendly nerd or a decent repair shop.

Depending on age, a new laptop...they're probably much cheaper than when you bought yours anyway!

New batteries are much cheaper than they used to be.

Search online by battery number.

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Cheers steve

I'm unable to test the charger at the mo

Of course the other latop will have an identical charger worth about £10 - 15 and a battery

Altho second hand batteries are prob not much kop.....

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Right, stand clear

Battery dead you say? not able to charge the battery and it hold the charge you say?


It seems to me like you may have a dry joint on the circuit board that the adapter plugs into.

Thus there is no power getting to the computor, the flashing lights may be a capacitance left in the circuit.

new power board, or a bit of soldering.

Next patient please.

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