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Savies scoring again


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Good player Savies.

Often idle, but even then not really 'poor'. Just rarely involved. Not a great player if you like 'busy' footballers.

Shame he had to go. Bon Voyage. He'll only be with them a year or two. He won't hang about in League 1

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Always thought if he stayed injury free he was a 20 goal a season striker. I personally was gutted to see him go.

Me too. He always had something about him and was the only person we had who could score from outside the box. I don't know what they do in training these days but nobody seems capable of hitting the target from 20 yards. Every player from full-back upwards should be confident enough to have a go.

Back to Davies, we can't look back - we have to make do with what we've got and work out the best way of scoring goals. At the moment we seem to rely on rebounds and goalmouth scrambles.

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Also worth reminding ourselves he left. Out of Nigels hands.

It's worth bringing that up occasionally because I have a feeling that if he does stay injury free and play 40ish games he could well hit 15 goals even with Bristol relegated.

Then you'll see a few say Clough should of done more to keep him and they'll be quoting the comments Savies has said (he's been pretty nice about DCFC since he left) making out he would of stayed.

He wanted to leave. Just keep getting it out there.

Same with Commons. People blamed Nigel for dragging his feet with the contract. It was Commons dragging his feet. It was Commons refused to sign. Yet Nigel got blamed by some.

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Just looked at the table because I couldn't believe you were talking about Bristol and relegation. They're on a terrible run, aren't they.

I hope Davies is happy he moved, anyway, for whatever it was.

Yeah, I think they were considered relegation threatened before a ball was kicked and then they scored a lot of goals and got points on the board early. Since then they've settled into results many might expect.

They can beat you as good as anyone if you're on an off day. If you're on it, you'd expect to beat them. Not a great team. Look like scoring a few though.

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