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  1. You just confirmed what I said! So basically you are agreeing with me that Notts Forest is in the County of Nottinghamshire And Notts County should be called nottm County! Lol.
  2. Strictly speaking the two Nottingham clubs should be called:- Nottm County (in the City of Nottingham) and Notts Forest (in the County of Nottinghamshire)
  3. How come I only get smart arse answers when I ask what time it is??!
  4. I was disappointed that Perseverance hasn't taken a football onto Mars and have a kickabout with the helicopter.
  5. Looks like a point each will be good enough Friday but would be nice to have the trophy back after about 4 years.
  6. It's always going to be tough even getting into the top 10 when you have 9 teams in the league either with immediate Premier league players and parachute payments or recent players and payments. 6-10th next season is maybe more realistic. We also have to hope Roo doesn't do a Lamps and get poached by a lower prem club. Too early for manure yet.
  7. 5-3-2 like it. Solid at the back and centre. Might get overrun in midfield. Need to push on and support the front two. Could be goals in this. Narrow play without joz, waggys or Roberts?
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